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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Lewd Maze

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Lewd Maze

User Rating: 4/5
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What could be better than plundering your way through a dungeon, killing monsters, leveling up and collecting a ton of loot along the way? Well, what if your characters were hot warrior babes, their opponents were sexy monsters and futanari succubi, and the battles constantly devolved into perverted group fuck-fests? That’s pretty much the question posed by Lewd Maze.

Lewd Maze is an isometric dungeon crawler with turn-based battles and a ton of obscene hentai content. It’s fan-supported, with over 500 Patreon patrons offering monthly pledges to keep the development going. Like other Patreon games, the creator offers a full working version for free. The game is built on Java, which means the 300 mb download will run on Windows, Mac and Linux machines.

A Hack and Slash and Fuck RPG

I’ve been a fan of those hack-and-slash RPGs for almost as long as I’ve been into masturbating to beautiful women and monsters with huge, exposed tits. That’s why I recently attended a few of the weekly D&D sessions over at the local comic book shop. I figured with all those fedoras crowding the joint, I’d be in good company among people who want to fuck anime characters.

It didn’t go down like I thought, though. First of all, all the buxom warrior princesses and orc barbarian whores were actually played by fat men with hairy neckbeards. Secondly, I got a lot of blowback when I tried to stick my cock in a kobold witch’s face. I rolled a fucking natural 20, but the DM was too much of a prude to let it fly.

If I would have known about Lewd Maze, I could have avoided the whole embarrassing thing and maybe I wouldn’t have been arrested for public indecency again. Hindsight’s 20/20, though, ain’t it? Whatever, though, because I knew I’d found a suitable replacement from the moment I created my initial party.

Your party can grow to 4 characters, but you only get 2 to start with. Hey, that’s one better than most of the Final Fantasies start you out with, and these girls are fucking hot, too. There are two races, elf and cat, and both look juicy as hell. The game has a mix of pixel hentai and high-end hand drawn stuff, but nearly all the art is fap-worthy. The elf girl in particular did it for me; this cartoon broad is thicc!

Like any RPG worth its salt, you’ll choose from a range of classes as well. Arm your sluts with sword, sai, bows or magic staffs. I wanted a good, round party since this was my first time, so I created an elf warrior and a cat shaman.

RPG Fans Already Know How to Play

If you’re familiar with the basics of dungeon-crawlers and turn-based RPGs, the learning curve for Lewd Maze ain’t too steep. Most of you will be able to jump right in without Googling any secrets or tutorials. That said, the game doesn’t really hold your hand through the beginning like a lot of sex games. The game is still under development, though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually roll in a tutorial mode.

The moment you’re done creating your characters, the game drops you off on a lovely, hand-drawn world map without a word of storyline. It’s easy to guess the building with the tubes is the place to get your potions, and the place with the red cross will help you get healed up, but the rest is kind of a goddamn mystery. It looks like any fantasy city, so I figured I had to go talk to someone to get my first mission.

That turned out to be wrong. I clicked the biggest building in the middle, thinking I’d go talk to a king down on his luck or a princess who hasn’t been laid in a while. Instead, I was dropped into my very first Lewd Maze. A stairway spiraled up beside me, so I knew I had a quick way out. I came here to fight and fuck, though, so I started exploring.

You’ll be exploring dungeons in a third-person isometric view. The sprites in this view are probably the least sexy of the game, but they do lead to some fun things, as we’ll soon see. Click anywhere on the grid to walk to that location. Movement is turn-based, though you won’t even notice until you run into some baddies.

And run into baddies you will, and soon! I hadn’t made it out of my first room before what looked like a ghostly schoolgirl floated up to me, engaging my first fight of the game.

Getting Fucked in the Middle of a Battle

The turn-based fights of Lewd Maze will also be familiar to anybody familiar with the genre. That ghost I ran into turned out to be a trio of monsters including a futanari with huge titties and a slime woman. I had the upper hand and launched a couple quick attacks, melting slimey before she had a chance to hurt me.

There are a lot of explicit sex animations during the fights. I was a bit surprised the first time I launched an attack and saw my girl fucking the futa. There’s also a “hentai test” listed under the skills which activates a whole quick series of hentai loops, from blowjobs to gangbangs.

The sprites in fight mode are a little more detailed than when you’re wandering around the dungeon. I love the subtle animations of the monster titties jiggling while they wait for their turn. Adult RPGs often have a really weak link here, with no detail or sex animations once we get to the battles. Lewd Maze gives a big, well-warranted middle finger to that tired formula.

I won my first few battles, aided by the apples and health potions I’d found along the way. If you have a shaman, make sure to use those healing and poison skills; they last multiple rounds and help keep your heroes healthy and fighting. I opened a treasure chest that turned around and fucked my cat lady, and then lost my next battle. I just didn’t have enough health or potions left.

It’s not all bad when you lose, though. In fact, you’ll see some of the very best, most easily fappable artwork in the game when you lose. Succumbing to a trio of goblins, my cat lady got group-fucked before she got booted from the dungeon. I’m not sure it’s a #MeToo moment, though. Despite the look of surprise on her face, that looks like an eager hand on the lead goblin’s cum-dripping cock.

How Many Titties Does a Cow Broad Have?

Once I suffered my first erotic defeat, I started exploring the town a little bit. It’s a good thing I found a bunch of coins during my crawl, because the first place I stopped was an inn run by a four-breasted cow woman.

When you’re chatting up the locals, you’re treated to that detailed, hand-drawn hentai that really adds a lot to the game. I wish the whole thing looked like this, to tell you the truth, even though the pixel sprites are sexy and worth shaking your dick at. A younger bovine female soon appeared to give us the food and drink we’d purchased. I don’t really consider myself a furry, but I did milk myself as I stared at those cow-girls.

Lewd Maze is such a well-done indie game that it’s hard to find something to complain about. My biggest beef is probably that the storyline is so loose, at least from the beginning. The game opens without a major event to spur on the action, and without even a word of introduction. A couple quick intro screens would go really far in engaging players and connecting them to the characters. As it stands, there’s nothing to really hook you until you start fighting and seeing all that nudity and dirty monster sex.

I’d recommend Lewd Maze to anybody looking for a classic dungeon crawler loaded up with perversion at every step. You’ll explore, kill, and loot like you do in any other RPG, but the whole thing is infused with the kind of weird, semi-human sex hentai is famous for. Grab your katana, put on your fedora, and tell mom you’re not coming out of the basement until this dungeon is clear.

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  • free adult dungeon-crawl rpg
  • works on win, mac, linux
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  • high-quality, fappable artwork
  • tons of sex animations
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  • loose storyline