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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Lilith's Throne

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Lilith's Throne

User Rating: 4/5
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If you’re a fan of Degrees of Lewdity, then you’ll probably like Lilith’s Throne. This is one of those amazing text-based porn games that are actually worth playing, because the developer really cared. This game is entirely free to play and gets regular updates that just keep bringing the content. Not counting the intro, this game is also entirely open-world with a ton of main and side quests and a fuck-ton of RPG elements. It’s the Witcher 3 of porn games, but in text. I know that’s a hell of a trade down from the 3D porn games you might be getting used to, but you can’t put a price on a good boner and Lilith’s Throne really brings the heat. This game will have you hard throughout, provided you have the patience required to actually read what’s going on. Everything’s delivered in text, but all the shit that goes on is fap-worthy. The world is fun and unique, the sex scenes are extremely detailed and there are so many RPG elements that no two playthroughs are alike. Seriously, this game goes really deep with the custom encounters. It’s kind of like you make your own fantasy as you go along. I was absolutely blown away by the sheer amount of random encounters that can occur to you and I loved how they all eventually lead to all kinds of sucks and fucks.

Starting on Earth

When you first fire up Lilith’s Throne, you get to customize your character. I’ll tell you all about the details later. Once that process is all well and done, you jump into the game, get dressed up and go to a museum. There, you meet a gorgeous babe who is a friend of a friend. For some weird reason, both of you can’t stop feeling horny. You feel like some sort of magical force might be making you wet against your will. Either way, the two of you sneak off into a dark room in order to get wetter and wilder. The game lets you play this scene out damn near any way you want. You can even walk away from the free pussy if you want, but I have no idea if that button works because I’m not braindead. I don’t think anyone’s ever pressed the “Nah, thanks, I don’t want pussy” button. After that’s all well and done, you walk back out and get jumped by some sort of magical creature. Whatever this thing is, it isn’t human. I’m willing to bet it’s either a spider or a really blue-balled dude, since the room becomes filled with a thick white and sticky substance that webs you in. So, it’s either spiderwebs or some sort of advanced cum matrix. Who the fuck knows. The creature invites you to step closer and regardless of whether or not you agree, you get knocked the fuck out. When you wake up, you’re surrounded by all kinds of anthropomorphic animals. It was at this point that I realized that this was in fact, a furry game, for the most part. As it turns out, you’ve been whisked away to another dimension, where all flavors of pussy have come together to live in harmony.

A Magical Modern World

This ain’t your run of the mill medieval furry world. There’s all kinds of modern shit. Their cities remind me of the kind of architecture we’ve got here on Earth. But, there are cat chicks, hooved chicks, tentacles and all kinds of other magical beings that are either looking to get fucked by you or bend you over and fuck you. Everyone’s constantly horny in this world. That being said, it’s still a pretty dang functional world. People get shit done in this place. They have a police force and all kinds of governmental regimes to keep people from doing too much kinky shit. Rape is also illegal, but it’s more common than oxygen particles. You literally get jumped every few seconds or so. You’re free to fight your opponents off, but you’ll have better luck just having sex with them. I mean, if you fail the combat, they dick you anyways and you have to play through the sex scene, so why the hell not? Might as well just fast forward to the good parts.

RPG Combat System

Lilith’s Throne keeps track of all kinds of RPG elements that determine the kind of shit that your character can do in combat as well as during the sex scenes. So, when a fight breaks out you have these turn based encounters in which you can choose to use weapons, magic and even your pussy to beat the enemy any way you see fit. You can even flirt them away, if you’re alluring enough. Most of the time, though, I managed to just get my ass beat in one hit. I guess that’s because my character was just starting out, but it really motivated me to focus on the sex scenes instead of the combat. I guess you have to grind experience points and get your hands on powerful magical abilities in order to stand a chance in proper combat. I shudder to think what unique boss battles might be like if the average trash mob around the street managed to one-shot me every single time. Maybe I was doing something wrong, who knows. It’s not like I read the manual.

The Sex Combat

The sex scenes are either consensual when you strike up a conversation with someone you like, or they’re straight up the result of a fight gone wrong. On top of that, you can rape characters who are unable to defend themselves. Either way, you end up having sex a lot in this game and there’s a very thorough system that lets you do whatever you want, provided the other person plays along. You can also figure out ways to dominate them so you don’t even have to ask permission. There are several menus with sub-options on the bottom of the screen. They let you target yourself, the other person and there are also a few menus for miscellaneous options as well as begging and conversation. The first two are the most important though. Say you start up a raunchy sex scene with a hot-ass cat girl. You can put one of your hands on your cock and start stroking and put a finger in her ass with your other. Then, you can ask her to get into whatever sexual position you can think of – there are lots. On top of that, you can put any genitals or fingers in just about any place or hole. This part of Lilith’s Throne is also turn based and you get a huge textual dump down the middle of the screen describing everything that’s happening in extreme detail. I mean, they even bother to tell you the exact measurement of cum that you shoot up girls’ asses, down to the actual milliliters. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a porn game get this specific in describing the sex scenes. Plus, everything is color-coded, so if you just want to read the dialogues, it’s not hard. They’ll share one color. Your words will share another. The descriptions will be in a plain grey and so on. Everything gets its own color so it’s super easy to only read the bits you care about as you pass to the next turn.

Tons of Shit to Do

The general premise of the game is that you’ve been taken against your will to this fantastical alternate dimension. While there are a lot of friendly characters here for you to make nice with, your ultimate goal is to get back home. That means you also have to figure out how you got here in the first place. Who is behind your kidnapping and why have they brought you here? Also, do you have what it takes to get through all of the raunchy sex that lies between you and getting some answers? Only time will tell. This game is entirely free to play and it’s largely made by one dude. The game is also open source, so if you want to make changes to it and compile your own version, you can. It looks like a browser game, for the most part. Everything’s textual with some textured buttons here and there and the game runs really smoothly. But, it is very much not a browser game. It uses Java. That means you’re best off playing this game on a PC with an executable. It’s not nearly as cool as being able to run it in-browser, but I had zero issues enjoying this bad boy on my computer. There are also some community made art assets for the character encyclopedia in case you wanna have a gander at what all these babes actually look like. I wish they could have worked those into the sex scenes somehow. Either way, Lilith’s Throne has a huge fan following and it’s constantly getting free updates, so it’s definitely a title you want to try out for yourself.

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