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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Lust Vessel

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Lust Vessel

User Rating: 4/5
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From the minds of porn game developers Moccasin’s Mirror comes Lust Vessel, version 0.13. If you haven’t heard of these bad boys before, don’t feel bad. They’re not particularly famous. Lust Vessel is their main … vessel. It’s their most popular game. And, while it’s not exactly a smash hit, most of the people that played it really seemed to enjoy it. The reviews for this game are really high. Now, this confused me, since there are so many red flags. It’s a game with a lot of dialogue, but the writing is janky. There are typos and grammatical errors all-over the place. But hand-on-heart, no typo ever managed to kill my boner as long as there were titties in my field of view. Well, what Lust Vessel lacks in an editing department it makes up for in simplicity. They knew exactly what they wanted when they were making this game. It’s short, only takes about three hours to get through and it delivers on the things it promises – namely, space, sci-fi, alien cock and tons of human pussies. It’s a weird combination, for sure and the whole monsters thing doesn’t technically count as bestiality or furry porn so… it’s a game for everyone? Look, don’t overthink it. It’s a game about aliens raping women aboard a space ship. Obviously, it’s a bit of a spin. You’re not supposed to use logic when you play Lust Vessel. You’re supposed to fuck around and have a good time. So, let’s dig into the good, the bad and the … RPG Maker…

RPG Maker, Again, Why?

That’s right, I tricked you again. This is an RPG Maker porn game. Will they ever stop making these? Who knows. I used to like RPG Maker when I was a kid and I’d play free indie titles that I’d nab over dial-up. Today, RPG Maker is synonymous with shitty porn games, mostly. I mean, it’s not that there’s anything wrong with the engine. It’s a perfectly fine way to make a 2D RPG game if you lack programming skills. I get that. You don’t know how to code, but you can draw a mean looking vagina, so you slap something together and fill the gaps with generic assets. That’s no crime. But, most of the time shit just looks janky and out of place. RPG Maker games didn’t use to flip between visual novel scenes and the gameplay. They had the gameplay and that was it. This game on the other hand has you navigating the ship in a sort of open-world way. You are locked off from some areas, but you get to fuck around freely to get from one place to another. Well, whenever anything important happens the game cuts to a full-screen visual novel style breakdown. In other words, you get full-screen 2D smut. These are the gems of Lust Vessel. You get to see actual hardcore penetration with no holding back. You run into a chick who’s so taken by her own horniness levels that she fists herself right there on the floor. She can’t take anymore. She’s dripping all-over the place. This is hot. This is the part where I jack off. And then suddenly, bam, you’re back at the 2D overworld map and you kind of want to kill yourself, because once you’ve had a taste of quality 2D smut, the last thing you want is to go back to 1986.

The Story

This is the part that carries Lust Vessel, in my opinion. You play as a random bitch named Kate. She’s a literature major. This does not come up in the game as much as you’d think. She awakens aboard the “Fun Space Fun” cruiser, with no memory of the previous day. Oh and she has a huge hangover. She does remember that her best friend goaded her into this whole cruise with the promise of rest and relaxation. Well, you walk out of the room you woke up in and see aliens and chicks having sex all-over the place. And I mean, all-over. They’re fucking right on the hallway floors. They want to fuck you too. You quickly 180 out of there in a panic. You realize that this ship is more than just a regular relaxation cruiser. It’s a lust vessel. Cue the epic realization music. Anyways, the rest of the game you’re just fucking about the vessel, trying not to get bent over and fucked by lizards, while also exploring women’s vaginas for damp behavior. All of the women on this ship suffer from a bad case of needing cock. They’re so desperate that they fist themselves blind. They just want to get off and they can’t. They need giant alien cock. Why is everyone so horny I hear you asking? Well, I won’t tell you. Play the game and find out. It’s not that fucking long.

The Combat

Oh boy… Can you guess? That’s right, it’s turn based and pointless. You fight the alien men in this game, mostly to keep them from fucking you, but the combat is kind of redundant. I mean, this game isn’t about fighting. You’re not a warrior. The combat is clearly just padding. You’re not going to be fighting epic ultimate bosses. You’ll just end up having sex instead. So, why the hell did they add combat? Beats me. At the very least I can say that there isn’t too much of it. It’s not like you wander through fields of grass waiting for Pokemon trainers to jump you. It’s a lot more casual than that. I mean, it’s a three-hour game with a ton of sex scenes. Naturally, you don’t drown in combat. But, I’d still like this game better if I didn’t have to go through these sections. As for how it looks and feels, well, it’s a standard RPG Maker combat scene. You see the character you’re fighting in front of you, as a 2D sprite and you choose options out of a textual list. Do you hit him or defend? Maybe you want to use a skill? Whatever man, if you lose the punishment isn’t that severe. It’s not like your life is on the line here. It’s just your pussy that’s going to get ravaged. They let you go eventually, hopefully.

Fans Love It

I think that people really responded to the fact that this game wrapped up the source material really quickly and with a ton of smut. It didn’t take you for a long ride with drawn out dialogue. It didn’t gradually tease you. There’s smut at the beginning and there’s smut at the end. And the entire fucking middle is stuffed full of wet pussy and alien cock. This game delivers, plain and simple. And sure, I said this is version 0.13, but that’s because the developer can’t count decimal places. Either that or he’s being funny. Version 0.13 is actually version 1.0. It’s complete. Now, they did say that they wanted to add more to the story down the line, but as it currently stands you have a beginning a middle and an end. As far as I’m concerned that’s a complete porn game right there. Plus, it’s entirely free to play. I mean, I dare anyone to charge for an RPG Maker porn game. probably shouldn’t say that though. Don’t want to give anyone any ideas. Anyways, the story is perfectly wrapped up and the fans are grateful. I guess they’re sick and tired of porn games that end up in years of limbo. This game will not suffer that fate. It’s finished and it’s hot.

The Sex Scenes

Finally, the best part. Ok, so there’s lesbian sex and alien on girl sex. The lesbian sex is probably the best part though. It’s not just that the girls on the ship are interested in pussy. It’s that they’re being possessed by some sort of magical power that’s forcing them to be hornier than they’ve ever been at all times. They can’t stop themselves. They need cock more than they need oxygen. And, if there’s no cock around, they’ll fuck chicks, they don’t care. I wasn’t kidding about that girl that dead-ass fisted herself in desperation. She had to do it. She didn’t have any other choice. I really like this concept of women being so horny that going without sex for long will kill them. I like it when a woman is screaming, begging to be fucked because she has to have it. Granted, in real life this doesn’t happen thanks to mind control. Instead, you have to have money and a giant dick. Thankfully, I’m all set in that department. Seriously, though, check out Lust Vessel. It’s entirely free to play and it’s so simple it’ll run on a toaster. Give it a whirl, you won’t regret it.

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  • It’s an RPG Maker game