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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Lewd City Girls

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Lewd City Girls

User Rating: 4/5
L hotpink.itch.io
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Lewd City Girls is a Classic Arcade-Style Beat ‘Em Up by Hot Pink

There’s nothing quite like a classic arcade-style beat ‘em’ up. I was the king of those fucking games back in the day. Get me in an arcade and I would wreck your shit on Tekken, Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat. I’d have nerds bowing at me as I walked down the hallowed halls of game cabinets. The best of the best would fall before my flurry of punches and kick without me even breaking a sweat. So, I have a fondness for these games. I still pick up some of the new fighting games every year, but there’s something about classic brawlers that gets me fucking revved up like nothing else. I went out looking for a lewd beat ’em up and came across Lewd City Girls. This lewd fighter game was made by Hot Pink back in mid-2019 and has since been completed. That’s right, your eyes aren’t tricking you. I have a game that the developer actually decides to fucking finish. It’s a goddamn miracle. The stars must have aligned to make this happen. But, really, Hot Pink is a damn good developer that has been working on some longer-form projects that you can keep up with over at Patreon.com/HotPinkGames.

Download this Full Parody Game for the Low Price of Free!

But the Patreon page isn’t where you’ll want to go for this game. Though do consider contributing some dosh to this talented developer. They’re just starting out and could use all of the financial support that you horny fappers could give. Hotpink.itch.io will have a direct link to the game download. It’s a name your own price type deal, so you can download this short title for free! You play as this strawberry-haired school girl named Ryoko. And, uh, that’s it. You don’t have a story or plot to follow in this game. You’re tossed into a school and you have to fight your way out. Why are you fighting? Why does every dude look the same? Where are all of the teachers? Just ignore all of those questions bouncing around in your empty skull. The answer to all of those questions is that it doesn’t fucking matter. You’re here to kick ass and suck dicks. That’s all you need to know.

A Straightforward Game Full of Style

Combat is simple: hit spacebar to punch. There aren’t any complex combos or special moves. You simply punch your way through as many blonde-haired schoolboys as you possibly can. I was expecting to have to take some damage to get to the fuck scenes. That’s how it usually is for rape fetish fighter games. This one turns the tables. You beat these boys down and can then fuck them while they are down. But I’ll go into detail on these scenes later. Let’s talk about the rest of the shit going on in this game first. You’ll notice that every time you hit one of these fucks your “SP” meter goes up. The higher this gets, the fewer clothes your petite fighter slut will be wearing. This also makes her much more powerful. You’ll be knocking down dudes left and right. Oh, and you unlock different fuck scenes depending on how high that bar is. You see, Ryoko gets wetter and hornier the more pussy-bois she beats up. That’s my kind of babe!

Don’t Expect More than 10-15 Minutes Worth of Gameplay

Enemies drop used condoms when you knock them out. Pick those up and bring them to a lingerie vending machine to unlock a couple of additional outfits. You’ll have 4-5 rooms full of baddies that you need to beat down before the game ends. That shit caught me off guard. This is a very, very short game that is just there to showcase some fun parody porn. Don’t expect to have more than 10 minutes worth of gameplay unless you go for the one expensive outfit that costs 500 condoms. But even that is unlockable pretty quickly if you play through a couple of times. Also, the game is very easy. Even you cucks playing with one hand should have no issue mowing through these nerds.

Fluid Animations & Vibrant Pixel Art Brings this Game to Life

But being easy isn’t a bad thing. The game is all about letting Ryoko fuck these dudes, so you want it to be decently easy to knock these dues down. I just wish that there were some further levels or difficulty options to make the game worth replaying. Or even a boss fight! It’s such a lackluster end. It feels like there should be more. While the combat is simple, it was still pretty damn fluid. The gameplay felt great; granted it’s not like they set a very high bar for themselves since all you can do is punch. The visuals were solid. You get a vibrant, colorful pixel-art style with fluid animations all throughout. The backgrounds are detailed and house loads of little secrets. In short, the school felt alive. Tentacles burst from lockers, posters are stapled to the walls, and desks are full of little trinkets to look at.

Jerk Your Dicks to Uncensored, Fully-Animated Sex Scenes

The music fucking bops. It’s just the one track, but at least you’re not stuck with it for too long. It’s a groovy electronic track that really adds to the fast-paced fighting action of the game. It makes beating up these chumps all that much more satisfying. Every hit will sound like it lands as well. You’re not stuck with silence. Expect loads of the thuds, thwacks, and slaps as you teach these horny betas a lesson about who not to fuck with. The sex scenes are pretty fucking fappable. Is it censored if the game is made with pixels to begin with? I’ll say no, though you won’t be getting any pussy glimpses in this game. It’s too stylized for that. What you do get is a solid handful of fully-animated sex scenes full of hot audio. Ryoko moans, cries out, and gasps as she sucks dick and gets fucked. It’s some good shit. These aren’t the most HD scenes out there, but they’ll get the job done for most of you horny gamers.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

You certainly can’t say that Lewd City Girls lacks style. It’s bursting with color, vibrant backgrounds, and fluid animations. It looks good. It feels good. It’s a bite-sized game that reminds me of some of the better Flash games from the 2010s. Just like a delicious bite-sized morsel, this game will leave you wanting for more. That’s a good thing! It goes to show that they have a solid proof of concept with this game. I hope that they take this foundation and either consider expanding on it or consider making a whole new game built around the same style. I also liked that you get a bit of a reverse rape scenario here. You’re not playing as a hot babe who gets dicked down by hung monsters and evil dudes. You’re playing as a busty babe who milks horny dudes for their cum how and when she wants. I like that powerful female lean, and, again, I’d love to see that mechanic expanded on more in the future.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

I just wish there was more of this game. That’s my biggest complaint. There aren’t enough enemies. There aren’t enough combat mechanics. There aren’t enough areas to explore. There aren’t enough outfits to unlock. I could keep going, but I’m sure you get the point. It’s a very good game, but it’s so damn short. It feels like it stops right as it is getting good. Like I mentioned above, I hope the developer considers expanding more on the work that they’ve done here. At least it’s free!

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Lewd City Girls is a short but fun arcade beat ‘em up that fans of the genre will enjoy. It’s not hard. It’s not very long. But, hey, it’s fucking free! I highly recommend giving it a single run through to see what it’s all about. You won’t have your mind blown or anything, but it’ll only take you 10ish minutes to have a handful of hot scenes to jerk your dick too. I certainly can’t say the same about other boring titles. Hop into this fast-paced game and fap to the quality animated scenes waiting for you within!

BestPornGames Likes Lewd City Girls
  • Fast-paced arcade-style beat ‘em game
  • Vibrant pixel art and fluid animations
  • Fully animated sex scenes
  • It’s free!
BestPornGames Hates Lewd City Girls
  • Very short game