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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Lust And Power

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Lust And Power

User Rating: 4/5
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Lust and Power is a Fetish-Heavy Ren’Py Game by Lurking Hedgehog

There’s something that all of us have in common. That’s right, even my alpha male self has something in common with you pathetic betas out there who have never even glimpsed a pussy in real-life before. We all want power. We want to be the top dog. We want every slut we meet to bend over and present her pussy like she was supplicating a Greek god. It’s this innate primal desire that wells up like a drumbeat in your chest. You want babes to submit to you one way or another, and, well, you’re probably shit out of luck in your real-life conquest. So, I’ve got a great porn game that lets you embrace those desires. It’s called Lust and Power. It’s been in the works since mid-2017 and is currently on version 0.32. So, yeah, it still has quite a while to go. The developer is known as Lurking Hedgehog and is responsible for quite a power 3D porn game also from 2017 called The Dark Prince. Thankfully, he went with a high-quality 2D style this time around. His last project was good, but man those 3D models were something out of a nightmare.

Download the Full Game for Just $1 a month!

This is a unique game that uses the Ren’Py visual novel engine to deliver a strange, dark story full of kinky magic and fetishism. But I’ll dive into what all of that means here in a bit. You can read all about the development cycle and updates over at Now, there’s no demo. You’ll have to dish out, brace yourselves, $1 a month for access to the game. That’s fucking nothing, and it’s definitely worth it for the wild kink-fest of a game that you get. You play as some cuck that you get to name, so go fucking wild with that. You’ve just inherited a mansion from some dead relative, and you’re on your way there to check it out and see what’s what. Oh, and you’re also a fan of talking to your “inner self.” The game doesn’t really say if you’re schizophrenic or if there’s something more at play here. Well, at least it doesn’t reveal that fact right away. You walk around the surrounding town and run into some dude wielding a fucking crossbow. Keep in mind that this game takes place in relatively modern times, so this dude is definitely out of place.

Explore a Mysterious Mansion That You’ve Just Inherited

After bumbling around for a bit talking to yourself, you end up at the mansion. But there are people here for some reason. You don’t know who they all are, but your inner voice is telling you that you need to find something in there. After poking around for a bit and spying on some of the sluts staying in the home, you find a dark altar hidden in a cavern beneath the house. Apparently, you’re part of a bloodline of mages or some shit. Long and weird story short, you need to retrieve a hidden “dark book” hidden in the library. Oh, and you’ve been sealed in the mansion with the hot babes. There’s some whore who stole the “dark blade” from your ancestor and used it to make a forcefield around the house while also summoning horny demons to rape any babes in the are. Man, shit really hits the fan quickly. You need to hone your powers and find a way to beat that bitch up and collect the dark blade for yourself. Thankfully, getting the dark book freed your inner voice and gave you powers that you can use to kill demons and turn women into eager cumsluts. Despite that premise, you can take your time and brainwash as many hot sluts as you want before pursuing the main quest.

Embrace Your New, Dark Powers and Force Sluts to Submit to Your Will

You save one of the babes living in the home, and this earns you a room where you can stay. I mean, where else are you going to fucking go? From here, the game opens up and lets you tackle it at your own pace. You’ll have stats to level up, and this ended up being one of the only Ren’Py games that I’ve played that was combat focused. You go around fighting demons using this unique turn-based system where you need to use mana points to cast dark spells and shit like that. Make sure to save often, because dying means that you’ll have to go back to your last save point. Your goal is to explore the house and romance the hot sluts stuck in there with you. You can take the nice route and be loving, or you can use your dark magic to force them into utter submission to your might. The game gives you a lot of freedom with the choices you make and how you approach getting your dick wet. The writing left a little to be desired, but I felt the story was conveyed well. Just don’t dive into this game expecting a cast of dynamic characters. Most of these sluts boil down to just one or two personality traits.

Rub Yourselves Raw to Uncensored, Fetish-Filled Illustrations

The sex scenes will vary based on your approach, but damn they will all be hot as fuck. There’s so much domination focused fetish content in this game. Expect rape, corruption, BDSM, mind control, monsters, demons, and much more. If you like seeing hot sluts get fucked and bent to your will, then this is the game for you. Each scene will be completely uncensored with multiple panels and loads of erotic descriptions. That’s what I’m fucking talking about. I hope that they add some sexy sound effects later, but these scenes are already fappable as fuck as is.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

I thoroughly enjoyed that Lust and Power took a different approach to your regular Ren’Py formula. The combat system was surprisingly fun and didn’t feel like a slog. I’m usually dubious of any combat in a visual novel game, but this shit was fun. It was challenging and varied enough to make it not feel like some useless time filler. The game is based around it, and all of the mechanics and features blend together well. The pacing of the game is on-point, so you’re never waiting too long for a lewd scene or anything. I couldn’t get enough of the hot fetish content. This game does not hold back. You’ll have demons picking up sluts and shoving their meaty cocks into their pussies within the first few minutes of the game. It’s definitely not an experience for you vanilla cucks. If the thought of painful demon rape and complete mind control turns you off, then you might want to skip this one. But those of you degenerates who love that shit will be treated to dozens of HD illustrations that will have you begging for more.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

The writing could use some polishing. It’s not bad by any means, but they could use a skilled editor to do a pass and make sure some of the lines read better. There are some really awkward exchanges that just don’t feel natural. Other than that, this is a solid game. I don’t have any major or minor complaints. It’s well on its way to becoming a pretty unique porn game that fans of domination-themed fetish content will fucking love. The gameplay is solid. The combat was fun. And those sex scenes were so fucking hot. What more could you want?

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Lust and Power is a must-play for you dominant fucks out there. If you want nothing more than to see some horny babe completely submit to your every desire and whim, then you need to whip out a crisp dollar bill and download this game. It’s a steal for just $1. Even you cheap cucks should be able to afford the price of this one. I highly recommend it if you’re a fan of rape, demons, domination, mind control, and submissive sluts. I can’t wait to see what kind of kinky content gets added to this game down the line. As is, It’s a unique game with gameplay elements that you won’t find anywhere else!

BestPornGames Likes Lust And Power
  • A focus on darker fetish content
  • Loads of uncensored illustrations to jerk off to
  • An engaging combat system & unique gameplay elements
  • It only costs one dollar!
  • Plenty of different sluts to submit to your will
BestPornGames Hates Lust And Power
  • Writing could use some polishing