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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Lust Epidemic

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Lust Epidemic

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Is this the greatest porn game ever made? Very likely. Lust Epidemic has been on top of most of my lists since the day it came out. On the surface it’s just another 3D visual novel with standard western-styled models. I’ve seen hundreds of these things crop up in the past 10 years and they all look exactly the same, until you dig a bit deeper. Some of them are pretty humble and their stories turn out to be absolute shit. Your mom wants to bang you, because she hasn’t gotten laid in years. That’s not a story, that’s a wet dream. Lust Epidemic comes with a proper murder mystery, plus some fantasy elements as well as scientific explanations as to why everyone’s so horny that it might as well be the end of the world as we know it. Everything in this game makes sense and all the mysteries that you uncover feel satisfying. Oh and did I mention that there are steamy sex scenes every 10 minutes or so? Yeah, that’s right, you get a proper mystery that you’re just dying to unravel and you also keep getting laid without much effort. This right here is one of the greatest porn games ever made and the only game that manages to upstage Lust Epidemic is the sequel, Treasure of Nadia. Still, this game came first and broke the mold, so I’d rather recommend this one than the sequel, mostly because there’s nothing quite as exciting as playing this game for the first time ever. Oh and it’s completely free. This game is so amazing it pretty much has no right to exist. It’s too good. It makes other porn games seem dogshit in comparison. So, let’s dig into the details, my dudes.

NLT’s Extended Universe

No Limit Taboo or NLT for short is one dude who’s been making 3D renders of pussy since the 90s. That means he’s old as shit and if his renders are any indication, he’s a fucking wizard. I’ve seen a few artists that come close, but this guy seems to have the hottest babes, from MILFs to schoolgirls. He’s also a bit of a legend for the comic books he used to draw way back when, before he dove into video game design. He sort of inadvertently created a universe for his art, in that characters appear across his comics and games. Sometimes they’re tweaked a bit, sometimes their names change, but it’s clear that this is one large fucked up world. Originally he used to write incest stories and I mean extreme incest, no holds barred. I think that was the whole idea behind his name. No limits, you get it? In his stories, characters were so hot for one another that they’d just have sex anytime, anywhere. Cousins, parents, children, it was all fair game, provided everyone was 18 and above, of course. This pretty much cemented NLT as the go-to artist for perverts across the internet. He started out monetizing on this art by making tiny open-world exploration games with visual novel sex scenes. These very tiny, but very much worth a fap. That’s how it all started. Then, the Patreon ban hammer came down on all things incest and NLT had to rebrand. First up, he got rid of all of his incestuous games. He straight up scrubbed them from the roster. Then came the bad news for Lust Epidemic. You see, in this game, the main chick you’re trying to bang is actually your mother, or rather, the main character Bradley’s mother. Well, Lust Epidemic was already in development when the ban hammer came down, so it had to be whitewashed, immediately. She became your brother’s wife instead and everything else was left as is.

Taking the Porn World by Storm

NLT kept working on Lust Epidemic, episodically. The game plays from beginning to end in a linear fashion, even though it’s kind of open world and all, so it was really easy to just keep adding new scenes and new story elements, from left to right, so to speak. Eventually, he wrapped this bad boy up and throughout every single update, the internet could not wait to get their hands on the next scene. This was a couple of years ago, so Lust Epidemic is very much a finished title. And, since this is all Patreon funded smut, the game is absolutely free. So you’re looking at one of the hottest porn games ever made, available for free. And, since the game’s cutscenes are pre-rendered, the damn thing will run on any Windows-compatible toaster. I think it’s also available on Android as well. We’re lucky the game was ported over to Ren’Py. That’s what makes it so readily available for different platforms.

Top Down Exploration with High Quality Smut

When you first fire up Lust Epidemic you’ll think that this entire review was a joke. The game uses RPG Maker styled assets that may or may not be non-proprietary free textures. Unless I’m mistaken, this is originally an RPG Maker game. It has the top-down 2D vibe going on. Even though all the textures seem perfectly in place, the game looks like ass, because RPG Maker was a mistake. That’s not a fact, that’s my opinion, but I dare you to claim that RPG Maker is sexy. It’s not sexy. It’s blocky and awkward. Luckily, once you get the hang of the controls and you get past the intro, you’re free to explore the open-world and talk to whomever you want to. Every interaction is accompanied by these large renders of the characters you’re speaking to and a lot of the conversations come with voice lines. The game isn’t fully voiced, but all the important moments have actual audible dialogue and it’s more than enough to get you immersed into the story. The actresses are also damn good at their job and they very much add to the bang-worthy qualities of the characters. I want to fuck all the babes in this game.

Tons of Chicks

Speaking of babes, there are four main babes in this game and a few that I don’t want to talk about, lest I spoil the game’s ending. Three of them are MILFs and one of those MILFs is your actual mother, if you patch the original incest back into the game. The fourth though, is my personal favorite sexual fantasy. She’s a drop-dead gorgeous blonde with giant breasts, a perfectly round ass and a preference for anal sex. She also happens to be a nun and she’s the kind of chick who devotes herself to one man, provided he agrees to keep dicking her for hours on end. I’d like to believe she’s everyone fantasy. Treasure of Nadia has more than a dozen distinct chicks, but that’s a game from the future. Lust Epidemic was only the beginning of the amazing line-up of high quality NLT games, so I’ll make due with 4 chicks. Plus, you get like a dozen or more different sex scenes with each babe, with added outfit customization and some scene replayability. The game doesn’t feel repetitive at any moment. Plus, the story and the mystery elements keep dragging you forward at all times, so you never really feel bored. You’re always wondering about what’s hiding behind the next revelation. I wholeheartedly recommend that you jack off to this game.

Amazing Writing

I really loved the way that this game balanced the murder mystery themes with the sexual themes, especially since they’re kind of connected. There may or may not be a very scientific explanation for everyone’s horny levels in this game and figuring it all out is an ever-present tease. Let’s say you spend 10 minutes trying to get behind a locked door with the promise of uncovering some secrets. You get through the door, you learn something new about the world and bam, you get hit with a sex scene. Just as the sex scene wraps up, you get another mysterious cliffhanger that gets you embroiled back in the action. It’s kind of like a double tease. You sit through the mystery in order to jack off, then you jack off in order to get back to the mystery. You can get through this entire game in one sitting, provided you’ve got like 8 hours to spare. I personally played through the whole thing with my dick in my hands. You only really need one hand for Lust Epidemic anyways so this worked great. It’s exactly what I recommend. Sit through as much of the game as you can and you’ll keep coming loads, over and over again. This game is hotter than any porn I’ve ever watched and it blows 99% of all porn games clear out of the water. It’s a fucking masterpiece.

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