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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Incest Story 2

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Incest Story 2

User Rating: 4/5
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Whenever I find myself lurking around a specific porn site, the first thing I do is I search for porn videos that has incest tags on it. I don’t know what’s with these genres, but I find them more appealing than the other genres. I’ve decided to look for video games that have this kind of theme since I think I’ve already watched every single porn on the internet that has incest on it.

If you’ve already tried Incest Story, then you should definitely try this one. This is the second installation of the first game, and it has new characters on it. Incest Story 2 is an adult-theme game that is full of love and sex. You will see yourself surrounded by your loved ones, and you get to do all the stuff you want to them. I know that you’ve also thought of banging a hot cousin of yours, so if you’re planning on playing this one, then I won’t judge you on that.

Incest themed games are the best because you get to feel the thrill of having erotic intercourse with the people who raised you. You won’t get the same feeling when you’re playing those porn games with mainstream gameplay and storyline. You will indeed feel the excitement inside your pants once you see this game. You should continue reading this game review to gain more knowledge about it.


If you already played the first version of this game, then there’s no need for you to worry about the game’s controls. The navigation for this game is so easy to follow that even a first-timer can immediately familiarize it right away. I trust that you’re not some retarded dude living in your grandmother’s house, so if you can read, then following the instructions given by the game will not be an issue for you.

What I Like About The Game

Incest Story 2 is in 3D, meaning the tits and pussies you’ll see in this game are as real as those you see in the movies. We all want to see bouncing tits with pinkish nipples. If you’re much as excited as I am, then you should try this one out. The animation used for this game is the same as the first version of it. So whether you play this game or the first one, you’ll still enjoy it due to its graphics.

The gameplay of Incest Story 2 is very smooth. You get to fuck anyone you want without doing specific tasks that will consume your time. Some porn games require the gamer to do a series of tasks before they get to spray their hot cum on some innocent-looking girl. Problems like these are one reason why many gamers are looking for alternatives because they feel like they’re not that productive at all.

The thing I love the most about this incest-themed game is the sex scenes because the characters of this game can perform different sexual positions. Some porn games only focus on one position, which makes it dull. I love to fuck random girls in various positions, so I chose to play this game over other porn games. To be frank with you, there was a time when I was grounded for a week because I didn’t do any of my chores because I kept messing with this one.

The compatibility of this game is one reason why many gamers are addicted to it. You can download this game to any gaming device you have. System requirements are one thing that holds back some gamers because the gaming devices they’re using are not the same as the requirements needed by a specific game they want to download. You will need a secure connection when downloading this game to avoid disconnection.

You’ll surely dream of the bitches in this game once you try it because they’re beautiful. These are one of the few games that I can say worth playing. The gorgeous girls in this game are also worth masturbating to. That’s why I highly recommend that you download this game. This game will keep you up at night, so you better make sure that you’re in the right state once you decide to mess with this game.

What I Don’t Like About The Game

There are some issues in this game that really annoyed the hell out of me. The first issue I want to talk about is the duration of the game’s missions/tasks. Some of the game’s missions take too much time for the gamer because of the time needed to finish them. You will see yourself drowning in a mission where your time gets consumed, and you’ll feel like you’re really not that productive.

The game’s map is too big, just like the one on the first version of it. I mean, there’s no way that I can cover all those areas, that’s why I think it’s a bit stupid to put such a large map on a porn game such as this one. There’s no point in having such a huge map because most of the time, the gamer only goes to the areas where he is asked to go. If you don’t care about the tasks, then you’re free to stroll around just like some homeless guy who always has a boner.

I do like the appearance of the girls in this game. I just don’t like some of the characters’ titties because they look so unnatural. They look like they went on a thousand dollar surgery only to have breasts like those. I want my bitch to have a natural-looking pair of breasts. I don’t want those titties that look like they’re about to explode on my face while I’m sucking the hell out of them.

You will have to carry a lot of stuff in this game, and the worst thing about it is that it has no icon for inventory. You won’t be able to see your inventory, whether it’s already full or not. I don’t usually pay attention to the things that I’m carrying, that’s why I can’t keep track of the quantity of the items I have with me. Every time I try to carry more, a prompt pops up saying my inventory doesn’t have enough space to carry more items.

The last thing I hate about this game is that the end part of the game looks like it was rushed. I didn’t feel any hype at the end of it because there’s nothing in there that made me say that it was worth the time. Some of the game’s main characters only have limited scenes, and some actually don’t have new scenes, meaning you’ll be seeing the same thing repeatedly.

My Recommendations for Improving This Game

This game has a lot of potential; that’s why it pains me to see a lot of issues on this one. All these problems can be fixed by the ones who created it. The first thing they need to do right away is to make another ending for this game. They should add some scenes where the person playing it will feel fulfillment after playing this game for a long time. Adding climax to the game can help improve it.

They should also add an inventory button where the gamer can see all the things he/she is carrying so that he/she can keep track of all the things on his/her bag. I get furious every time I cannot pick up a specific item due to this kind of issue. If they can’t do this, then they should at least add more spaces to the character’s inventory so that the gamer who is playing won’t have a problem when it comes to carrying things.

The duration of the game’s tasks should be shortened so that the players of this game won’t get bored and annoyed. Not all of us have the patience to play porn games that have this kind of issue. We just want to enjoy and stare at girls’ nipples till we wet our pants. It would also help improve the game because gamers can now focus on other things rather than spending countless hours on just one task.

Aside from the duration of the game’s tasks, they should also do the same with the game’s map. It really doesn’t make sense to have a massive map with only limited tasks. We don’t have time to explore other areas of the map because we are after only one thing: to see naked bitches at the end of every task we’ve done. I hope this issue gets noticed by the people who created this game.

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  • Navigation/ Controls
  • Different Sexual Positions
  • Compatibility
  • Animation
  • Gameplay
BestPornGames Hates Incest Story 2
  • Rushed Ending
  • Long Duration Tasks
  • No Inventory
  • Unnatural Looking Breasts
  • Map's Too Big