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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Katawa Shoujo

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Katawa Shoujo

User Rating: 4/5
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My, oh my, what do we have here in this little review, hm? A lonely, perverted loser who has, without a doubt, completely nothing better to do with their time other than read this article to pass the time of their miserable, boring life – oh, a little too close to home? I apologize. Why don’t I tell you a little bit about this rather heartwarming visual novel/dating simulator game that does indeed include a nice bit of adult content?

Yes, heartwarming. I know it’s an unusual word to see whenever we’re talking about the best sex games on the internet, but hey, it’s what this game is! Katawa Shoujo is sure to tug on your emotions and heartstrings more than you could ever tug on that pitiful little micropenis of yours. This game will definitely teach you degenerate beta fucks a thing or two about social interactions – something you haven’t had much of because of the whole pandemic bullshit.

Here’s a little background on the game. Katawa Shoujo was developed by 4leaf Studios – if you’re aware of that format for the name, you probably have a hunch that those people came from the forum called 4chan. The weeaboo audience has probably already heard about this game since it was popular in 2012. Katawa Shoujo has plenty of unique character concepts and themes that set it apart from all other dating simulators/visual novels.

Filled With Nothing But Well-Written Dialogue

To put it into the tl;dr version, Katawa Shoujo is a visual novel with dating simulator aspects with flowery, fancy vocabulary, and writing. It also has a storyline that can branch out to many different directions – all for the low, low price of absolutely fucking free! It’s like one of those grand visual novels where your route will be decided by the heroine you wish to pursue, which makes it all the more interesting – since there’s a little completionist challenge.

The main character isn’t something too far from what you actually are – a miserable fuck, Hisao Nakai. I don’t know which is his first name or last name since everything is in English, but the naming senses are Japanese. One thing he has which you don’t is that he has a girl named Iwanaka in tow and was already confessing to him at the start of the game. Though it doesn’t end nicely, he cockblocked himself and had a heart attack because of arrhythmia.

Just when you thought that his life couldn’t get any worse, his friends stopped visiting him and stopped caring about him overall, even fucking Iwanaka! Now that’s what I call a truly miserable, lonely fuck! Though you couldn’t really blame Iwanaka for avoiding the guy, a mere confession from the girl nearly killed Hisao! She probably has the heaviest heart because she’s blaming herself. Either that or she thinks she has an unfortunate superpower.

Pick Among 5 Heroines With Deeply Complex Backstories And Unique Personalities!

Life goes on, and eventually, Hisao gets to leave the hospital. Then, he finds out that he’s been transferred into a school specifically for students with disabilities – it’s called Yamaku Academy, which has nursing staff on hand 24/7. All of the jazz with Iwanaka earlier was just a prelude to how you even got to that school of disabilities in the first place – which is where the actual game takes place. Everything before this was just pointless blabbering.

All of us horny motherfuckers are hot-blooded, so a slow start to the whole game is unfavorable to a lot of us, which is precisely what Katawa Shoujo has – heck, I even contemplated to stop playing it. Though the whole visual novel thing is quite apparent – meaning you ignorant fuckers who even downloaded the game in the first place shouldn’t complain about it. It’s called a visual “novel” for a reason, it’s just like reading a book.

Keep in mind that it is just a visual novel with dating simulator aspects. The whole dating sim jazz is in the gameplay. There is nowhere in the game. There are any unique voice lines or any of the characters being fully voice-acted for, which kinda drags down the excitement for the game. There are some cool sound effects, however, so that should keep your attention to the game. Quality over quantity definitely shines in Katawa Shoujo.

Okay, so, romance. You have the independence to choose whichever route you want to pick to end up with your favorite girl. For the losers with low self-esteem, go with Lilly – she’s blind, meaning she won’t have to deal with your ugliness! To her, personality definitely outranks looks. Now, if you’re a slow reader, getting close to the juicy shit is going to take a long fucking while, so do prepare yourself for a lot of fucking reading.

Dive Into Fascinating Storylines With Various Endings

Reaching that conclusion is kind of easier said than done, to be honest. If you want to know how to even court the girl that takes your interests, I highly suggest you go to a wiki or a community forum since those places are always so highly detailed. If you don’t follow a guide or something, you’ll probably end with a bad ending. Nobody likes bad endings, not even the masochistic motherfuckers who love torturing themselves.

As you progress through the game, you might start to want Hisao to get a heart attack due to his condition because he is denser than a fucking rock. It’s bad enough that he cockblocked himself with a heart attack with Iwanaka. Now he’s cockblocking himself even more with just his lack of common sense and denseness. If his body stops him from getting good pussy then it’s his thinking that does it for him! The fucker is kind of twisted.

I do talk a lot of smack about the dude, but the whole writing and the storyline are just too good to pass up. Being the hot-blooded pervert that I am, I usually prefer to jack off to a game, bust a nut, delete the game and carry on with my life – not with Katawa Shoujo. Katawa Shoujo actually caught my dedication because of its fantastic story writing. No voice lines to aid the visuals, but the writing gives of that individuality that the characters have.

Having a small team producing this game must have been difficult since the game has lots of amazing art and animation – all of high-quality, making you think that it was developed by some major team. Like I said, lots of unique character concepts, character designs, unique themes, and maybe even a little CG to warm your heart. Trust me, dedicate some time into this game, you won’t regret it.

Erotic Softcore Content

I would say that there’s plenty of fetishes being filled out by this game. Still, the whole thing’s about romancing and fucking women with disabilities – that’s a whole new fucked up fetish that people seem to love. I don’t know what’s weirder, the concept of you having to make sweet, passionate love to amputees, blind babes, deaf girls and women of various disabilities, or the fact that there are a lot of messed up people who love that type of content.

What I Like

The number one thing that I have been making sure to highlight throughout this whole review was the story. If you’re not in it for the new take on romance or dabble with the many unique personalities of the characters, you should get the fuck out of this review and go play some normie hentai game. It’s all about tugging your heart like it’s an erection – I mean, both are large muscles. The writing alone gives it a ‘best sex game’ title.

What I Don’t Like

As much as I loved the writing of the whole game, I do think that there are many fucking points of the game that are unnecessarily dragged on for too long, like talking to your stark naked dorm-mate about the feminist conspiracy for some 50 lines of unending dialogue. What makes it worse is that he’s the first person you’re going to see naked in the game! No titty flash, no upskirt, just him and all his naked glory.


I would prefer to talk about Katawa Shoujo as a romantic visual novel with erotic content rather than an erotic visual novel with romantic content. The replayability is quite great with the 5 whole different heroines to court, so going back again and again will definitely help the game grow on you. Again, you’re here for the story and the romance, not any of the normie erotic shit. Transcend the need for the normie pornographic shit.

BestPornGames Likes Katawa Shoujo
  • Amazingly written storyline and dialogue.
  • A good amount of heroines to choose from.
  • Completely free with high replayability.
BestPornGames Hates Katawa Shoujo
  • Quite a slow pace.
  • Not recommended for a quick jackoff session.