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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Incubus City

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Incubus City

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This is a weird ass porn game about a male succubus, that is, an incubus, rampaging his way through a modern city. For exactly one week, you get free reign over the city. You’re a lean, mean, unstoppable insemination machine. The goal of Incubus City? It’s simple. Impregnate as many women as you possibly can. You only have one week, so you better get a fucking move on. As an infernal sex demon it is your duty to spread your seed as far and wide as possible. But, you can only really go on raping sprees in 7-day intervals. I don’t know why, that’s just the way nature intended it to be, I guess. This game is entirely text-based, but there are neat little images that come with it, to sort of get you in the mood and try and show you what’s going on. The images aren’t drawn for the game – they’re mostly just random porn clips and pics taken from the web, but they work surprisingly well. Incubus City is one of very few text-based porn games that I consider a must-play. The game will straight up make you feel like a super-powered sex demon. As for the rapes… well. There don’t have to be any rapes, if you work hard enough. You are a sex demon, after all. Maybe there are other ways you can spread your seed. Maybe the women of this city can be coerced or romanced. Maybe they’ll bear your child willingly? Only time will tell. For now, let’s cover the details of Incubus City

A Lot of Story

I didn’t really expect a game of this size to have so much backstory. Then again, I didn’t expect it to have me hooked for literal hours. The game is text-based, for fuck’s sake. If you’ve managed to make text hot, then you know you’ve succeeded in life. I hate reading. Reading kills my boner. But, reading Incubus City made me rock hard, several times over and I have no regrets. I guess it’s all about the way that the story is delivered. You get little snippets of exposition as you play the game. These snippets let you know about your place in the world and they inform you of recent events. It’s all kind of topical, too. Like, say you go on a raping spree in a public park. Boom, you’re on the news the next day. Say you murder someone and manage to get away with it. Well, there will be a newspaper article about it the next day. The game works really hard to give you the sense that the city is being influenced by your actions. As for the whole magical elements and your demon powers, well, they’re not exactly explained. I mean sure, you get details here and there, but no real explanation as to why you want to inseminate every woman within a five-mile radius. I guess the sex is its own reward. Either way, the story manages to be gripping without being fucking annoying.

Open-World Gameplay

Incubus City lets you do whatever the fuck you want, whenever you want it, except replay scenes. That wouldn’t make much sense. Basically, you fire up the game, you read the intro and boom, you’re playing. You get to choose where you want to go in search of pussy. Except, you’re a literal semen demon with the ability to smell pussy from miles away and you have no GPS. You’re also really fucking poetic for some reason. So, you don’t go “down a street” or “in the suburbs”. Instead, you go to a “woman in love” or “sleeping beauty”. All the destinations are written in this kind of cryptic poetic way, to remind you that you are in fact a magical being. Like say you want to fuck a cop. You don’t look for a cop. You look for a woman bathed in a red and blue glow. That’s your way of saying cop, apparently. As for what you do when you get there, well, that’s up to you too. Once you choose a destination, you arrive and get proper exposition about where the fuck you’ve actually ended up. You have a look around, you find the nearest fertile womb and you figure out your game plan. Some women can be tricked quite easily, others might take some persuading. And, if you ever fail, well, rape is the magic word. But, you might be wondering what the downside is to just raping everyone and not asking any questions. Well, there isn’t one… technically. But, if you’re trying to unlock 100% of the game you’ll have to figure out how to be Casanova and Freddy Krueger, though not at the same time.

So Many Endings

The whole shtick behind replaying Incubus City is that you get rewards for finishing the game and getting a certain ending. Every ending gives you one bonus, but you can only use one bonus when you start a new game. So, let’s say that you manage to get an ending that makes you a rich man. You can start the game over, from the beginning, but have money from the get-go. Then, you can use that playthrough to unlock a marriage bonus and so on. From one beginning to the next ending, you can unlock all of the possible romances, rapes, tricks and superpowers that the game has to offer. Plus, there’s a ton of hidden content that becomes painfully visible in later stages of the game, once you’ve met the right people. Whether you’re uncovering secret underground sex dungeons or joining the local slave trade, there’s always fun to be had. Hell, you can make your own slave harem if you want. You can start the game as a married man, call your wife over and enslave her. Then, you’re also free to sell her so you can buy a better slave instead. This game is fucking crazy. The amount of sheer freedom you get blows me away every single time. My advice though, if you want to go for points is that you go to the cop and find the lock pick in the house she’s investigating. Then, do the babysitting gig and rape all five sisters, because why the hell not. It’s free real estate. Then, you can come back to their house and rape their mom too. Again, free real estate.

Hot Sex Scenes

Ok, let’s talk about the most important part of any porn game, the sex scenes. Incubus City’s sex scenes range from hot to terrifying. You are a sex demon after all. The more romantic scenes read like something you’d get in an adult erotic novel. It’s equal parts hot and romantic. But, shit really hits the fan when you delve deeper into the weird storylines. Like, say, when you rape the girl in the park and she turns out to be a cop and you have to decide whether to bash her brains in. Then, you can find the other cop and have consensual sex with her, all the while confessing in her ear that you are the one who raped her colleague. The sex scenes in this game are off the fucking hook. As for the straight up regular rapes, well, I’ll say this much – the images and animations help a ton. I don’t know whether the original developer put the library of images and videos together, but whoever did to it, managed to find a fantastic collection of media to help immerse you into the action. So, if you’re raping a babysitter, you get a neat clip of Lexi Belle looking… well, like a babysitter and also getting brutalized. Now, we know that Lexi is acting, so that makes it ok. I like this approach. They pretty much just took a bunch of random faux rape scenes from mainstream porn, cropped them and shoved them into the game. This works great and it makes the game extremely easy to get into.

It’s a Free Browser Game

Best part? This game is entirely free to play and it’s coded for browsers. Yes, that means it would run on literally any machine that is browser-capable. I dare you to try and play this thing on a smart-fridge. It’ll work just fine; I just think it would look ridiculous. You’d have to either place a chair in front of your fridge, or jerk off while standing. Both of these scenarios make me laugh. Either way, I’m really glad that this amazing porn game is completely free to play. It’s so ridiculously well-polished and comes with hours of quality fun to be had. Hell, you can enjoy it even if you hate text based games with a passion – the images and videos help a ton.

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