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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Ketto Majiku

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Ketto Majiku

User Rating: 4/5
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Are you lost fucker? Or are you just that horny that you’ve decided to stop by and check this game review? Well, anyway, since you’re already then, you should take your time to read more of it rather than doing nothing at the moment. This review is all about magic and smoking hot bitches. Yes, you’ve read that right. This is the type of game guys like you should be playing on a Saturday night because we all know that losers like you and me don’t get to see real tits.

Ketto Majiku is an RPG that involves magic, dungeons, and sex. If you’re the type of pervert who loves to play video games with witchcraft, then this is the perfect game for you. You get to see a lot of impressive skills and battles in the game that you’ve never seen before. You’ll be surrounded by sexy whores that will fight alongside with you. From the name itself, you’ll immediately see right away that this is some awesome shit.

I have never played such a game before that has this kind of gameplay because most of the sex games I’ve tried don’t have this kind of storyline and combat scenes. I have been searching for porn games that have this kind of concept. That’s why my stiff cock wants to thank the creators of this game. If you want to get more insights regarding this twisted and magical game, you should read the rest of it while masturbating for a more intense reading experience.


You won’t have to spend a single cent on this game because it’s free-to-play. You get to enjoy the whole game without worrying about paying subscriptions and other fees. Some porn games on the internet nowadays usually have fees on them. Some players might find this okay, but some are left out because they cannot afford such games. Thank God, the creators of this game are not selfish. I hope to see more of Ketto Majiku in the coming years.

What I Like About The Game

The gameplay of this porn game is one of a kind because you have different ways of attacking the enemies. You can use spells, melee attacks, or summon out of this world creature to fight your battles for you. If you want to speed up the process, you can buy loot boxes and use them to make the battles end faster than the average time they usually go. This magical sex game is what nerds like you should be playing.

I also love the fact that this game has a bit of a visual novel-theme in it because you get to read dialogues that will help you with your quests. These dialogues are essential to the game because it tells the background story of the game. You’ll understand how the characters end up fighting evil monsters and why they are fighting them. I love this porn game because it’s very intriguing, and I’m excited for the next installation of it if there will be one.

The game map is not that big, and you get to see your enemies from afar. This is very helpful because it gives the player time to make a battle plan before fighting them. Not all games nowadays have this kind of feature. I hate video games that don’t give you a wide range of views on the map. You’re just strolling around the forest, and all of a sudden, a fucking ogre blocks your way and start clobbering the hell out of you.

If you’re afraid of playing this game because you don’t have a grasp of the game’s controls, then you should stop worrying and listen to me now. At the beginning of the game, there will be tutorials shown on the screen that will point out the essential buttons that you need to click. You can easily memorize them in just a matter of time. If you have trouble understanding them, then you should probably go back to just masturbating all day.

The lewd scenes of this game are actually pretty decent compared to other sex games. You will see these bitches being fucked by guys with enormous dicks. Sex scenes are one reason why perverted fucktards like me are playing games such as this one. If a porn game doesn’t have one, then it’s pretty fucking useless for me. The secret to enjoying a porn game is to play it smoothly until you get to the scenes you and your cock wants.

What I Don’t Like About The Game

I hate the fact that this game only contains a few sex scenes. The game has more combat scenes than the lewd scenes, which is a bit disappointing for me. I don’t play with sex games that have few sex scenes on it because it’s fucking lame, and it’s a bit pointless. I expected too much of this game, and I got my hopes up to this one. In the end, I got nothing out of it, which sucks a lot.

If you want to interact with tons of bitches then this is not the game for you. The game literally only consists of a few female characters. That’s why I think this is the reason why not a lot of gamers out there are playing this one. I hate to break it to you, dude, but this game is just a waste of time for gamers who wish to sleep with dozens of innocent women. I hope there will be improvements in the future.

The game’s background is also a bit dry. I didn’t enjoy the battles I had with the other characters of the game because the visuals during the fight scenes are not that engaging at all. I have played better games than this one. The only advantage it has is that it has a few sex scenes on it. You will notice how boring the game’s background is just by searching it on the internet. If you’re okay with this kind of setup, then you should download this game.

The storyline also tends to become dull when you’re playing it for a long time. At first, you’ll be interested as to where the story will lead you to, but as you progress to the game, you’ll see right away that there’s nothing about it that will actually make you feel excited or thrilled. There’s no climax to the story meaning there’s nothing for you to look forward into except the busty ladies on the sex scenes of the game.

My Recommendations for The Game

Upgrading the game’s storyline can help attract more horny gamers. I am one of those gamers who are interested in games that have a great storyline in it. They should add some scenes where the gamer would feel a thrill during the fighting scenes, or they can add some scene where one of the essential characters dies because of some unfortunate event. The climax is critical to games such as this one.

Changing or adding a new background in the fighting scenes can help make the game more inviting. I’m already fed up with the dull background this game has. That’s why I’m suggesting to the game developers that they upgrade the game’s background because I want to battle enemies in a more intense looking environment. I want to do some epic magic fight scene in a place where the rest of the background is engulfed with fire.

If the game developers want more fucktards to notice this game, then they should add more lewd scenes to it. This is the best thing they can do for this game. Not all players are after its gameplay. Some just want to play this one because of the steaming sex scenes it has. I want to see more witches that are walking with their tits out. I also want to cast some spells on the horny prostitutes that are in this game.

To make the game more exciting, the people behind this game should add more busty female characters. This kind of upgrade will surely get the attention of all the perverted nerds out there who are looking for games like this one. I myself is also in favor of this kind of upgrade because I also want to see more gorgeous witches that I can fuck whenever I want to. My magical dick is waiting for these improvements to the game.

The gameplay of this one should also be updated because it’s not that challenging at all. It can sometimes become dull, that’s why there are times where I prefer doing other things than messing with it because I feel like my time is not being used properly. I often watch porn videos when I get annoyed with issues like this one because that’s my stress reliever. I hope the people behind this game will do their part to improve this fucking masterpiece.

BestPornGames Likes Ketto Majiku
  • Free-to-play
  • Gameplay
  • Navigation
  • Sex Scenes
  • Enemy Visibility
BestPornGames Hates Ketto Majiku
  • Storyline
  • Dry Background
  • Limited Characters
  • Limited Sex Scenes
  • Small Amount of Ladies You Can Fuck