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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Insexsity is a Free Porn Game Where You try to Make it in the City

Sometimes the best sex games are the ones with simple, more realistic stories. Sometimes it’s hard to get into some complex game set in a fantasy world with dragons, demons, and all of that weird magic shit. There are times when I just want a simple, down to earth experience with a lot of hot fucking thrown on top. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. So, I went searching for a quality porn game that would let me live out a simple, lewd life. That’s how I came across a fuck-filled game called Insexsity. No, it’s not the kind of game where you fuck your sister or whatever. I know you incest-addicts are already foaming at the fucking mouth at the thought of dicking your mom, but it’s not going to happen in this game. This game is all about living your life as a slightly prudish babe who wants to make it in the city and own her very own apartment. I think that’s a dream that most you fucks can get behind.

Only $1 for the Fully Completed Game, or Play a Dated Version for Free

The game began development back in 2017 and has since been completed. Fucking finally, right? It seems like 90 percent of promising sex games get abandoned halfway through development. It will cost you for the fully updated version of this game, but it’s a price that even you poor basement-dwelling weebs can handle. Head over to and dish out $1 a month for complete access to the android, PC, Mac, and Linux versions of the game. You also get access to every other game that the team is working on. Alternatively, you can download a dated copy of the game for free. You can customize your character a little bit on the start menu. You can make her tits bigger, enable pregnancy, and a couple of other minor options. Regardless, you’ll start as a black-haired babe named Kate who just moved in with her friend Nina. It’s the end of your first week there and Nina comes collecting rent. Man, fuck having to pay rent weekly. This bitch is charging you 330 bucks a week for a single room. This shit is not nice enough to be charging that much, especially since it’s an hour commute from her job. Screw that.

Will You Give in and Start Offering Lewd Services at Work?

You’re making ends meet by working a full-time gig over at a massage parlor. It’s a parlor that’s on the up and up. No happy ending shit or anything like that…yet. You get your first few clients and chat them up to make them happy. Well, until some jackass grabs your ass and tries to force you to jack him off. And they say romance is dead. Kate freaks out and kicks his ass out. The next day, this pink-haired dime piece named Eva shows up and tells Kate how she deepthroated that same dude’s cock later that night and loved it. This guy doesn’t write women terribly well. Most porn games don’t, but this is some high-school level shit where all these chicks talk about is how much they want to be dominated and raped by dudes. It’d be hot if the dialog wasn’t so stilted and plain. Be artful about that shit, man!

Manage Stats & Level Up by Being a Kinky Slut

Anyway, Eva convinces Kate to start offering some special services and invites Kate back to her place the following night. You head back to her place and end up scissoring and fucking each other like crazy. It’s hot as fuck. From there, the lewdness of the game really picks up. You can start fucking people at work, sucking dudes off in alleyways, and you might even get to eat Nina’s pussy out if you play your cards right. There’s a lot that you can do in Insexsity aside from just going to work and sleep. You have stats that can be upgraded by doing kinky shit. Having sex and doing lewd stuff will give you experience. I highly recommend upgrading your “Lewdness” stat as much as you can. It will allow you to do all sorts of hot shit. You have some other basic stats for strength, agility, and intelligence. It’s just that those ones don’t come into play nearly as often as your lewdness stat does.

Amateur Toon Style that fits the Classic Aesthetic of the Game

The art style might not be for everyone. It’s not bad, mind you. It’s just not as prim and polished as some of the popular hentai games out there. It’s got a hand-drawn toon style that reminds me of older titles. So, it does look a bit dated when you compare it to the shit coming out lately. But I thought it had a charm to it that loads of games lack. It’s still a well-done style that captures the chill, relaxed nature of the game. And the h-scenes are pretty fucking sweet. You get fully animated, uncensored scenes full of hot fuckin. There will be some steamy dialog to get you going, though, again, the writing isn’t the best out there. But what really makes these scenes fapworthy is the hot moaning and kinky sound effects thrown in. Sometimes the moans in games like this can be lackluster at best. This shit sounds fucking amazing. They got some solid voice actresses to do these moans.

Enjoy Uncensored, Fully Animated H-Scenes on any Device!

Oh, and you can take this kinky game with you on the go! I actually liked how the mobile game controlled the desktop version. I found myself miss-clicking on shit all of the time on the full version. The mobile app’s touch controls are so much more intuitive and easy to handle instead of having this strange mix of keyboard and mouse movement controls. It’s a lightweight app as well, so you won’t have to clear out any space to download this shit. That’s what I like to see!

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

I really enjoyed how laid back Insexsity was. I didn’t have to save the world. I wasn’t tasked with hard-ass combat encounters or puzzles that made me look up a walkthrough. This was a simple game with an engaging plot and fun characters. Some of you cucks should take notes here. Sometimes that’s all you need to have a solid game. Way too many developers get lost in the sauce and spew out some convoluted mess that neglects the whole reason fucks play their games: fapping. And, man, the h-scenes in this game were fucking amazing. There are all kinds of hot fuck scenes that you can find. You don’t get any crazy fetish content, but you do get a slew of all of your more basic kinks like anal, gangbang, rape, lesbian, group sex, and all of that good shit. Plus, each scene is full of sexy sighs, moans, and all of the wet slapping sound effects that you could ever want.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

The writing could use some workshopping. I know I talked shit about it earlier, but it really isn’t the worst that I’ve seen by any means. It’s just not as hot or erotic as it could be. If they got a skilled writer to go through and spice things up, then they’d really have a kick-ass game here. I also thought that the desktop controls were a tad clunky, especially during dialog scenes. I accidentally walked out of a room during a dialog scene and the whole game got all sorts of jacked up.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Insexsity is a solid game if you’re looking for a laid back experience loaded with quality fap material. It’s a simple game that doesn’t try to be anything except what it is. Give it a shot and see if you can find success and finally land your dream apartment. Will you become a slutty whore who sucks dick for dosh, or will you hold on to your morals and find true love? The choices are yours in this quality sex game. I highly recommend all of you horny fucks go and give this game a shot. After all, you can download the entire damn thing for free on any device!

BestPornGames Likes Insexsity
  • Explore a city full of events and characters
  • Free to download on any device
  • Simple game loaded with hot porn scenes
  • Uncensored h-scenes with quality sound effects and moans
BestPornGames Hates Insexsity
  • Janky writing & desktop controls