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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Kingdom of Deception

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Kingdom of Deception

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Kingdom of Deception is a Lengthy Fantasy Game With Kinky Corruption Themes

What’s not to love about some classic corruption porn? I know you horny gamers love that shit more than anything else out there. Okay, well, maybe not more than incest. But I’ll go ahead and say that you fappers with actual good taste prefer corruption, sluttification, and humiliation porn. You can do so much with it. There’s only so much that you can do with a horny step-sister, and I think I’ve seen just about everything that fucking fetish has to offer at this point. Though I’m sure therapists across the world are loving that trend. Thankfully, I don’t have an incest filled fuck fest for you. I’ve got a game built around slowly whittling down the will and fight of a hot warrior babe. It’s called Kingdom of Deception and was developed by an incredibly talented team known as Hreinn games. They’ve made some solid porn games, but it can be argued that this one is what really made them popular. It came out way back in 2017 and has been a popular name in the h-game community ever since.

Download and Play One of Hreinn Games Most Popular Titles for Free!

Despite having been released so long ago, the game hasn’t been completed yet. It’s currently on version .10.4 and has been trucking along at a pretty steady pace. While it’s not finished, it is still jam-packed with tens of hours of content. It’s quite an ambitious project. You can head over to to find download links for all of their games. And, good news for you cheap fucks, you can download public versions of every game for free! You play as this ultra bad bitch named Sabia. She’s a general that leads a team of human fighters, and she took part in a long-standing war that really fucked over the “bestial” races of the world. It seems like humans came out on top and squashed all of those monsters under their heel. But, perhaps, the war wasn’t as thorough as the humans thought.

Play as a Hot Warrior Babe as She Falls from Grace

You’re exploring a nearby ruin when you get banished by orcs that would make a champion body-builder look like fucking twigs. Seriously, I don’t know how these orcs can even move around with how massive their muscles are. Anyway, you fight and try to make a getaway. Of course, you fail. You’re knocked unconscious before you get dragged off to some orc tribe in the middle of the forest. But everything isn’t quite as it seems. You weren’t taken by the “evil” orcs that tried to kill you. Another group of “good” orcs came in and spared your life. It’s their camp that you end up at. You can walk out, but you don’t have shit. You need to be a good girl and earn your keep. Your cool armor and sword is gone. You’re basically left with a burlap sack that barely covers your gravity-defying knockers.

Uncover the Traitors in an Orc Tribe before Venturing out into an Expansive World

At least you’re not alone. There’s this even bustier elf slut named Neve that is here to help you along your journey. You’re given the option to leave, or you can get down and dirty and find out which orcs betrayed the tribe and went to attack your troops. Being a vengeful babe, you want to stay. The other option isn’t really even an option. The game won’t let you leave this area until you resolve what’s going on here. You have to start off small. You don’t have any “lundils,” which basically function as gold pieces in this world. You’ll need to clean up trash, work the bar, and service hung orcs at the sex tent to earn some dosh. Eventually, you’ll have some half-decent clothes to wear and a rusted sword to swing. You can then train your stamina and health over at the sparring pit to increase those stats. It will be slow going at first. You only have so much stamina, but, eventually, the story will start moving on again.

Dive into Tens of Hours of Expert Storytelling, Exploration, and Mystery

You’ll get to a point where you can uncover the mystery of the tribe and form alliances. But, man, be fucking ready for a brutal experience. The game has a steep difficulty curve that makes it imperative for you to prepare and train your stats as efficiently as possible. The later orc fights are tough, but the outside world that you get to explore will be even more unforgiving. Though it is cool that there’s so much to explore. The map is fucking huge, and there are dozens of characters to meet and fuck throughout the many settlements. The writing is great. The characters all have pretty unique personalities and stories. The overarching story of the game was engaging and full of intrigue. Kingdom of Deception is a game that really knows how to pace the story and events. It gives you just enough hints and clues to keep you invested. And it’s the same deal with the h-scenes. This game knows how and when to throw these kinky scenes into the mix. It doesn’t overwhelm you with scene after scene, and it also doesn’t keep you waiting too long for the next one.

Unlock Dozens of Fetish-Filled, Uncensored Hentai Illustrations

The whole game is very nice to look at. You get a painted fantasy style with massive illustrations dished out rather frequently. And, man, the h-scenes are no exception. These scenes are so fucking good. They aren’t animated, but you do get multiple full panel images to jack off to. Each scene will be completely uncensored and will often be packed with fetish content. Rape, BDSM, slutifficiation, you fucking name a kinky humiliation fetish, and odds are that this game will have loads of it. Now, Hreinn isn’t in charge of it, but there is an unofficial Android version floating around. It’s pretty decent. It’s not completely up-to-date with the current version of the game. Still, it’s a solid app for being completely fan-made. I’d say it’s worth a download if you’re looking to take this kinky fantasy porn with you while you’re on the move. It’s essentially a visual novel, so the port is rather straightforward to play.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

This is a big game. And I really mean that shit. This is the kind of game that you can easily sink 10+ hours into at least. The story doesn’t give you a lot of agency as a player, but it’s still a damn good story with a lot of merits. If you’re looking for a visual novel style game with a little more to offer in terms of gameplay, then this is the game for you. And, man, this game looks so fucking nice. I loved the art style that Hreinn went with. People love their games for good fucking reasons. And the art style is definitely a big one. Each babe you meet will be so hot, and the quality of the work is incredible. The hentai illustrations that you get will be more than enough to blow dozens of loads to. There aren’t many other free h-games that can keep you fapping that long.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

I wish the start of the game was more engaging. It’s just a ton of repetitive tasks and fetch quests. But, really, it’s only the first couple of hours that is like that. But new players could easily be turned off by all of the boring bullshit that you need to deal with at the start. I would highly recommend the developer throw in some more engaging quests and events during the first bit. It will go a long way in bringing in new players and spreading the word.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Kingdom of Deception is a kinky h-game with loads of hot fantasy fetish content. Sure, it’s got a slow start, but that doesn’t mean that this quality game isn’t worth playing. You fucks will grind away at an MMO for 12+ hours. I think you can handle an hour or so of boring quests that will lead to some of the hottest hentai illustrations out there. Plus, it’s free. It’s not like you’re paying an arm and leg just to play this game. Go download it and fap your fucking brains out. That’s what I’d do if I were one of you cucks.

BestPornGames Likes Kingdom of Deception
  • Uncensored hentai illustrations
  • Expansive world to explore
  • An engaging story
  • It’s free!
BestPornGames Hates Kingdom of Deception
  • Very slow start
  • Some quests are boring