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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Lancaster Boarding House

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Lancaster Boarding House

User Rating: 4/5
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Lancaster Boarding School is a Lewd Visual Novel by Daniels K.

I’d do anything to surround myself with hot sluts 24/7. I’m sure most of you horny betas feel the same way. Though I think you’d all do best if you started with more basic shit like taking a shower or working out. Babes social distance from you fucks without even trying. You’ve got this field of stank that makes even the horniest nymphomaniac’s pussy clamp up like a vice. But, fuck, I’m getting off track. Believe it or not, it’s not my job to berate you cucks. I can do that on my own time. I’m actually here to give you a helping hand. No, not that kind of hand—never that kind of hand. What I mean is that I’ve got a kinky sex game for you bastards to jerk your dicks to. The game in question is called Lancaster Boarding House. You play as some jock who heads off to summer school after tanking some of his grades, or, well, maybe his parents just wanted to get rid of him for a bit. We’ll parse that all apart here in a little bit. This is yet another quality game by Daniels K. This talented 3D porn game developer has been responsible for other kinky titles like Zoe’s Temptation, My Girlfriend’s Amnesia, and Pine Falls. If you haven’t heard of those titles, then you should definitely give them a look…after you’ve finished this game of course.

Grab a Public Version of this Quality Game for just $1!

This title launched back in 2018 and wrapped up in early 2019. That’s a pretty fucking decent schedule. Most developers would string you cucks along for years. It’s no wonder this dude has nearly 800 patrons. Speaking of Patrons, it will cost you $1 a month for access to the public versions of all of his games. If you want more up to date copies, then you’ll have to pony up some more cash. You start off as some dude who’s moving to a boarding school for the summer. For some weird reason, you’re dropping your bags and shit off two weeks before school starts and then coming back later. Is that a normal thing? That didn’t make any goddamn sense to me. Why not just bring your bags with you on the move-in date. At least you get to meet this busty blonde named Chloe while you’re there. You guys skinny dip, make out, and she lets you finger her tight snatch before getting flustered and saying that you guys should take it slow.

A Visual Novel Where Your Choices Actually Matter

Whatever. It’s not really that slow since you can fuck her brains out two weeks later when she gets back to the school. But I liked that the game gave you a little taste of what is to come instead of pushing that shit back hours into the game. Largely, this title is about choices. It’s a visual-novel style game full of hot sluts. Oh, and I should mention that 99 percent of the students here are hot babes. It used to be an all-girls school. So, it’s easy as fuck to get your dick wet. You have a smorgasbord of pussy to choose from. There are goth babes, athletic sluts, nerdy bitches, popular girls, and every flavor of whore in-between. You have a whole summer before you. There will be drama, secrets, blackmail, and so much more. This game throws you deep into your classic school conflicts. You can sleep with all of these babes, but that might come back to bite you. Will you choose one girl and stay faithful, or will you pump and dump as many of these horny college girls as possible before it all comes crashing down around you?

Pick and Choose Which Babes You Want to Romance and Fuck

That choice and many more are yours. This title doesn’t really have any other gameplay elements aside from choices. It is a visual novel after all, which brings me to the writing. It’s not bad. The characters feel decently fleshed out, and most of the lines are written well. It still has that feeling where it sounds like it was written by a horny high-school, but you’d be hard-pressed to find an eroge visual novel that doesn’t. Lancaster Boarding House is one of the best looking 3D porn games that I’ve played in a while. It’s no wonder the goddamn download file is over 6GBs. I was grumbling my complaints about that shit until I saw exactly what I was getting into. These 3D models look like they could step out of the goddamn computer and start blowing you right then and there. By “you” I mean me. You betas would probably pull a reverse The Ring situation. She’d be scurrying further back into the computer to get away. But, seriously, the character models are incredibly well done.

Enjoy Dozens of Uncensored, Fully Animated Sex Scenes

The same is true for the sex scenes. Holy fuck, you betas are in for a goddamn treat. Each scene will be completely uncensored. You get to see every little detail. The lighting is fantastic. The movements are fluid. And, most importantly, you get fully animated scenes packed with hot sound effects, moans, and erotic descriptions. Fucking finally. I was getting tired of half-heartedly jerking my dick to still, silent images of sluts getting dicked. This game brings the goddamn heat. You get some damn good sex scenes, and you even get some kinky fetish content to go along with it. Expect group sex, anal, piss, facials, creampies, groping, and much more.

Download the Unofficial Android App for on-the-go Fapping

I know it’s not official, but there’s a fan-made Android version floating around out there that I just had to try. They cut the file size down under 1GB. That’s fucking insane. But, well, it runs decently enough. The graphics have obviously been dialed back a bit, but it’s still a damn good looking game. There weren’t any complex controls to port over, so the game controls pretty much the same. I definitely recommend taking a look at it if you’re wanting to take this kinky sex game with you on the go.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

So many visual novels end up being boring slogs where you have to nearly break your mouse with the ferocity of your clicking. This game doesn’t take itself too seriously. You’re in a boarding school of horny sluts. There’s no intense emotional struggles or overarching plots that you need to pay attention to. This game is about fucking bitches. That’s it. You get choices that actually fucking matter, and you can pick and choose who you want to romance. This game doesn’t force you down any single romance path. You can take it easy and really work for whatever slut you want to romance the most. I have to mention the sex scenes again. They are so fucking fappable. You poor betas will be rubbing your micro-dicks raw in no time at all. You get tons of fully animated scenes full of hot sound effects. Whoever voiced these sexy moans knows their shit. And, man, the fetish content is great. There’s a little bit of everything for you fetish-freaks out there. You get all of this for just $1! Talk about a damn good deal. Most other greedy developers would have you dishing out 20+ bucks for this quality content.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

There’s always a little bit of room for improvement. Thankfully, I don’t have any major complaints this time around. Some of the dialog lines could be cleaned up to make it sound more natural or flow better. I think the game could have put some more work into explaining the story and shit in the beginning. You’re just kind of thrown into the school without much reason given. But, hey, plenty of visual novels out there are guilty of much worse than a few lines of janky dialog. This is still one of the best 3D-style visual novels that I’ve played.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Lancaster Boarding School is a damn good 3D-style visual novel that will please most of you picky fucks out there. It looks good. The sex scenes are dope. It’s cheap. And you actually get decisions that fucking matter. What else you could want? I highly recommend each and every one of you cucks go and fap your brains out to this awesome sex game.

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  • Fully animated, uncensored sex scenes
  • A wide variety of fetish scenes
  • Many different romance paths
  • Your choices matter
  • Stunning HD 3D models
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