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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Here we have another game hub and release platform that thinks it’s one of the greater places that hosts the best sex games and whatever else they have to offer. Oh, I do have to be impressed that they have more than just hentai games to draw your attention to using their site – I mean, they have adult games, horror games, racing games and whatever other game tickles the childish instinct in you to have your eyes glued to your screen because of a game.

You’ve probably come here to read a nice and fair review of what IGG Games is and what it has to offer, and you’re probably in the right place. You’re here with me for the review. You should go to them if you want a good look into what they offer and get your own opinion about IGG Games, rather than just reading whatever the fuck I have to say about it. As I said, it’s another game hub and a release platform that has caught a lot of heat and attention.

I appreciate IGG Games, though, because they don’t have to cater to all of the perverted fuckers on the internet looking for “the best sex games online,” so that’s great. They have quite a variety of game genres to show off and the game collection under each genre. The games here are actually quite good. The ones that don’t have to rely on shameless fanservice like nudity to draw attention to itself – though that’s still appreciated.

My First Impressions of IGG Games

The team or the person behind the whole IGG Games thing definitely knows what they’re doing. It still has that edge to show it’s an independently developed project but maintaining a professional image that shows that they know their shit. The site design is pretty good with the whole slick and sleek look. I think IGG Games outranks so many other cheap and shitty game hubs/release platforms on the internet from the design alone.

The site navigation is fucking simple enough for you primitive penis-thinkers so you won’t get lost anywhere when looking for games. So what makes the navigation so damn easy on IGG Games? It’s all because of their amazing sorting system! They have laid out everything perfectly for the perverted simpletons, from their long list of game genres to the even longer list of games. If that wasn’t enough for you, then they also have an advanced search bar.

Although this website acts more like a game hub and a release platform, I can’t see it as anything more than a gaming magazine. You know, a place to browse for new games and get updates on games you’ve been following – like downloadable content or updates. So just bookmark the website. You’ve found yourself a top-notch website to keep yourself updated on any and (probably almost)every independently developed game titles!

What You Need To Know About IGG Games

The great thing about IGG Games is that they provide more than just the adult category/genre of games – so they don’t have to rely on the best sex games to be their main selling point. There are 30 different game genres for you to look into and an overwhelmingly large number of games to browse through. Yes, game genres pertain to those who love horror, racing, adventure, puzzles, and even adult and eroge games! There’s no bias here on IGG Games.

As I mentioned earlier, their 30 different game genres each hold a large number of games, so you’ll have a fuckton to go through, without a doubt. Despite that, I’m sure you’re going to finally find one that perfectly fits what you’re looking for. When that comes, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with a good amount of varied download links. Some of them are even from a reliable source that you’ve been using like Google Drive and MEGA, nothing too shady.

What You Can Get From IGG Games

From the fuckton of games they have to their excellent site design, you really shouldn’t doubt their reach of services to offer to you. I mentioned earlier that the people or person running IGG Games knows their shit, you can tell because of how well the site is designed and how well it’s run. I mean, just from the game titles they host, you can tell that they have great tastes when it comes to games. If you want some of that glory, then go request a game.

Yeah, that’s right! You can request a game through their “request a game” feature! I don’t have much to explain since the feature name itself is quite self-explanatory. If you want to share your game tastes with others, this is the best way to do so. Or maybe you’ve been eyeing a game for so long but still haven’t found any good sources to download it for free, then IGG Games has your back covered with their pretty nifty requesting feature!

Though I kept boasting that IGG Games houses many different game genres, our main priority and focus in this review is their selection of adult, erotic, hentai, and mature games – though they’re all the same. I’d probably claim that they have the best sex games compared to other release platforms. You get a good variety of RPG, dating sims, visual novels, 3DCG, and whatever else! You’re going to find some hidden gems here and there!

Clicking on any game that takes the cake for you will bring you to all the previously mentioned free download links, you just find these under the description. So yes, you’re taken to the description page – the first boundary you have to cross if you want to learn more about the game. In this description page, you’ll see the developer, the publisher, the release date, and all of the tags associated with it. Maybe a short game description as well.

What I Like About IGG Games

Everything I really like about this site has already been said earlier. Still, without the explanations, so you can just skim over this part until you’ve reached my conclusion if you don’t really care. Let’s start off by the most apparent thing about IGG Games, and that’s their overwhelmingly large collection of games. Games that span over a wide range that’s sure to satisfy any type of gamer out there – be it a hentai gamer, a shooting gamer, or even a puzzle gamer!

Their sorting is well done. Though there is much more the game genres can cover, I feel like keeping everything within 30 genres is a great idea. I mean, it’s not like you’re going to spend your whole time looking through every game genre there is, and just the 30 genre cap is already way too much to go through. I think everything is broadly covered within these 30 genres and that there’s no need to expand to specifics because that’s going to be too much.

Back to the first impression, I really like the sleek site design. I mean, in comparison to the many other shitty game hubs/release platforms I used in the past. It’s a nice and clean black, grey, and white with the games’ thumbnails adding the extra color to not make the site look too dull. The phrase “simplicity is key” applies here, albeit the site looking rather basic, it does get the job done with flying colors.

What I Don’t Like About IGG Games

Despite IGG Games offering quite a bit of free download links, it seems a little sketchy to me, you know? You can’t have that many free download links without expecting a little catch to be behind one of them, like filling your browser with nothing but adult ads or continuous pop-up windows. Them having a lot of games with free download links is great and all, but with the lacking popularity of the site, it just adds more shadiness factor.

It’s the first thing I mentioned when I talked about what I liked about the website. Although it is a great advantage on their part, it still has its own disadvantages though. Having a larger collection of games for users to browse through can be quite the tiring and meddlesome task. The more fussy people are going to have to browse through everything until they find a game that they really like. Meaning more wasted time, rather than playtime.


I said it earlier, and I’ll say it again. I’ll probably only use this site to get new information on games that have taken my interests. Much like a gaming magazine, I don’t think I’ll be using it as a source for my games but more like a source for news and updates on game titles I like. I still recommend it for those who want a great release platform to download from since it’s quality is cut above the others. I give IGG Games a strong 3.5 out of 5.

BestPornGames Likes IGG Games
  • An incredible amount of games.
  • A great game genre distinction.
  • The site and game quality is nice.
BestPornGames Hates IGG Games
  • Doesn’t seem very trustworthy.
  • Too much to browse through.