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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Legend Of Krystal Rebirth

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Legend Of Krystal Rebirth

User Rating: 4/5
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Here we fucking go again with this furry erotic porn shit. Seriously, it doesn’t fucking stop. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been loving these types of games recently. Although I didn’t like it at first. Why? Because who the hell would want to fuck someone that looks like your fucking dog, cat, or even a squirrel you saw outside once. It’s just fucking weird. However, as time passed by, I grew loving it for some odd fucking reason. Well, there’s a first time for everything, I guess.

Anyway, I have this new fun-fucking-tastic game that I’m about to share with you. If you’re not a fan of fucking some human-animal hybrid, give it time. Trust me, you’ll eventually fucking love this type of title. The game is called Legend of Krystal Rebirth, an adult game that is inspired by the original game of The Legend Of Krystal. The game is mostly a hybrid role-playing side-scrolling game that is mostly focused on the dialogue that is accompanied by the erotic scenes. So, without further ado, let’s get started with this motherfucking review.

Onward to Fucking Furry Bitches

The game starts with the main character in her ship waking up topless. She begins playing with herself a few minutes into the session. Yeah, at the beginning of the game, she plays for herself, isn’t that pretty great? Some actions you can see! However, don’t get too excited yet. It then goes to a certain village to know about a wrecked plane. She is assigned her assignment. Once she enters, she runs into a watchman who needs testing, so I like to assume who she is inspecting her body to make sure that she is not the devil of the monsters. Instead, as requested by the officer, she removes her clothes. She is then taken to the chief to explain what she’s doing on her planet. Instead, the boss planned to abandon her for the remaining days.

This is where it improves. To remain and live, she is needed to help and complete some work before the day ends and then receives a meal to complete the tasks assigned. She may encounter some challenges during these activities, but don’t panic because the locals provide support in return for anything. Things after each scenery tend to enhance and develop sex behaviors. Each mission that you complete unlocks new landscapes, meaning there will be more sex, and the fucking missions you do not finish will result in a consequence, which is still sex. Complete it or don’t complete it, all of it ends with sex either way. So, it’s still a fucking win-win situation.

Choosing Your Preferred Interaction

One of several shits that I loved about the fucking game is that I can choose between what kind of interactions I would like to do. In plain terms, what sexual activity you desire is completely up to you. It is a perfect option for me. I don’t want to masturbate again and again in the same fucking same, same fucking characters, and same fucking interactions. I would rather do different shits every time I play the game because it brings more energy and offers the greatest experience of my life at the same time.

The Graphics Quality

The graphics are another great thing about this goddamn game. I have tried similar games. I’m saying that the Legend Of Krystal Rebirth’s graphics quality is far better than those I had previously played, way fucking better. The images and artwork of the steaming hot bitches and nudes are really eye-catching. The graphics alone made me play this game more and more. In fact, how quickly it loads is one of the main elements of a game. I don’t remember the time when LoK Rebirth loads so fast that I lost my masturbating mood.

Furthermore, the game utilizes some sophisticated game technology to optimize the gameplay, including Unity3D. It is a platform and engine for game development. In action, the game’s graphics have been massively smoothed. To say the least, the graphics are on top of its class. It was good to recall how fun this game was when I played it. There were erotic games that made it common even before the furries of obsession became a fucking thing. So yes. I was here for the great gameplay, for the action-packed storyline, and for the interesting characters. What more could I ask for?

Download Vs. The Flash Version

Word of caution, the file size of the game is quite fucking big. This is smaller than 1 GB, so you’ll consider this annoying if you don’t have the strongest connectivity. For some sudden reason, the download ends. At least, it happened to me, but I immediately got it sorted. Moreover, the game can be used on Windows, Linux, and macOS. The device specifications are simplified. If you are worried that your gaming platform does not show the graphics, don’t fucking worry about it.

Furthermore, the interface is different from the fucking Flash variant. In the game, you play as Krys, and you’re sent to a planet where forests and advanced military systems seem to be everywhere. Your job is to locate an escaped convict as the initial one. In this version, you’re looking for a bitchy, lusty, erotic, and really horny bimbo.

What I Like About the Game

Let’s cut the bullshit and go straight to the fucking point. I would like to fucking congratulate the developers for making such a bitch-ass game. Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not being paid to say this shit. Okay, let’s start with the first one, the motherfucking gameplay. I have to say, I really fucking enjoyed the game because the gameplay is really amazing. I mean, playing through it all, it made me realize that I really want to fuck furry bitches now. Not to mention that the attention to detail is really exceptional, especially the graphics and animations of the erotic scenes. It really does make me fucking horny, I can guarantee you would feel the same way too.

Furthermore, aside from the outstanding gameplay, there’s also the option of getting down with numerous characters. Yes, motherfucker, you won’t have to stick your dick in a single ass and pussy, there are lots of furry bitches to choose from. Not to mention that the main character of the game, the one that the players portray, is also steaming hot. Moreover, did I say that the game is fucking free? Because it fucking is! It’s free to download and free to play, no microtransactions, and bullshits whatsoever. This game is just that good.

My Recommendations for Improvements

With every advantage, there’s a downside for everything. However, in the case of the Legend Of Krystal Rebirth, there may be some shits in the game that make me feel annoyed. Firstly, the game’s transitions between storylines and scenes are quite sloppy. It’s really noticeable that you can get turned off by it. Yes, it’s really that fucking bad. Not to mention that the quests are repetitive, you accept a ton of quests and realize that you’ve been doing the same shit over and over again like a fucking idiot.

Furthermore, the effort that it takes to unlock a new scene is fucking tiring. I mean, really fucking tiring. Just fucking imagine this, this is a side-scrolling type of game, and you get to walk a distance farther than open-world 3D games, it’s that fucking tiring. There’s just too… much… walking! Moreover, the game really has some short sex scenes overall, it’s like it’s barely even there. I would recommend improving all the shit that I’ve mentioned, I can guarantee that the game would be bliss after doing so.


In this title, the developers had a solid start. While the game is sponsored by Patreon but not in its entirety, it’s still good to play. You power the lead character absolutely so that you can do what you want. Also, LoK Rebirth is the greatest game you might play right now when you are one of the miserable losers who sit in your space all day long. Moreover, learning the game is really simple, even for a fucking idiot. Going in the game does not allow you to use your intellect very often to have sex with other bitches and bimbos. Though, one quality you will have is endurance because you need to go over and beyond to get and see the fucking erotic scenes you wait for. So, what the fuck are you waiting for? Download and install the game now to have a great fucking time.

BestPornGames Likes Legend Of Krystal Rebirth
  • The gameplay is amazing
  • The attention to detail is acceptable
  • Lots of characters to fuck around with
  • The main character is steaming hot
  • It's completely free to play
BestPornGames Hates Legend Of Krystal Rebirth
  • The transitions are quite sloppy
  • The quests are too repetitive
  • Takes a lot of fucking effort to unlock a scene
  • Too… much… walking
  • Short sex scenes and it's barely there