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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Innocent Witches

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Innocent Witches

User Rating: 4/5
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Let me start by asking you this. Are you a big fan of the Harry Potter series? If you are, wait until you get a load of this fucking fantastic game called Innocent Witches. I know that most of the sons of bitches that grew up watching the series find the female characters to be fap-worthy material. Of course, almost all of us had them as the center of our fucking wet dreams. I mean, who the hell doesn’t want to bang Hermoine? Or even the rest of the hot bitches for that matter? Anyway, this game is going to blow your dick away, figuratively. If you’re excited to know more about the game, then let’s just get to it. So, without further ado, let’s start this motherfucking review.

The Subject of Every Kid’s Wet Dream

Have you heard of the famous Harry Potter novel? By chance, watch the fantastic films of their stunning school of Hogwarts full of mystery and magic? If that stuff does not ring a bell, how the fuck are you still alive? However, I’m not going to go full terminator on you as there will always be a first time for somebody. Anyway, you do not have to read the novels or watch the films since if you are not captivated by them, this game will be a new experience for you to fucking immerse with. Innocent Witches is derived directly from Harry Potter.

Schools of Wizardry and a Whole Lot of Fucking

Your motherfucking adventure begins with a phase in which you will set up and establish some relationships. Take note that you will have to bring extra patience if you are ignorant of the Harry Potter history and lingo because it will take some time to get used to. After that debacle, you will be introduced to a character Xandria, a sexy trollop with an eyepatch. Do not let that fool you, this bitch has voluptuous, big boobs. She somewhat carries a thing that might resemble a whip. I can see y’all fuckers grinning. But that’s just it, nothing nasty at the moment. This Xandria bitch is what you call a shadow slut for Perry, the new Minister of Magic. Xandria is characterized as mouthy, and that is one of the characteristics that will fuel her intense sexuality and makes her get treated with respect.

So do not cross the line with the Minister of Magic. This bitch Xandira will make your eyes drool and make you lick your dirty computer screen because of its straight sexy fire boobs. Xandria is that motherfucking hoe that will send y’all on your knees or vice versa. The scene opens with the bitch Xandria and the Minister of Magic paying a visit to Marcus Redblack—quite a colorful last name but go off—who is a Hogwarts prisoner. It is established that Marcus has some betrayal issues with Hogwarts. At this very moment, Xandria and Perry are there to settle the debt or, thus chastising him and get the revenge rolling. But Marcus spits something out claiming that Perry is the real traitor, but that would be disregarded because of Marcus creating a group of sexy bitches that are now shackled up.

The Overall User Experience

I’ve got to fucking say, the sons of bitches who made this game really took their fucking time. I mean, really. The fucking details on the shore, the corridors of the school, and the fucking details of, obviously, the goddamn fucking in the game. It’s just so good to my fucking eyes. So clear that I could feel my precum happening while I was only in the game for 2 minutes, and I am not even fucking exaggerating!

My patience was stretched because I am fucking a fan of Harry Potter, but hey, it was not so bad since I had texts all on the screen helping me out on my journey. I felt like I was trying to be on a date with some of the cunts in the game, they were hot, so hot that I was already looking forward to the part where I fuck them hard as my dick was, so to speak. I started with a fucking low expectation, but I was greeted with fucking fantastic graphics when I ran the game. I was surprised how the details made me feel like I was watching Hentai porn, but there was more.

What I Like About the Game

Okay, let’s get this shit started with the first aspect of the game that fucking allured me, the goddamn graphics. I can’t help, but fucking appreciate the fact that the developers managed to make more time into perfecting the graphics of this game, despite being made as it is. Moreover, I can really consider this game to be an acceptable adaptation to the Harry Potter series, especially when it comes to erotic parts, it’s just everything I ever wanted it to be. I mean, who the hell doesn’t want to bang the hot girls in the original series? They were pretty much the main subject of every kid’s wet dreams.

Furthermore, the game really got me hooked. It was not just because of the alluring sex scenes, but because of its really interesting questline. You won’t even believe that this game has a good story. Not to mention that sex scenes in this fucking game seem perfectly fine to me. Although I can’t say the same to those sons of bitches that would demand more than what the developers can manage, those motherfuckers. Anyway, to accompany a good storyline, the dialogue has to be well-written. Oh boy, the writers of the game fucking nailed this part of the game as it really got me playing for countless hours.

Recommendations for Improvements

Like I always fucking say, no matter how good the game is, there’s always bound to be flaws here and there, which seems to be the case for Innocent Witches. Anyway, let me start off by saying that the transitions between chapters and quests are absolute shit. I mean, come on! You already made it this far by prioritizing the fucking sex scenes, all it needs is a little more effort to make it look perfectly flawless. Anyway, I can’t help but notice that this game is not completely free. I mean, you can play the game for free, but every now and then, you’ll notice some pop-ups that would suggest buying shit from the game to make it more exciting. Yes, you fucking idiot, I’m talking about microtransactions. It’s the worst part of every free game, and I really fucking hate it.

Furthermore, I feel like the game didn’t spend enough time in constructing the whole storyline. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the game’s quests and storyline really is an amazing feat. However, I somehow feel that something is lacking. And then it fucking hit me… a sudden realization. As I’ve played the game, again and again, I actually noticed that the most important parts of the story, especially the crucial ones that involve fucking Hermoine, is not fucking highlighted properly. What I’m trying to say is that the flow of the gameplay doesn’t highlight special moments and shit like that, if you fap hard enough while clicking, you’ll totally miss it. Moreover, there are errors in the controls from time to time; however, it’s not that big of a deal, it’s just there, and it’s annoying as fuck.


I can’t fuck move with my heart’s content because of the game’s motherfucking visuals and animations. The details, which make graphics as erotic as it is, and add some humorous elements, are still very impressive to me. The parody game, with all its smutty graphics, brought this game to the next level. So, there’s that. But what is impressive about this game Innocent Witches is that it is a solid porn game. It can be shallow, and the translation is awful sometimes, but this is a promising, engaging, and exciting game. At times, I could say addicting in terms of its escapade extravaganza. Let us now go back to regular programming. Innocent Witches is about the strange but exciting story that has been told by an old friend in the manner of correspondence.

Anyway, If you want a fictional adventure full of damnation, fantasy, and moaning? Then Innocent Witches is for you definitely. It is a real game for adults that will definitely serve both your playing and your filthy mind, much like my own! With Innocent Witches, it is impossible to combine fun and pleasure; that is no longer an issue! So, what are you fucking waiting for?

BestPornGames Likes Innocent Witches
  • The graphics are awesome
  • A good adaptation of the Harry Potter series
  • An intriguing questline
  • The sex scenes seem perfect as it is
  • The dialogue is well-written
BestPornGames Hates Innocent Witches
  • Transitions between chapters are shit
  • It has some microtransactions
  • Crucial points of the story aren't highlighted
  • Occasional errors on the controls
  • Not totally free,