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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Lesson Of Passion

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Lesson Of Passion

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3D games are becoming a thing now due to the photoreal visuals that various game developers use to create games with an immersive 3DCG sexual experience. I can’t blame you for your love for 3D porn games because they provide the closest experience you could have with seeing and touching a woman’s sexy body. You also get to experience foreplay, blowjobs, titfucks, pussy, and anal fucking, because we all know here that you’re still a virgin who doesn’t have a shot with all that.

Going back to the topic, I have for you is a site that’s passionate about creating 3D games with a fun gameplay and interesting storyline that leads to plenty of fucking. I’m not exaggerating one bit. The site is LessonOfPassion. But, LessonOfPassion isn’t a simple site because that is an adult-brand video game company. Leonizer is the founder of the company, which began with using porn actresses and famous models until the innovation of 3D/2D model concepts in game engines.

Lesson of Passion also has a collection of websites where they host free and premium LoP games. Moreover, they also host and link free or premium games of other authors in the adult gaming industry to advertise them. As this review is about Lesson of Passion, I’ll focus mainly on the free of the LoP team, which is lessionofpassion.com. You’re in for a treat because the LoP team is passionate about their games and all the games on their website are free to play. Sit back and hold on tight to your dicks because we’re heading to the journey of passion.

Initial Impressions of Lesson of Passion

After opening the Lesson of Passion’s marquee website, I immediately got the impression that the developers behind this adult video game company are no joke. Seeing how the site’s background shows two sexy 3D hotties from one of their games, you can tell that the team worked so hard on creating high-definition 3D games. You should also note that they’re using WordPress as their content management system. Although they’re only using WordPress, the layout of their website looks amazing!

At the top-right part of the site, you’ll see a log-in and register option if you want to become part of the community to comment and suggest on each of the games. At the top-left part of the site, you’ll see a “categories” drop-down menu where you can find the different genres of 3D games they have. Apart from the different genres of the games they have, you can also find the best games they have, taking you to a landing page consisting of all the games people love.

Going back to the Lesson of Passion site’s homepage, you’ll instantly notice their logo with red glowing lines that represent their company. The background of the whole website is in dark red to symbolize passionate love or seduction. I love how they take their games seriously because other porn game hubs use basic white and pink colors, which doesn’t look pleasurable. But, the use of dark red as their background makes everything feel so sexy. From looking at the homepage, I can’t deny the fact that I felt seduced.

A Passion for 3D Sex Games

The Lesson of Passion also has an official blog where they post all their games, updates, and current projects. I instantly noticed how well they organized their website because there are various choices in their menu navigation that separates their genres of games. Further, you’ll see a tab for free games, LOP Gold, sex and glory, real love 3D, and steam games. On the other hand, they also provide walkthroughs for their games to help you idiots get all the good shit in the games without any hassle.

On the homepage of their blog site, you’ll immediately notice the hot topics, recently released games, and the rest of their posts as you scroll down the page. I also like how there’s a thumbnail and a short animation in the hot topics section because whenever you hover your mouse over it, the topic slides out, and the thumbnail enlarges.

The Lesson of Passion team is hands-on with all their work and always considers the comments and suggestions of their subscribers. If you take a look at one of their posts, you could see that the community also takes everything seriously with all their perspectives and opinions about the changes and updates. The comments you’ll see aren’t the type of feedback you see in typical social media posts. You’ll see more lines and paragraphs about what the LoP team should do in their future projects.

What to Expect from their Games

To begin with, the free games you’ll find in lessonofpassion.com are mostly a mixture of adventure and arcade, virtual dates, or relationship simulators. Moreover, the types of fetish you’ll find in their free games can either have cheating wives, corruption, lesbians, sex for money, young and innocent, and irresistible MILFs. Also, all their games run on the Unity engine to allow people to run the games on their browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, or Android devices!

Lesson of Passion has plenty of free games on their site with eight games per page and having a total of nine pages. I’m not doing the math for you, but having nine pages of free games neatly organized on their site is remarkable. Keep in mind that they have plenty of free games on their website. With that in mind, I will only tackle a few of their best games to show you all the fap-worthy content you’ve been missing.

LessonofPassion.com: Hot Wife Story Remastered

Play as Richard, a rich, successful man who loves his work. Richard has a wife called Michelle, who doesn’t understand him. Richard and Michelle are roleplaying in this game, and Michelle pretends to be an escort. You have to choose various interactions to raise Michelle’s satisfaction and eventually reach an ending. The twist of this game is that particular interactions lead to a different ending. The nine endings in Hot Wife Story also have different sex scenes depending on the interactions you choose that’ll lead to a particular ending.

LessonofPassion.com: Night with Angelica

Play as Chris, a professional photographer who’s been to every country to take stunning photos of their landscape. What’s even better is that he’s also taken pictures of plenty of women in every backdrop, both clothed and nude. One night, after his work, he went to a bar to have a drink with a group of married women, and after having a few drinks with them, he met the perfect girl, Angelica. Choose through various interactions as you build Angelica’s satisfaction and play the game repeatedly until you get five different endings.

LessonofPassion.com: Amazing Day with Eleanor

The game is a demo of their premium game called Eleanor 3. Play as Eleanor and spend time to build her morale and increase her fidelity. You’ll be spending your day with your best friend, Jenna, who invites you to a party with her husband, who’s reputable in the business world and his business partners. You have to do what you can to please them and earn stars to make Eleanor the sexiest slut in 3D porn games.

What I Like About the Site

The Lesson of Passion has one of the best fap-worthy 3D games ever to exist. Apart from the ton amount of free 3D porn games that they have, the website’s design and the interface are pleasing to the eyes, making you feel sexually welcome. Navigating through the site is also easy because they categorized the games nicely from their best games to the various genres of the games they have. The games that they have are all visual novels with plenty of sex scenes and different endings that spice up the gaming experience.

What I Don’t Like About the Site

One thing that ticked me off was that all the games have to use the browser’s temporary internet files, which means if you clear your browsing data, every game file will disappear. Another problem I faced was that even though all the sex scenes are fap-worthy content, the sex animations didn’t feel realistic. It felt like I was looking at looping pictures with the shittiest transitions because the movements didn’t look smooth at all.

My Recommendations for Improvement

Lesson of Passion should provide download links for the games so that people could download them and get the most out of their content. Keep in mind that even though the games are running on the Unity engine, the browser has to optimize everything, which loses the quality and smoothness of the graphics. Moreover, if people can download their games, they won’t have to worry about losing all their data. With that in mind, browsers also tend to slow down with all the games’ downloaded files.


Overall, Lesson of Passion is a great place to find 3D visual novel games with sexy characters and various ending scenes. Even though the games don’t take you more than an hour to play. But, since the developers provided different sexy ending scenes that require a particular set of instructions and level of satisfaction, it makes everything challenging. Take note that you’re here for the sex scenes, if you want to play sex games that allow you to cum your balls dry, Lesson of Passion will never fail you.

BestPornGames Likes Lesson Of Passion
  • Easy to navigate through the site
  • Plenty of quality porn games to choose from
  • Has a blog with an active community
  • A ton of free games that don't require downloading
  • Has a tab to view all their best games
BestPornGames Hates Lesson Of Passion
  • Some of the games are demos of the premium games
  • Needs smoother sex animations
  • The games files rely on the browser's temporary internet files