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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Lust Games

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Dude, it’s a really good idea to go out of your grandmother’s basement once in a while. You know, to actually have an experience of what’s going on in the real world. Instead of spending the whole day playing porn games, why don’t you try to experience it in real life? I tell you, it’s so much better. If that’s something that you find really difficult to do, and since you are here, allow me to make your visit worthwhile. Tell you what, I have something here for you that you will really enjoy. It could be the solution to your constant quest to look for a site with fapworthy games.

I present to you, Lust Games! Just from the title, you can already tell how great this site is going to be. And yes, this is one of the best sites that you could be on right now. The number of porn games that you will find right is just fucking great. Not to mention, they have tons of high-quality porn games for different genres. You can even call it a paradise if you want. The site is also free for anyone to access, which also allows you to download all the games you want. What more could you possibly ask for, right? So, without further ado, let’s get started with this fucking amazing review!

Website Design

Do you have any idea how fucking comforting it is to visit a site that actually makes you feel welcomed? If not, then this site will fucking make you feel that way. Call it basic if you want, but that is actually one thing that makes it really comfortable for the eyes of anyone who visits the site. The background is dark but not too dark. It has white and red texts that are very easy to read. You won’t be confused with anything when you reach the site because there isn’t a lot of information that is shoved to your brain. Like what I said, it’s basic.

To give you more ideas as you read this, the site goes straight to the point. It’s like a list type where you have the title, an image of the game, a brief description of what the game is all about, and all the tags that you will see in the game. As you reach the bottom of the page, you can tell that the site clearly goes straight to the point because the introduction to what the site offers is at the bottom of the page. See? You don’t have to read a lot of shit because you will see the games first.

Different Game Insights

Let’s all admit it. Sometimes, it’s tough to look for games that could potentially give us the best time of our life. With tons of that are being released today, it’s really challenging to choose a game. What’s even worse is that there are tons of games out there that are very disappointing. Some of the games that I have tried had very manipulative images. Most of the time, the games are not so great as advertised in the description and images. See how disappointing that is? If you have a similar experience, you will be happy with what this site offers.

What’s good about this site is most of the games that they offer already have reviews or blogs. If you check them out, you will find different blogs for different games. They also have lists and tutorials for some games within site. The site will really make you feel welcomed. So, if ever you decide to download a game, and you don’t know what to do at some point, you can head over the blogs section and look for a tutorial of that game.

If you browse through all of the games and you can’t decide which game to download, you can gain some recommendations from their blogs section. From there, you will find some insights as to which games you should go for. You will also find different games there, depending on the platform you are using. They have games for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Androids. Seriously, what more could you possibly ask for?

Tons of Game to Choose From!

What’s not to love about porn games? You shouldn’t even be here in the first place if you have no interest in porn games. Since you’ve reached this point, you should be happy. This is one of the best parts of this site. This part will make you feel like you don’t even want to leave the site. And that is what should happen because the site has tons of games that you can choose from. I didn’t even realize that they had so many porn games here until I reached the bottom of the page and saw how pages they have.

As you read this, there are currently 611 pages that you could freely browse, and the best part is, it doesn’t stop there. The site regularly updates their games, and they keep adding in more games for all the horny motherfuckers out there to enjoy. I bet you wouldn’t even reach the last page without choosing a game. Tell you what, some of the games that you will find on the site are actually rare. Yes, they are quite hard to find. Are you looking for 3D games? How about Hentai games? No problem, the site has got you covered with that. There’s absolutely no reason not to like this site.

Download Games for Free will cater to all of your needs making sure that you get to have fun like the rest of the horny incels out there. The site allows you to download all of their games for free. And of course, the devs also want you to have the best. Each game that they add to their collection is manually reviewed to ensure that there is nothing that will hold you back from having fun if you know what I mean.

If ever you decide to download a game that you like, you can easily do so. All of the games that I have downloaded so far have no viruses or anything that is harmful to my device. Plus, you don’t have to go through a crappy registration process to start downloading a game. Found a game that you really like? Go ahead because there’s nothing that can stop you from having the best masturbating experience.

What I Like About The Site

There are actually quite a lot of things that I liked about the site. Just like what you fuckers are after, porn games! Yes, I can’t even get over with the number of porn games they offer. Not to mention, they can all be downloaded for free. Can you fucking imagine fapping to hundreds of games? I know, right? It’s just unbelievable how the devs created something this good. They even offer you games with different genres, which goes to show that it’s ready to cater to all of your fetishes.

Another thing that I liked about the site is that the overall design is just perfect. There not much information that is lying around somewhere. It’s like everything is in place, making it really easy for me to navigate the site. I also like how basic the design is. There’s nothing fancy going around. Like what I said above, it goes straight to the point and instantly shows you all of the games. I don’t have to go to another page just to get to the porn games. Despite going through 611 pages of porn games, you can easily pick whichever game you would like to play.

My Recommendations for Improving The Site

I know the site is already good since we’re here for the games, but there are still things that could be improved to make the site even better. One of the many things that I would like to recommend to the devs is to help the users explore the website even better. There are a lot of games, but it was quite hard to find the best game. There are no recommendations or whatsoever that tells me what the best games are the moment. I had to search for them manually, and that took quite a lot of time.

I would also like to recommend adding a sorting option to the page. This could quickly help a user find what they are looking for. Since many of us horny incels have different fetishes, we are focused on games that could actually help us have fun. This will also give users an idea of which games were recently added and which games are currently being downloaded by many. If these things could be looked at, no doubt, this site can easily become of the best sites out there.


Overall, despite going through some trouble with finding the best games, I think the site is still one of the best sites where you can find tons of fap-worthy games. I downloaded a lot of games from the site, and I am satisfied with each one of them. If ever you need adult games to satisfy yourself, this site should be one of the websites that you should visit. You can choose different games and download all of them for free. I would like to recommend this site to you since their games gave me one of the best nights of my life.

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  • Tons of games
  • Easy to navigate around
  • Good website design
  • Free to download games
  • Support different platforms
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  • No recommendation for best games
  • Lack of sorting options
  • Annoying ads