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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Lust Affect

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Lust Affect

User Rating: 4/5
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Lust Affect is a Lewd Parody Visual Novel of Mass Effect by Kosmos Games

I fuck with the Mass Effect series. Those games are full of hot alien babes that you can actually fuck. I don’t get why more games don’t dish out the naughty sex scenes that we all want. Imagine if those AAA fighting games let you pin your opponent down and fuck her brains out? Wouldn’t that make those titles so much better? I’d like to think so. Though we’re not talking about fighting games this time around. We’re talking about Mass Effect. Well, kind of. I went out looking for an even lewder version of that titular series, and I may have come across the perfect parody game set in the same universe. It’s called Lust Affect. Get it? It’s a play on the title of, well, yeah I’m sure you get it. I don’t need to explain the joke to you intelligent cucks out there. This lengthy visual novel began development back in 2017, and it was completed right at the end of 2018. Hey, that’s pretty good. Most developers like to sit on their hands for a while and wait years to push out a quality game like this. Let’s hope that the quick timeline doesn’t mean it was a rushed job.

Download and Play this Completed Game for Free!

The game was made by a developer that goes by Kosmos Games. This was his flagship title, and he is currently working on a new project called Bright Past. You can read all about the development cycle by popping over to Luckily for you cheap cucks, Lust Affect is free. You don’t have to pay a single goddamn dime for the complete version of the game. You only need to pay up if you want monthly updates and premium access to his new project. This game didn’t have the premise that I expected. I thought I’d get to fuck around as Commander Shepard and fuck bitches while fighting alien bad guys in a politically torn world. And, well, that’s not terribly far off from the truth. You do play as the Commander, only you’re a horny clone of him that has somehow replaced the real one. Your job is to fuck all of the babes you meet while trying to avoid being discovered by the crew.

Manipulate Your Horny Crew Members

You’re thrown right into the action. The gameplay is a basic point-and-click style visual novel where you can go around and visit people in different sections of your starship. But it didn’t quite feel like a visual novel. It plays more like an in-depth flash game where you need to complete tasks, solve puzzles, and find the right items. The “novel” aspect certainly isn’t a strong selling point for this game. From what I could find out, it looks like the original game was machine translated from Russian to English. And, uh, it didn’t come out so great. The text snakes out from the dialog boxes. The writing sounds janky as fuck and is full of errors that really shouldn’t be there. It wouldn’t have taken that much work to get the writing up to par for an English audience. I’m sure there are loads of horny bastards who would have jumped on the opportunity to correct that shit at a low cost. Hell, I almost want to do it for free out of pity. Almost.

Simple Gameplay with Easy Puzzles and Mini-Games

Aside from the shitty writing, the game plays well. You’ll need to chat with and carry out tasks for all of the babes on the ship before you’ll get to take them to pound town. Some of these sluts will need you to go to a planet and secure an item while others will simply want you to go and buy some kinky sex toys to get the good times rolling. Each day you can tackle a few of your missions before hitting the sack. Missions take the form of puzzles and other easy mini-games. Really, these are just time fillers so that it doesn’t feel like you’re rushing through the game as much. These games aren’t the most engaging and don’t tend to offer any real challenge. You’ll also want to keep track of your moral meter. The more you trend towards being a pervy asshole the more “renegade” you will become. Sometimes having a high score is good, but if you dive too far down that path you might blow your cover and get your ass thrown out of an airlock.

Jerk off to HD 3D Uncensored, Fully-Animated Sex Scenes

Visually, you can expect an art style that does the original justice. It’s some good shit. Each location will have a detailed background that looks like it could have come right out of the original series. Even the characters are on-point. They didn’t take the standard parody route of making the characters look vaguely familiar while inflating their tits to 20x their regular size. These sluts look nearly identical to how they appear in the original series. It’s arguable that these characters look even better than the originals in some cases. But I know the only visuals you horny gamers truly care about are the sex scenes. You won’t be disappointed. These scenes are rendered in a stunning 3D animation style that is going to blow your fucking minds as well as help you blow your loads. I wasn’t expecting this level of quality from a game like this. These scenes look like something out of a high-budget 3D fuck game instead of some indie title. Each one is uncensored, fully animated, and jam-packed with quality fetish content. Now, that’s the kind of fapworthy content that I like to see!

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

If you were looking to fuck all of your favorite alien whores from Mass Effect, then you’ll love this shit. You have access to all of the familiar faces that would expect from the series. The art style stays true to the original series while still being hot as fuck to fap to. Despite the janky writing, the story is actually pretty decent. It all unravels at a decent pace, and there were some crazy twists and turns that caught me off guard. It’s an easy game to sink into a kill some time with. Killing time is made especially easy when you have sex scenes this fucking good. Holy shit. I’m not exaggerating when I say that these are some of the highest-quality 3D scenes that I have seen in a while. They’re uncensored and fluidly animated in a style that fans of the series won’t be able to get enough of. You get hot audio, dialog, and stunning visuals to jerk your dick to. And you get all of this naughty fap material for free!

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

The writing could use a second pass. Hire a coffee-addicted freelancer to run through the game and polish it up. It wouldn’t take that much time, and you’d have a much more appealing game. Especially considering that you’re hitting the “visual novel” market. Horny weebs expect these games to be up to snuff when it comes to writing. This game falls pretty short of that. Also, I would have liked more engaging mini-games. Picture rotating? Did this developer think that people would enjoy that? I grew out of these puzzles as a child. Having to complete the same menial, tedious puzzles over and over again hampers the pacing of the game and makes it feel more simplistic than it is.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Lust Affect is a solid game that fans of the Mass Effect series will have a fun time with. Even those of you horny gamers who haven’t played the original games will find some quality fap material in this title. Who cares who these bitches are? It’s not like I ask half of the sluts I bang what their names are anyway. It doesn’t fucking matter. It’s not like I’ll call them. Anyway, I highly recommend you fappers go and give the game a shot. After all, you can pick the entire thing up for free. That’s a hell of a deal considering you get loads of HD, uncensored, fully-animated parody fuck scenes to fap to.

BestPornGames Likes Lust Affect
  • A kinky parody of Mass Effect
  • You can download the completed game for free
  • Loads of uncensored, fully-animated sex scenes
  • A wild story with twists and turns
  • Romance your favorite characters from the original game
BestPornGames Hates Lust Affect
  • Writing is janky
  • Mini-games are repetitive and boring