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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Hey there pervert. How‘s it going? Are you fucking bored right now? Well if you are, then I have here a little present that will make you horny 24/7. Are you excited to know what it is? Before I tell you my little secret. I just want to let you know that all the things you’ll read in this review are not safe for young audiences so if you’re not in the right age yet, I suggest that you lock your door before you continue reading this one. Are you ready? Okay, here it goes.

LifeSelector is a website that contains thousands of sex games that will satisfy all the weirdest fetishes you have. You get to fuck different women without doing nothing at all. All you need to do is to sit your ass down and choose from the games that they have and start messing with it. You can always fiddle with your tiny cock while trying out the games this site has, you just have to make sure that you won’t spray those dirty cum of yours on your gaming device.

I have been searching the internet for the perfect website that has all the things perverts like me are looking for. I’m so glad that I found out about this one because I can now experience what it feels like sleeping with random bitches. I’m a hundred percent sure that you will also have fun with this site because it has everything cocksuckers like you are dreaming of. Sit tight, relax, and finish reading the whole article to know more about this magnificent website.

Websites Layout

The site’s design is perfect because it uses a dark theme. The quality of the design of the site is impressive compared to other websites I’ve visited before. I usually get bored just by looking at the layout of certain websites, but I never felt that way with this one. You will see how organized everything is just by looking at the main page. You would know right away that you made the right decision visiting this site once you get to see it.

What I Like About The Site

There are a dozen reasons why people would prefer this site over other popular websites. The first reason I can think of is the quality of the videos this site has. You can play POV games that are in 1080p. Imagine seeing naked ladies in that kind of quality. You’ll feel like the busty bitches are really in front of you because all the games are in POV. You better lock your doors if you’re planning on trying out the games that are on this site.

LifeSelector is so far the best gaming site I have reviewed in my many years as a writer. This shit right here is so addicting that I tend to forget doing my job because I get distracted with the games this site has. The site has a vast collection of models which is very good because some websites only have limited models in it, making them a bit boring sometimes. Want to know something crazy? The models that I’m talking about are all famous porn stars.

This website has tons of various scenarios depending on your preference. You can play porn games here where your nasty daughter wants to mess with your cock. You can also try one of their porn games where your horny mother seduces you into having sex because your father is away for a business trip. Scenarios like the ones I’ve mentioned are usually seen only on porn videos. I’m so thankful for the site devs because they made games out of porn videos.

The porn games that are in here are mostly free. You will not be asked to spend any money if you only settle on the free ones this site offers. The free games are good enough to make you cum multiple times. You can always replay the clips of the free games you’ve played. You can also try another game to fulfil all your weirdest desires. I have never seen any site that offers free games that have famous porn stars in it except for this one.

If you’re looking for a specific type of porn game, the only thing you need to do is locate the left-hand sidebar and check the tags that are being displayed on that section. You can choose porn games that are all about Anal Sex, Threesome, Milf, and many more. There is also a section where you get a chance to view live Cam shows. You can register an account if you want to have the premium experience from this site.

What I Don’t Like About This Site

To tell you frankly, I cannot think of a single thing that I don’t like about this site, but for the sake of this review, I will state some minor issues that I think needs to be fixed anyway. The site has no lifetime membership meaning you will have to subscribe again once your membership expires. It may be a tiring thing to do, but that’s the way it is with this motherfucking site.

I don’t see why this is an issue, but some people don’t like the fact that the videos or clips that are in this game are not downloadable. You can always replay those clips, but if you’re planning on downloading those ones, then I’m sorry because it’s not possible at all. You can maybe do some screen recording using your device, but I suggest that you search for porn videos instead of wasting your time recording those clips.

There are some games where you don’t get to see the best part of the game because they will ask you to pay credits if you wish to continue with the game. If you’re really devoted to the game, then you can buy credits which will be taken out from your personal money. Since I was a broked pervert at that time, I settled with the free games they have. I didn’t get the chance to see the rest of the game because I have no credit.

When I tried to click on the section where the Cam Shows are located, it redirected me to another website saying that it is not available on the current location I have. I don’t know if this is some site maintenance, but it sucks because I didn’t get to experience what it’s like to watch Cams Shows. This kind of issue should be fixed right away because a lot of perverted fuckers like me want to see naked girls in Cam Shows.

My Recommendations for Improving This Site

The people behind LifeSelector should fix some of the issues I’ve listed to avoid having problems in the future. They should start by checking the Cam section because some people are not able to access the site due to the same issue I’ve experienced. They should make sure that this portion of the site is accessible all the time so that sex-crazed guys like me will get the chance to see beautiful busty bitches in those shows.

They should also do something about the membership they have. Not all people have the patience to do the same process every time their membership expires. If the people behind this game can’t make the membership last for a lifetime, then they should at least extend for a couple of years so that the undying patrons of this website would enjoy more for the years to come.

I would also like to suggest making some of the porn games free so that we can finish the whole game. The problem broked fuckers like me usually experience is that every time we get to the good part, the site will ask us to pay a certain amount of credit if we still want to see what will happen next to the porn game we’re playing. The people behind this site can put a tag on top of a specific game, letting us know that those games are credit free games.

I know that downloading the videos/clips from this site is impossible, but a lot of people want to save a copy of them, especially those people who are only using their mobile devices. The web devs should find a way to make the videos downloadable because some of us prefer seeing the same porn star over and over again. Well, have our own favorite porn stars, right? I hope that this feature will soon be available on this website.


Overall, I can say that this site should become the top game site on the internet. There are no other websites out there that have the same concept as this one. You don’t get to see porn games that have real porn stars in it anywhere. The people behind this game should really take good care of this site so that it won’t be taken down from the internet. This is the best place to release all the stress you’re feeling inside your body.

The games that are on this site don’t require fast internet, but it would be better if your connection is always stable so that you won’t experience any issues when you’re playing a specific game. Some games tend to be loud, so I recommend wearing headphones all the time because there are instances that some models will just moan out of nowhere because of the scenarios they are in. Please do enjoy the site and thank you for reading this one.

BestPornGames Likes LifeSelector
  • Tons of Scenarios
  • Graphics Quality
  • Porn Stars
  • Cam Sites
  • Website Layout
BestPornGames Hates LifeSelector
  • Membership
  • Some Games Requires Credits
  • Videos not Downloadable
  • Cam Show not Available
  • Short Clip Duration