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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Kamihime Project R

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Kamihime Project R

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Come one, come all! I have another game title fitting of carrying the status of being one of the best sex games! Though you’re probably just a shut-in loser that has nothing more productive to do other than wasting your time on some subpar porn game, right? If my description of you was correct, then you’ve probably run out of porn games to play, so you’ve come here to this review at the perfect time. Boy, oh boy, I have one of the best sex games for you to play!

Now, getting into the skin and bones of the game, I’m about to tell you. If you’re not a blind bastard, then you’ve read the title of the article you are currently reading – which is the game we’ll be discussing, Kamihime Project R. To summarize it really quickly and easily, it’s another anime-based harem battle game that garnered lots of attention from the weeaboo fucks that just have to try anything anime. It’s got some visual novel elements too.

What boosted the popularity of this game, even more, was that it was released by Nutaku. You know, those like-minded hentai-loving fuckwits want to share the marvels of the best sex games that the internet has to offer. Just having a game under Nutaku will guarantee the game a high number of players, it might get its own forum! Not only that, but Kamihime Project R is on the front page as one of the most popular hentai games on their website.

Get Baited By Gacha Gameplay

Nutaku is kind of notorious for carrying lots of games that involve “Gachas,” probably taking the form of an RPG – hence the term, RPGacha. This term was perhaps created by the people who hated this type of game mechanic because they were too broke to even take part in the microtransactions that the game has. These games take on a guise of being a free game, but you definitely need to cough up some cash to get access to the premium shit.

Though you do need to pay up a little for the glorious shit, I’m pretty sure many of you weebs will be satisfied with the base gameplay offered to you. Especially when there’s such a large variety of those types of games(Kamihime Project R included) on Nutaku. I’m not one to judge this type of marketing ploy. You give good base gameplay, but charge for the extra juicy shit since the base gameplay for Kamihime Project R is already pretty good enough for me.

Next Level Aesthetics

Nutaku isn’t necessarily my favorite portal to use when it comes to playing top tier hentai games. Still, I do have to give it up to them for having a huge portion of high-quality games. Fuckin top-notch fully animated hentai scenes in Kamihime Project R with incredible high-quality art to top it off. You almost wouldn’t want to miss it. I mean, anime titties, pussies, asses, and the like, in HD and damn near perfection? I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

It may seem like that I’m objectifying the women in Kamihime Project R too much, but that’s quite literally their selling point. If they somehow decided to include some hunky men with some greatly drawn dicks, I would compliment them with that choice. My main point about this is, everything looks so damn amazing. From the animations, the scenery, the women, the HUD, and the VFX – more so the women.

A Flagship Game From Nutaku

Among the many games that Nutaku has, it isn’t an exaggeration when I say that Kamihime Project R has to be among the best of the best. That statement does not undermine any of the other games that Nutaku has because all of their games are great. Kamihime Project R has rightfully earned its spot on the front page of Nutaku. There are plenty of other games under the category. Still, it is probably the only harem battle game that made it into that section.

Going back to their aesthetics, the artwork is way too fucking good. The fully animated sex scenes are extremely erotic, which stays quite vanilla. Vanilla? Yeah, you know, without any of the weird tentacle shit, no rape-y stuff like forced penetrations or pinning anyone down. Full-on vanilla shit with guy-on-girl action so you won’t have to feel too shitty after nutting to the wide variety of 2-D anime women that Kamihime Project R has.

It is an RPG though with turn-based combat that’s reminiscent to the older Final Fantasy games – you know, the norm for harem battle games. You’re going on an adventure with your chosen party of incredibly beautiful and equally as hot women. You’re essentially escaping reality to get into a better one with an assembly of women that kind of want to fuck you. Doesn’t that sound like something you’d want to experience?

Amazing Gameplay

Admittedly, I’m not one of those super-intelligent big-brained nerds that can get off to some porn game with puzzles or some math bullshit. That type of shit messes with the blood flow to my penis. You start off amazingly with a great opening animation to get your little willy riled up. Then you’re immediately hit with a puzzle? Hard pass. However, if we’re talking about some great combat sequence to start you off to a great hentai scene transition? A+!

Since Kamihime Project R is essentially a harem battle game, it’s not out of the question that there are plenty of fantasy RPG elements mixed in with it. What’s even better is that not only do the girls make up your harem of beautiful women, but they are also contributing to the entire gameplay. They make up half of the combat sequences, because if you don’t have them, then no combat for you. Basically, the game revolves around them and not your skills.

Oh, one more thing about the combat system, the difficulty progressively increases. Meaning you won’t get to stay laid back your entire game session. Combat synergy is critical to keep in mind once the game gets harder. You need to keep in mind the combos that occur between the girls and what synergies they may have. You also have to remember to level up your combat party, but don’t do it willy-nilly. You have to do it strategically.

The Juicy Nitty-Gritty

Knowing how Kamihime Project R is a flagship game under Nutaku, you can definitely expect a lot of good, juicy smut in the game. I mean, with the number of beautiful and sexy women in the game, it isn’t an exaggeration when I tell you guys that there could be literally a fuckton of hours of just sex scenes and animations! You can get them by chance encounters because they are sprinkled across the game, but the glorious ones are something you need to earn.

Kamihime Project R starts off already powerful because you get a great triple threat of women that are just divine. However, after that whole tutorial stage, you pretty much have the choice of getting friendly with any of the girls of your choice. You know, in the same fashion that you would typically do in dating simulators – by spending a lot of time with them so you can fuck them whenever you want later on! Spend time with them in combat or by leveling them up.

Keep in mind that if you want an equal opportunity to fucking every single girl in your roster, you have to spend the same amount of time for each of the girls. You have to keep your combat party rotating with a new girl that caught your eye or someone you’ve been eyeing for quite a while. I did say equal opportunity because the rewards are quite similar to each other. You get a sexual favor, a strip show, a blowjob, and then the full-on penetration animation.

Pseudo-Free Game

To the normie eyes, yes, Kamihime Project R is a free game that you just have to spend an excruciatingly long time playing to even get any of the excellent content that the game offers. However, for the more cultured eyes and fucked brains, we all know that this game requires you lonely fucks to have a fat fucking wallet so you can spend it all on the game through the microtransactions that the game offers. So much for being one of the best sex games.


Apart from that last part, I really find the game quite entertaining to play. The last time I’ve really enjoyed a game similar to this was in Otogi Frontier R – which is another great harem battle game under Nutaku. If we were to enjoy the same type of hentai games where you get to control little chibi anime girls to combat demons, monsters, and other warriors, we’re both going to rank this at a strong 4 out of 5, right?

BestPornGames Likes Kamihime Project R
  • Hella anime titties.
  • Girls are damn near perfect.
  • Simple game mechanics.
BestPornGames Hates Kamihime Project R
  • You need to spend a lot of hours on it.
  • The microtransactions.