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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Jessika’s Curse

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Jessika’s Curse

User Rating: 4/5
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Shoutout to all horny dudes out there who love jerking off to video games with tons of lewd scenes in it. I just want to let you know that guys like you and me are why many game developers are creating hundreds of sex games because of the unending support we have for those types of games. The next few lines you’ll see in this fucking review of mine is all about a porn game that involves fighting ugly monsters and bouncing titties.

Jessika’s Curse is an RPG that is all about a busty girl who is tasked to embark on a dangerous mission where dozens of ugly looking motherfuckers are waiting for her. She is accompanied by some cute girl who also happens to be a horny bitch like her. This is the first RPG I have tried where you get to see them showing off their body parts in the middle of the battle. If you’re ready to bust a lot of loads, then you should definitely try this one.

Playing sex game has always been my passion especially games such as this one because aside from making me horny, these types of games also challenges me to do my best so that I get to see the end of it right away. I love messing around with sex games that have a good story in it; that’s why I decided to play this game. Your perspective in adult RPGs will change once you see how good this one is. You should probably continue reading to know more about it.

Character Design

This game’s characters are so hot that you would wish they’re really in front of you. I love how the people behind this game designed the characters’ appearances because they are very eye-catching. The main character’s partner seems a bit shy when you first see her, but once her lust meter is full, you’ll get the chance to see her perky tits and her shaved yummy pussy.

What I Like About The Game

The user’s interface is very essential in porn games because that is the first thing every gamer will see once they try a specific type of game. I love how the people behind this game create this game’s UI because it looks so neat and inviting. It also has the medieval vibe in it because of the castles and old looking taverns in the background. You will see right away how imaginative the game developers are just by looking at its UI.

The game’s controls are so easy to understand. You don’t have to click many keys to do the tasks needed for your character’s missions. The basic arrow keys and mouse are all the things you need to function correctly in this godforsaken game. There are a lot of porn games out there that have complicated navigation. That’s why a lot of people are looking for alternatives because they don’t want to play games that have complicated controls.

The bitches in this game are smoking hot. You will see a lot of bouncing titties on your computer screen. The main character Jessika always makes my cock stiff because of the way she looks. Imagine seeing a girl warrior carrying a sword while her breasts are jiggling around like some lose watermelon waiting to burst. This bitch makes me want to dry out my balls every time I see her.

One of the things I love about this game is that each character has their own lust meter. It is the indicator that your character is about to do something nasty. You will see Jessika fuck the orc she’s battling with or finger herself till she cums. Her partner will do the same, but in a different sexual position. I know that you had a boner just by reading this paragraph, so you better tune in for more erotic details.

Lastly, the game is compatible with Windows users, which makes perverts like me happy. A lot of gamers out there are using computers that have this kind of OS, and most porn games nowadays can also be played on this kind of computer. I still remember the time where porn games such as this one are only limited to MAC and Android users. Now I can enjoy seeing titties without worrying about those kinds of restrictions.

What I Don’t Like About The Game

The game is very fun to play with. I can only mention a few things that I find annoying about it. First of all, I noticed that the game characters only repeats the actions they’re doing when having sexual acts with their enemies. I got to memorize all their moves within one hour because they literally do the same thing over and over again. I’m not complaining about their performance, but I hate the fact that they only have limited actions when it comes to sex.

I also don’t like seeing Jessika running around the jungle with her clothes on. I mean technically, this game is straight-up porn, so it would have been better if there were instances where she takes off her clothes while looking for another one on the forest floor. I have no against her clothing choice, but it’s a bit mainstream, especially for games that have female warriors in it.

Her companion looks like a kid but acts differently when her lust meter is full. I don’t like how her companion was designed because she seems very young for me, and I’m not comfortable with that. This may be a turn on for some, but I am against porn games with this kind of character because as stupid as it sounds, I don’t like seeing young looking girls being pounded by some random orc with a humongous cock.

The game’s background can become boring sometimes because there is not much to see except for trees and grasses. I know that the battlegrounds take place in the forest, but every time Jessika and her companion moves forward, the next scene still looks like the one they were in the same place as before. There is nothing exciting about the game’s background except seeing the busty tits Jessika has.

Lastly, I hate that there are only limited bitches in this game. There are not a lot of sexy ladies in this game you can mess with. I’m not saying that Jessika is not enough, but I expected to see more women with enormous breasts. I do love Jessika, though, but games like this one should have more hot characters in it because it makes the gamer more horny knowing he has the chance to fuck more than one girl in the game.

My Recommendations for Improving This Game

To make the game more interesting, the game developers should come up with more background scenes because seeing a lot of trees is not actually that fun. They should widen the game map leading the characters to different places rather than having them stuck in just one place. I mean, the wandering part of the game is fun, but it would make the game more exciting if we get to see more places.

They should also add more characters to the game because the ones that are in here already are not enough to convince gamers like me to stay with the game. They should start creating characters that are based on famous movie characters or cartoon characters and make a version of them that would fit in the game. This would surely make a lot of gamers feel thrilled and happy.

There should also be an option where we get Jessika to walk around without her upper clothing on her. It would surely attract a lot of men to fuck her, and it would also distract the enemies giving her the advantage to take them all out with just a single blow. Seeing her butt naked will surely make me want to play more of this game because I have something to look forward to every time I start playing it.

Adding more sex positions can also make the game more thrilling. I would love to see more of what Jessika and her companion can do when it comes to having sex with humans and non-human characters. I really love seeing Jessika and her cute partner grinding their pussies on the fat cocks of the orcs they see in the jungle. I hope in the future. They get to do more sexual positions to make the game more fun.

BestPornGames Likes Jessika’s Curse
  • Great Looking UI
  • Smoking Hot Bitches
  • Windows Compatible
  • Games Controls
  • Lust Meter
BestPornGames Hates Jessika’s Curse
  • Same Sexual Routines
  • Jessika’s Clothing
  • Companion Looks Awfully Young
  • Limited Bitches
  • Boring Game Background