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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Lust Grimm

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Lust Grimm

User Rating: 4/5
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So you’ve come across a somewhat erotic game title that piqued your interest, huh? Just because you saw the word “Lust” paired with an edgy word like “Grimm,” you’re going to automatically think that this will be an above-average game, if not one of the best sex games? Well, you are kind of right with that assumption. You can’t really go wrong with a word pairing like Lust Grimm. If you do, then you probably just suck with writing and gameplay.

So what’s the buzz about this game? You’re probably the type of closeted pervert who only played the corruption and incest games because they were admittedly quite fun and arousing to play. That genre always produces some of the best sex games on the internet. Just the satisfaction you feel when you see their character devolve and become twisted into the perfect slut. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but this isn’t one of those games.

Don’t get me wrong though, this erotic game probably just managed to stay away from your radar since you are quite uncultured. Anyways, Lust Grimm is an erotic role-playing game developed by the 62studio team. It was released around 3 years ago but is still quite the prime game to obtain. What’s great about this game is that it is in the style of your classic pixelated retro Pokemon, so you’ll also get a sense of nostalgia when playing Lust Grimm.

Who The Hell Brought You To This World Of Kinky Fantasy?

You are introduced to your character after a short prologue of whatever the fuck it was – some sort of fairy tale? He’s named some beta-cuck shit like Magrut, which you can change by pressing X or something. Anyways, you are in a room of sorts that looks like the room of some kind of antique book collector or maybe just a hoarder. That part was highlighted by your friend, whom you’ve helped with finishing an essay.

After your friend has left, you go around your room towards the bookshelves just to inspect your books, then you hear a voice coming from a book telling you to become a hero of a tale. Then you get sucked into some kind of other-worldly dimension where you see a brief vision of some girl vulnerable in some cavern-like scenario, and she apologizes to you for dragging you into their world. You don’t get to see her name nor her face, so no answers for you!

After her apology, you get to a prologue/story-telling of a familiar fairy tale. This apparently doesn’t seem “tragic enough” to someone, so they twist this cozy fairy tale into one that they deem more entertaining. One that shreds any trace of hope. This is what “they” and little red riding hood wanted. An escape from a dull, monotonous world. To solve the mystery of being isekai-d by an unknown being is what you’re going to be doing.

A Gold-Standard RPG With Plenty Of Character Interactions

With Lust Grimm being an adventure game, of course, you’re going to have to set out into the world! Go on an adventure, gain items, gear up – you know your typical RPG spiel. The house you spawn in, after the whole fiasco of the prologue, will be your center. It’s where you learn about the different succubi spread about in the world and how to defeat them. The house is also the place you’ll go back to once you’ve died and the place you’ll warp to.

Lust Grimm was developed with the RPG Maker engine, and if you’re aware of that engine, you’re already aware of the controls. You move around with the arrow keys – basic shit from retro Pokemon, if you want to go zoom across the map then whole Shift to sprint. You interact with stuff using Z or Space, you could also use those to rapidly skip through the dialogue. X will open up your menu, you can also press it to go back one tab.

For an RPG, you aren’t given much detail as to what you have to do or where you have to go, which basically just means – go wherever the fuck you want, doing whatever the fuck you want! The game just tells you to leave the house and collect pages to a book or something. Your very first combat sequence does take place on your way to the first page. One of the three main antagonists – a succubus, has a little “brawl” with you and just leaves right after.

The unique thing about Lust Grimm is the way you defeat your opponents. To defeat them, you have to deal more lust damage to them and make them succumb to their own carnal desires before they do that shit to you. So you have to massage their asses, caress their skin or whatever the fuck you caress, undress, and “thrust!” or “thrust!!” your bare penis into them! If you lose your battle with a monster girl, they’ll rape the living shit out you.

A Shitload of Kinky Fetishes, Unique Scenes, and More Littered Across The Game

So if you were paying attention and you read that last sentence, then you won’t see much of the juicy shit unless you lose your battles. You don’t get to tame those extremely lustful babes to be your own sex slaves, but hey, they are seen as evil entities. 62studios do make up for this with the many succubi that you have to face – often, they will strip, and you get to see scenes of their “technique” to get you to lose to their charms and succumb to your horniness.

There’s also a unique “debuff” that will carry on as you go through your adventure unless you take a good long rest or drink some potion to clear it off. It’s called “Lust,” which you probably already guessed because of the game title itself. Your lust will increase if; you fail to resist the succubi’s charms in combat. You step in something slimy and encounter some neutral succubi. The higher your lust count is, the more damage you will take from the succubi.

Incredibly Sexy Animations, Art, and Overly-Erotic Descriptions

The art is exceptionally well done and fantastically executed. I mean, you wouldn’t really imagine different monster girls to become succubi, right? There aren’t many “animations” to really talk about, but boy, do they still manage to please. The animations you get here are the still images that loop an up and down motion to show some pseudo-titty jiggling – no complaints from me though, titty jiggling will always be titty jiggling in my book.

Not to mention how every turn in battle is provided with some well-written descriptives to make the whole game feel a little more fappable. You know what I’m talking about, the flowery words that support what’s going on in the scene – like the succubi undressing or them grabbing you by the cock and gently stroking it. Oh, this is especially better when you’ve lost the battles because you get a lot more of those nice flavor-texts!

Music That Doesn’t Bore You To Death

Considering how this whole game was developed under RPG Maker, I wasn’t expecting much when it came to the soundtracks. You’re not playing with the same over-joyous music that feels like it lasts only 10 seconds before it loops. Much like the comparison I’ve been using – Pokemon, Lust Grimm has its own soundtracks for different levels, different battle sequences, during travels, and different cutscenes. Major props from me for doing that.

What My Favorite Things About Lust Grimm Were

I thought it was quite interesting that 62studios used Lust Grimm to sort of break the game algorithm when it comes to RPG Maker. The different game mechanics that they used(dependence and lust) made you always consider your status and not just go around fucking shit up. The art is good enough for a worthwhile fap, especially since you will be fapping to anime titties, monster-girls ones at that!

What I Want To Be Improved In Lust Grimm

I want more animations, like proper well-done, pussy trembling, cum-shooting, dick-riding animations, or at least something rewarding for winning every battle you go through. I don’t want to get cock-blocked and blue-balled whenever I’m about to win the fight, which makes me not want to finish the game and just use proper porn to jack off to.


Lust Grimm is the perfect erotic RPG to play whenever you’re feeling bored, and you want to waste hours upon hours of your time. It has a great storyline – executed pretty well, I might add. Fappable animations and art with some great scenes to blow your load to. I had a blast playing this game because there wasn’t a single moment where I was bored, despite the games with a retro Pokemon-style having that reputation of doing so.

BestPornGames Likes Lust Grimm
  • Lots of fetish-centered eroticisms.
  • Straightforward gameplay and combat sequences.
  • Great game mechanics.
BestPornGames Hates Lust Grimm
  • Losing is a pre-requisite to get sex scenes.
  • The game window is quite small.