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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Love & Sex: Second Base

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Love & Sex: Second Base

User Rating: 3/5
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Craving for an entertaining dating simulator where you live your geeky lives with women? I know it’s hard enough to live in your mother’s basement while cuddling your life-sized sex doll to have a good night’s sleep. Still, I understand your situation because geeks like you can’t experience the taste of wet pussies, hard nipples, and tight asses. Fortunately, the game I’m about to show you is a game where you can stay as a geeky guy or girl, but you’re going to have two smoking hot roommates.

The game’s title is Love & Sex: Second Base, and it’s a free-roaming dating sim consisting of adventure, harem, MILF, pregnancy system, and all the sex you desire in a porn game. The game’s twist is that your decisions will lead to your disposition with the other horny sluts that you’ll eventually meet in your daily life. Unfortunately, the complete version of the game isn’t for free and will cost you about $10 on Steam. But, I know you have your ways, which means you can easily find the full cracked version of the game somewhere around the internet’s darkest corners.

You don’t have to worry about Love & Sex: Second Base being a point and click gameplay because it feels like a complete package. By complete package, you’ll find the fundamental elements of a porn game that you always desire, such as voice acting, animations, and various romance paths. If you so ever wish to play a game with plenty of fap-worthy content, you might find the game worthy of your time, ultimately helping cum your balls dry. So, without further ado, let’s get on with the review and start learning how to date women.

Living the Fucking Life Despite Being a Geek

Love & Sex: Second Base is a unique dating simulator with plenty of features and endless possibilities due to the number of female sluts you can love. Like all the romance shit you have to do in real life, you have to work your way into a woman’s life by getting their attention and proving your worth to them. Further, you have to choose the best answer to keep the conversation going, given that the reason why you’re playing the game is to simulate dating.

You also don’t have to worry about playing the game one-sidedly because you can choose to play as a geeky guy or girl. It’s rare to play a porn game that allows you to select the gender of your character since most of the dating simulators I’ve seen so far focus only on guys. For the perverted bitches out there, you can now experience what it feels like to play a dating sim game. Although I don’t have any idea as to how it’ll turn out when it comes to dating since the game is a harem.

Another thing to note is that you can play the free version of the game, but you only have a limited choice of women to date. You shouldn’t underestimate the free version of Love & Sex: Second Base because the women you get in this version could be better than the full version. Of course, like any game with lots of horny sluts, choosing a woman to focus on will depend on your taste and interests. Besides, when you start playing the game, there’s a possibility that you’ll doubt your preferences due to the fantastic character design of the game.

The Gameplay

The game starts with the game developers informing you that the female protagonist lacks content, advising you to start with the male protagonist. I immediately knew that the game began with a male protagonist since more perverted guys out there than horny bitches. Since you’ll have no choice but to choose the male protagonist to enjoy the complete content, you’ll now have to choose a name for your character. Ensure that you choose a name you’ll be happy with because seeing the horny sluts call out your name feels exceptionally satisfying.

After choosing a character and name shit, you’ll finally experience the world of Love & Sex: Second Base. Moreover, the dialogue starts with your character dozing off in his office, and then, boom, your busty boss shows up in front of you, telling you to go home. The game’s unique artwork immediately gives off a vibe that you’re probably going to get a hard-on throughout the gameplay. Anyway, the dialogue at the start of the game is full of afterthoughts where your character is talking to himself about his kind, caring boss.

Once your boss leaves and you’re fixing your stuff so you can go home, your coworker, Audrey, jumps out in front of you with her boobs about to pop out. Right at the start of the game, you already have two busty women who can get your geeky dick deep into their juicy pussy. Since your character is a geek and has no experience with women whatsoever, he hurriedly packed his stuff to get away from the excessively flirty Audrey.

Your character seems to be having a rough day because he got a call earlier from his roommate, Samantha, leaving the apartment. I don’t understand their relationship, but it feels like your character has a massive crush on Samantha. Sadly, your buddy, Ryan, is a huge fucktard and swept Samantha away from your grasp. Although, if I were in the male protagonist’s shoes, I’d be happy to see that bitch Samantha leave because she doesn’t know what she’s missing. Still, your character is going to have a difficult time paying for the rent alone.

Dick Ryan and bitch Samantha did say that they posted an ad to find you a roommate. I find the new roommate shit exciting because since the Love & Sex: Second Base is a harem, you’ll instantly know that you’re going to have a fucking hot ass new roommate. Moments later, boom. A fucking hottie named Bree shows up at the doorstep, introducing herself as the potential roommate. Bree seems excited to move in, but being the geeky loser you are, you stopped her in her tracks since you don’t fully know her yet.

Suddenly, someone rang the doorbell, and as soon as you opened it, it was another applicant for the new roommate ad. Holy shit, two busty chicks wanting to live under the same roof as you? What a fucking catch. Samantha and Ryan leaving your life is a blessing since We don’t need bitches like Samantha and dicks like Ryan. I won’t be spoiling any more of the spicy gameplay for you. Now that you have an idea of what’s happening at the start, that should be enough to get you wanting more.

Plenty of Features

One of the unique features that make Love & Sex: Second Base entertaining is the pregnancy system. Holy shit, you get to feel what it’s like to get a hot chick pregnant for once in your life. I find the pregnancy system unique because it shows how flexible the gameplay is, knowing that a particular chick’s appearance will change. Another feature that you might find interesting is the smartphone. The smartphone feature allows you to send sexy or dirty texts to the girls, call them to find out their location, or chat about random shit to build the relationship.

What I Like About the Game

You can see the game developer’s efforts in Love & Sex: Second Base due to the fantastic artwork, entertaining gameplay, and unique features. Apart from all the fundamental elements we seek in a porn game, the game also has complete voice acting, sound effects, and background music. With all the shit I found while playing the game, I don’t have anything to comment on about improving the gameplay. One thing’s for sure, if they create a newer version of the game, I hope they keep the current features.

My Recommendations for Improvement

The game is complete, and it’d be wrong if the game developers fix a few more things to improve the gameplay. But, one thing I noticed that needed a little enhancing were the movements and animations. The reason is that there were some aspects in the game where the movements and animations didn’t look smooth and appeared unnatural. Other than that, I don’t think there’s anything else to improve with Love & Sex: Second Base since the price of the game matches the high-quality gameplay.


Overall, Love & Sex: Second Base is a unique dating sim porn game with plenty of unique features that spices up the entertaining gameplay. There are plenty of sexy chicks for you to choose and fuck until you get them pregnant. For the geeks out there, you can finally experience the harem lifestyle that you never experienced before. I know that it’s only a game, but knowing how sad your lives are and how cold it is in your mom’s basement all your life, now’s the chance. I highly recommend that you give the game a shot and spend countless hours mastering the geeky ways of fucking hot women.

BestPornGames Likes Love & Sex: Second Base
  • Unique gameplay
  • High-definition graphics and artwork
  • Plenty of bitches to choose and fuck
  • You can fuck a girl until she gets pregnant
  • Sexy voice acting
BestPornGames Hates Love & Sex: Second Base
  • Few texture bugs
  • Occasional unsmooth movements and animations
  • Isn't free-to-play