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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Insexual Awakening

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Insexual Awakening

User Rating: 4/5
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This is easily the most fucked up game on this entire goddamn site and the only reason I’m reviewing it is because it somehow managed to get past all kinds of blockades, on a technicality. What technicality? Well, when characters are 2D it’s impossible to prove their age. That’s it. That’s the only reason this game hasn’t been tossed in a volcano. It’s not a bad game, far from it. It has all the bells and whistles of an average porn game, with some free choices, a mild story and a ton of reasons to keep coming back for more. Insexual Awakening was also originally called Incestual Awakening, but for obvious reasons, it was retconned to something a bit less controversial. Oh, and you wanna hear the absolute best part? This game was made possible through Patreon funding. Between the… ahem… unclear ages of some of the characters and the fact that 90% of the chicks in the game are related to the main character, I honestly have no idea how this thing ever managed to see the light of day. You know me, I’m not complaining, I’m just stunned. It’s always fun to see porn game developers get away with this kind of shit. It’s not like they’re breaking any laws, right? I mean, the game says that all the featured characters are 18 and older right when you boot it up, so that’s what we’re going with. The young looking people are just that – young looking people.

Virgin Powers, Activate

In Incestual Awakening you play as a young lad who spends most of his time freelancing as a content writer and just sort of faffing about the house with his mother and sister. There’s no dad in the picture. I guess he up and bolted when he realized everyone in the house has the hots for each other. He probably couldn’t handle that level of depravity. He was probably a pussy, anyways. The game calls your character Nate, if you don’t change his name, so we’ll just call him that. So Nate here is a generic nice guy who’s spending his summer vacation at home, trying to earn some money and have some fun. He also likes to play video games on stream with his sister. At some point the two of them decide that it would be fun to lose some items of clothing while they stream and they realize that a bunch of their viewers are going mad about it. They demand to see more. It doesn’t occur to the two of them that their audience is practically watching them one-handed at this point, but they go along with it. One thing leads to another and eventually they’re playing completely naked. Then, our boy Nate gets a hard on and his sister realizes that she’s never seen a boner in her life. Hell, she’s never even seen a penis in the wild, so this is a real surprise. Then they sort of banter back and forth about how boners work and eventually they decide to see what happens if they start sucking each other’s privates. You know how these things go. We’ve all been virgins at one point. I mean, not me, but like, most people.

The Naughty Cousin

Next up is the cousin, Julia. She pretty much moves in with you for the summer, for no real reason other than she’s bored out of her mind. Right off the bat you can tell that Julia is a real slut. She talks about all the dicks she’s inhaled over the years and teases you about being a virgin. Little does she know you’re diddling your sister at this point. Anyways, you accidentally walk in on her in the bathroom and she assumes you’re a pervert. So, to punish you, she sucks you off. What an absolute mad lad, this Julia. She keeps coming back for more, giving you increasingly sexy action every time the two of you get naked together and eventually she even takes your cock up her ass. It’s the dankest shit ever. Pretty soon, Insexual Awakening introduced Julia’s mother as a character that you can interact with and that’s when I realized that Insexual Awakening was going to be a long ass game. Soon after, you also get to chat with your grandmother, who, for all intents and purposes, looks like a hot 45-year-old with gigantic jugs. The aunt and the grandmother are a bit of a hard sell at first, but things ramp up like mad hell after you’ve dicked the sister and the cousin enough.

Keeps Getting Hotter

The hardest sell is arguably the mom, who catches you masturbating and figures that you’re going to need some guidance so that you don’t end up fapping inappropriately. I have no fucking clue what that’s supposed to mean, but it sounds like an excuse for her to hoover up Nate’s cock, so I’ll take it. At first she just gets handsy, but the more she helps you out, the further you two go and eventually she too takes it up the ass like everyone else. This game does not hold back any punches. There’s also the older sister, Kira, who is basically an Amazon warrior queen. I don’t mean that literally, I mean that she has so much muscle mass on her that she could probably snap you in half like a twig. She wasn’t nearly as hard to bed as I thought she would be. I thought she’d play hard to get or something. Nope. She straight up goes down on you for no reason other than she has nothing better to do. It’s not a long trek between that and the anal that follows shortly after. Aside from the family members there’s two other chicks that you can bang in Insexual Awakening. One of them is a streaming network businesswoman who runs a gaming channel. She wants to sponsor you, mostly because she noticed that you and your sister like to fuck on stream. She’s running a porn streaming service under the cover of a gaming site, that’s the general idea. Anyways, she rewards you for your valiant efforts by letting you titty fuck her and eventually she dead ass lets you cum in her asshole. You fill a lot of assholes with cum in this game and they’re all great. Oh and the other chick is straight up just a random girl who sucks you off in a public restroom.

The Gameplay

It’s pretty straightforward visual novel gameplay. You can navigate between the different rooms of your house as well as some remote destinations and talk to the babes. You can also perform tiny mini-games to ramp up your stats so that you can handle increasingly bold requests. You can’t ask for anal unless you have confidence. That’s Insexual Awakening’s idea of earning your lay. Other than that, you can also revisit scenes that you’ve seen before, which sometimes comes with new dialogue that progresses the story, if you can call it that. The mini-games also reward you with money that you can spend on gifts that increase the chances the various babes will fuck you. This is basically the core gameplay. The only other parts are the conversations and the sex scenes.

The Smut Scenes

They’re pretty short, but they come with great, heated dialogue. All of the babes are very hot for you for some reason and you get a lot of dialogue from them, expressing their love for your cock. They also beg for your cum, which is always nice. On top of that, you’re free to impregnate them during the sex scenes, which is always a blast. You get an extra epilogue if you manage to knock them all up. The sex scenes are also really well drawn, in a very simple style. It’s halfway between cute and sexy, although some of the bustier babes are absolute goddesses of cock inhalation. I would stick my dick in that Vicky chick 12 times a week, if I could. The amazon goddess is pretty neat too, though she might snap my dick off if I anger her, so I better not risk it. This is a hot ass game, there’s no way around it. I’m just not down with how young some of the characters look, particularly your boy Nate, the sister and the cousin. It’s all very unsettling. His cock looks like a peanut, no jokes. And, for some reason, all the babes act like it’s the biggest anaconda they’ve ever seen in their lives. We know that most of them are not virgins so I wonder what the fuck they’re on about. Maybe you’re just so damn irresistible that they’re willing to lie to you. Who knows? The game is free to play and was finished a while ago, so you can nab a copy of it and play it on damn near any PC you have handy. It’s a very lightweight game. So by all means, fap away.

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