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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Iris Quest

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Iris Quest

User Rating: 4/5
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You see, the dodgy thing about Iris Quest is that it is both a game and not a game at the same time. It exists and doesn’t simultaneously, why? Because the game is still in its demo state for some jack shit reason that neither you nor I would know. It feels like such a half-assed effort because the developers of this game still haven’t decided to finish it despite the demo being released for over 5 years already. It’s quite the sad sight to see, but alas.

You can probably tell that this game has not developed well from that paragraph alone and is quite disliked by many. So if you want to try out the game for yourself, then please be my guest. There isn’t much to play because what you get just teases what the full game(that’s never coming) will be like. One thing that I can recommend you to do is to subscribe to the Akabur Patreon to get all of his other wonderful games. The best sex games, in my opinion.

A Pretty Mediocre Start

It’s a shame that the playable versions of this demo game that was released over 2 years ago. Which, with an educated and calculated guess, would be around 25 thousand masturbation sessions! Why that guess? Well, if you calculate 5 sessions a day for the entire week, for two years, you get 25,550 times you have masturbated. In perverted-simpleton, that’s too many fucking times to even consider wanting to play the game again.

Okay, now back to the game. Despite all of my slander and complaints, I actually quite have the number of compliments to give when it comes to Iris Quest. Before we even get into the whole demo spiel, I should mention that this game is sort-of an extension to the famous Akabur multiverse. That godly bastard had us training our childhood crushes(Princess Jasmine and Hermoine) to become the sluttiest, cum-whores on the planet. Fucking godly.

Though the man, Akabur, isn’t directly tied into the whole development, you could definitely see why there are devotees from Russia who would love to create their own addition. Iris Quest(from what I can tell) is all about you going around fucking bandits up, seeing princesses being trained into whores, so you have an urge to rescue them. Quite the opposite trend when it came to anything and everything Akabur, right? Is this a re-branding of our slave training?

I’m not against the idea, but having the whole character re-brand and wanting to help girls NOT become a slutty sex slave, but it seems a little too far-fetched for me. Though the re-branding really isn’t the main focus for this spin-off. You can tell from the title, this game will be all about Iris, who fights for “justice” alongside Genie, who really doesn’t fit that role.

What Is In The Actual Demo?

The demo starts in a convoluted way, with a rather lengthy cinematic that’s exactly like a middle schooler’s PowerPoint presentation. It shows off what the game aims to become in the future. This whole slideshow becomes the bridge and prequel to give you the backstory of what you’re about to play and how it ties into the other games that Akabur released. I have nothing against the thought of giving a good backstory to get others to understand.

Would you really complain about an intro sequence that helps you understand the game a little better? If it’s in a slideshow style like what Iris Quest did, I know I wouldn’t. Why? Because of all of the smut that the developers included. All the more pleasure for me to enjoy, add that on top of the excitement I had when getting to play another addition to the multiverse of the best sex games that Akabur developed.

The smut in that whole intro is just, wow. Even Akabur himself probably wouldn’t go to that extent to show a fuckton of smut right at the start. Some scenes show off our beloved Princess Jasmine and other cartoon princesses that you can’t help but get excited for. You get to see these extremely erotic royalty be shipped indiscriminately along with other slaves to Agrabah. You know, the place where Jafar trained Jasmine to be the ultimate slut?

If the whole game does come out, it will be one long, drawn-out fap for all of us. Even now, while it’s still in its demo stage, it’s hard as fuck to bust a nut. Because there’s so much fucking text to go through, you can’t even psych yourself up to get into the jacking off mood. Oh, here’s the kicker about the demo, your majority won’t be worthwhile, and you’ll barely get anything out of it. Just fight scenes, on top of fight scenes, on top of fight scenes.

What’s Coming Next?

Comparing what we have now to what I’ve seen and read about before, we definitely have more gameplay. With lots of combat sequences, way more than I’d like to be honest. There are a lot more enemy variants as well, still not enough proper smut though. So for the first 40 minutes of your gameplay, you’re going to be spending almost every minute just reading through everything they have to chuck at you. Doesn’t that just sound wonderful?

In my run of Iris Quest Chapter One, the whole thing ended with Jafar and his goons busting into the pub of Maslab – Iris’ father, you should know everything by now, especially since a fucker like you should have played Princess Trainer Gold Edition. They probably came in looking for that runaway princess that definitely looked way better in Iris Quest rather than what they usually look like in their respective cartoon or movie. Basically, your first encounter with the combat system comes when Zarya – yes, the muscle-bound Russian from Overwatch comes to rescue or release the captured royalty. Fortunately, Rapunzel is the one that will head down towards our little establishment in Agrabah. You have to go through a bit of a rapid-fire selection section to get her into the pub in one piece and away from all of the little devils called Desert Imps.

The whole combat system is what it should be like if you’re thinking about turn-based combat within and RPG-setting. That is something that I definitely found cool because they managed to get a gold standard into a game that prioritizes smut, nudity, porn, and all-around adult themes. Because I’ve played a lot of porn games myself, I can tell that this is way better than any of the trash shit that I’ve experienced. Nothing less from affiliates of Akabur.

Now to get through the more painstaking part of this whole game, the one combat sequence you have to complete to see yourself getting into Rapunzel’s pants. You’re going to be fighting alongside Maslab against all of the desert imps that Rapunzel brought in. You’re going to be fighting 4 waves with one boss. A sequence like this definitely feels like it’s a true boss fight. Not because of the difficulty, but because of how painstaking it will be.

And What Comes After That?

Well, the last substantial update we got was released on the 4th of April. Since then, I haven’t really seen anything from either of the developers, so I’m pretty sure that we’re going to have to wait a little bit longer for a bigger and better update. If you don’t believe me, you should definitely check out the two developer’s Patreon pages. Your support will definitely help them out. You could even check out all of their updates constantly!

My Final Verdict

I was quite sad to see that the game was really just a whole sack of shit because I’m a massive fan of Akabur and his affiliates’ work. Sure there’s the Silver Edition of Witch Trainer that made the game all the more enjoyable. Still, nothing really comes close to the original. Unless I see some big buzz in the pornographic game industry directed towards Iris Quest, I probably won’t check out this game for a long fucking time.

I enjoyed the whole character switch-up, playing as Iris in this spin-off really highlighted how unique and well-crafted the entire Akabur multiverse is. Though that doesn’t really change the fact that the developers constantly blue-balled the fuck out of all of us. With the speed of their updates, Iris Quest will probably take a long time to surface as a full game. God forbid that ever happens because I’m quite eager to play the full game, despite the anguish.

I want to see the game come into full bloom because I’d be distraught to see the whole project get scrapped, mostly after I spent a significant amount of my day just playing that god awful demo and writing a review about my disappointing experience.

BestPornGames Likes Iris Quest
  • Return of familiar and favorite faces.
  • Great smutty intro.
  • A spin-off from the original Princess Trainer.
BestPornGames Hates Iris Quest
  • The intro is way too fucking long.
  • Too many cockblocks and blue-balls.
  • Too much dialogue, not enough gameplay.