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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Kissing Therapy

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Kissing Therapy

User Rating: 3/5
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Kissing Therapy is a Short and Stylized Hypno-Fetish Visual Novel

Ever wish that therapy was sexier? Oh, no? Yeah, that’s a weird one, I guess. But, come on, some of you fucked-up bastards must have aspirations of plowing your busty MILF of a therapist. The only “help” you horny cucks want is a helping hand or two. The situation is already intimate enough. I’d take what you guys can get. Therapy is probably the closest that most of you bitter incels will ever get to an actual date. Might as well make a move, right? You’d be the one taking a deep dive into her if that were the case. Alright, I know that may sound like a stretch. But, trust me, there are horny fappers out there with even more specific fantasies than that. And I actually have a point. I’ve got a game all about getting, well, hypno-raped by a hot therapist. I’ll unpack that fucked-up shit here in a little bit. You should know that the game in question is called Kissing Therapy and that it launched back in November of 2017.

Download the Full Visual Novel for the Low Price of Free!

It’s a fully completed visual novel. The developer, CypressZeta, even made a sequel to the game not much longer after this one. This dude is always working on something. You can keep track of his projects by heading over to Though you don’t have to dish out any dosh at all for this game. Just pop on over to and search for “Kissing Therapy” to get a page with the full game download for free. What a weird story. This game may not be as dark or fetish-heavy as some of the more diabolical titles out there, but it is certainly messed up in its own special way. You get a short 10-15 minute visual novel. Fuck, I’m glad it is free. You won’t see me paying up for a game this short. But, hopefully, a short title like this will be jam-packed with uncensored, animated h-scenes. Well, don’t get your hopes up.

Watch Helplessly as Kate Gets Hypnotized by her Horny Therapist

Anyway, back to the story. This shy girl Kate goes to see Rose, the school therapist. Kate just had a rough time. A few of her best gal pals turned out to not be the best friends ever. Once pinned her down and kissed her aggressively against her will. Another friend sucked on her tits. And yet another friend forcibly ate out her pussy and made her cum. So, basically, she got raped by these girls. She’s, understandably, pretty fucking traumatized by this. Instead of helping Kate work through this shit, Rose drugs her water and uses hypnosis on her. I was still thinking that things might be alright. Maybe it’s some sort of therapy where she helps Kate understand and work through these issues? Fuck no. Rose makes Kate think that these experiences were amazing. She loves being kissed. She loves having her tight pussy eaten out. She should be wet and wanting to be raped. And, well, who better to teach her than Rose?

A Very Stylized Game With a Unique Visual Design

Rose proceeds to pin her down and rape her all over again. Only this time, Kate is begging for more and loving every second of it. Now, don’t get me wrong. I fucking loved this dark fetish content. I’m just not going to sugar-coat that shit and make it sound like some cute-ass story. This game has some crazy themes. But, well, the execution ends up lacking. The game looks fucking cool. It’s got a pink/purple aesthetic. It certainly doesn’t look like any other game out there. Kate and Rose are both incredibly hot. There’s a lot of subtlety in the animations. Lips move. Eyes blink. Characters will look away or move as they talk. And, for what it’s worth, the dialog isn’t half bad. I think it’s a very rushed story that could have been developed a lot more, but the writing is at least done well. There aren’t any obscene errors.

Not a Single Hot, Uncensored Illustration to Fap to

You even get some thematic music that fits each scene. I’m grateful for that for sure. This would have been one awkward game to have been played in silence. Talk about uncomfortable. But all of this sounds great, right? Where are the issues I keep talking about? I’ve been holding out on you cucks so that you at least got the good news upfront. Unfortunately, all of my complaints stem from the most important bit of the game: the sex scenes. There aren’t any. Okay, that’s not completely true. You get a few softcore illustrations of Rose fondling Kate’s clothed breasts. That’s it though. The rest of the game fades to black and just gives erotic descriptions. No tits. No pussies. Nothing. What a fucking cock-tease. I really don’t get the thought process behind this decision. Why even bother making an illustrated sex game if you’re going to leave the best illustrations out of the equation? At least the erotic descriptions are decent. But, still, you don’t even get that many of those. There’s probably a page or two of text in total throughout this game. This review is probably longer and more descriptive.

A Too-Short Game that Will Leave You Blue-Balled

How are you going to make such a short, fetish-focused game and not actually deliver on the goddamn sex scenes? It wouldn’t have even been that hard. This fuck’s obviously a talented enough artist. The game only needed maybe three or four uncensored panels to really bring this experience home. Instead, this shit will likely leave you blue-balled. Nobody wants that. This is a pretty big sin even for a free game. It’s worth mentioning that you can play this game on Android. It’s a simple game without any, well, gameplay at all. It’s a simple visual novel, so I can’t imagine that it was too difficult to port. Plus, you can play this game in public! After all, there aren’t any fucking sex scenes. So, yeah, you can take Kissing Therapy with you on the go without worrying about some dude looking over your shoulder and judging you.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

I dig the premise of this game a lot. There’s so much that could be done with this setting and style. I only hope that the sequel to this game has more fap material in it. I’m sure that the themes and descriptions alone might be enough for some of you edging cucks out there. But, man, I doubt it will be enough for most of you. It takes the fucking planets aligning for some of you chafed, porn-addicts to even get hard anymore. The game does have a solid aesthetic. I fucking loved the color scheme and overall design style of the game. It seems like most h-games are too afraid to make something unique. Despite all of my complaints, this game is certainly unique. I’ve never come across a game that looks quite like it, which already places it a step ahead of the competitors. But, again, style should be a supplement to a fappable experience. It seems like this game tries to rely solely on that style instead.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

Add in some goddamn sex scenes! Fuck, I’d even take some censored scenes. I guess you could consider these scenes censored if you count the entire screen being black. But, seriously, this game would be even more popular than it already is if it had just one uncensored illustration to jerk off to. I get that this dude was going for something more “artful” or whatever. You’re making porn. If you’re going to make an h-game, then step up to the fucking plate and actually make some porn.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Kissing Therapy is alright. It’s got a great style. It’s free. It’s short. Really, those are the three reasons why I’m not saying to just skip this one and move on. Some of you hardcore hypno-fetish fappers will fucking love this game. Same with you rape-fetish bastards. It’s a game that you play as a warm up to your actual fap-sesh. It’s like dipping your feet in the pool before taking the full plunge. It’s an appetizer. I still recommend checking this kinky game out since it’s so short and pretty damn unique.

BestPornGames Likes Kissing Therapy
  • Unique visual style
  • Hypno-fetish themes
  • A dark, psychological visual novel
  • It’s free to play!
  • Play on Android
BestPornGames Hates Kissing Therapy
  • Very short
  • No lewd illustrations