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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Magical Investigation Of Meridiana

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Magical Investigation Of Meridiana

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Sorceress’s Tale is an Ambitious 3D Platformer with a Promising Foundation

You don’t get many porn platformers, despite how fun it is to say “porn platformers.” Go ahead, say that shit five times fast. But, really, it’s an underexplored genre of kinky games. Most of the titles that are platformers end up being boring, janky, impossibly difficult, or some combination of the three. And, no, I’m not talking about side-scrollers. I’m talking about playing a full-fledged, 3D platformer. I want abilities, combat, puzzles, porn, and all of that good shit. Usually, I can stumble across what I’m looking for pretty quickly. Not this time. It took me a long while to find this sexy game. Sorceress’ Tale (formally called Magical Investigation of Meridiana) is a lewd 3D platformer that was made using Unity. Also, good job on changing that name. The old title was a fucking mouthful, to say the least. It started development back in 2016 and has been steadily worked on since then. Mithos56 is the name of the developer, and you can find the full development log over at their Patreon page:

Gain Access to the Beta Version of the Game for Just $3!

You won’t be getting access to this ambitious title for free. It’ll run you $3 a month for the base game, or you can dish out 5 bucks for the super buggy in-development version of the game. Neither price is too bad. I mean, this whole game has been 3D modeled and designed by a single dude. That’s fucking impressive. I’d be making people cough up some cash for my hard work as well. It’s a pretty instant start to the game. You don’t get an intro animation or anything along those lines. I take it that they haven’t really gone forward with adding the story elements into the game yet. I don’t mind that. If anything, it shows that they’re trying to pin down the basic elements of the game first before worrying about the plot. I wish more games would follow their lead in that regard.

Smooth, Easy to Use Controls Make for a Streamlined Experience

Let’s cover the most important feature of any platforming game first: movement. It’s actually fairly smooth. I couldn’t fucking believe it. This must be one of the first lewd platformers that I’ve played where it didn’t feel like I was puppeting around a brick with a couple of threads of fishing wire. It’s smooth. The movements are intuitive. It’s easy to gauge distances and gaps. The keybindings make sense. It’s a goddamn miracle is what it is. You get a tutorial at the start that runs you through some challenges that showcase your abilities. Man, you have a lot of them. First off, you have a fucking gun. What? It’s so oddly out of place in this fantasy game. I mean, you’re a goddamn sorceress. Why the fuck do you have a handgun? A crossbow or something would have made so much more sense here. Aside from the gun, you can hit enemies with your sword.

Use Swords, Guns, and Spells to Fight Monsters & Solve Puzzles

But those options are only the tip of the iceberg. You have spells. You can reference your spellbook and then use the runes from there to craft spells. It’s actually a very neat system. You use your movement keys to chain runs together, so you better be decent at memorizing them if you want to succeed. You can make bombs, meteors, shields, spinning blades, and cool shit like that. It’s not a spell that you need to craft, but you can teleport a short distance during battle as well. I did encounter my fair share of bugs, but the game is still in beta. So, I won’t be too pissed. I kept accidentally teleporting into a wall and falling forever until I hit restart and had to go back way too far. Please add in some more frequent checkpoints. At least Sorceress’ Tale looks fucking great. A lot of work went into the character design, movement animations, and background details. It all looks like high-quality work done by a skilled developer.

Charm and Fuck any Monster You Meet!

The game is built around platforming, solving puzzles, and fighting enemies. That last part is where the kink sex comes in. You can fight enemies normally by shooting them or beating them up, but that’s not very hot. You have an affection ability that lets you put any enemy into a trance if you can complete the spell. It gets interrupted if you get hit by another enemy, so you’ll want to try and separate mobs when you can. It should be easy enough for you horny gamers. Once you complete the spell, you’ll be able to initiate a sex scene with that enemy. Every enemy will have a different scene. Smaller mobs might plow your pussy or fuck your tits. Big guys will slam you down on their massive cock or make you deepthroat that shit. You can linger on a scene and control the different stages of it as you see fit. Enemies can’t interrupt scenes, which is fucking great. They’ll actually stand off to the side and cheer as their buddy gets their dick wet. Those are the kinds of friends that you need to keep around.

Fap to Uncensored, Fully Animated Sex Scenes!

Each scene will be fully animated, uncensored, and full of hot audio. You’ll get to hear every thrust, moan, and squelch as your slutty sorceress gets fucked. It’s also in your best interest to drain these monster’s balls dry. Each climax will give you special hearts that boost your health for a short period of time. You also get a full heal out of the deal. So, you’ll want to balance how much you fight enemies with how often you fuck them. It’s pretty damn fun. The game doesn’t try to make the combats super difficult or anything either. The whole game has a decent difficulty curve that doesn’t try to punish you for making a couple of mistakes.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

Man, Sorceress’ Tale is one of the more ambitious lewd games that I have ever seen. I can’t wait to see what this shit is like when it’s finished. Sure, I mentioned some bugs. But I’m sure those will get worked out as development trundles along. Fuck, as long as it doesn’t have as many bugs as a Bethesda game we should be good to go. Really, the premise is very cool. I still can’t believe how good the controls were for a lewd platformer. All of the movement and aiming mechanics feel intuitive and were easy to grasp. The sex scenes were pretty damn good as well. There are a lot of different enemies out there, and each one will have its own unique way of fucking your sorceress whore’s brains out. Plus, it’s so easy to get new scenes. Despite not being finished, I liked the pacing that the game achieves with a mixture of puzzles and combat encounters. You won’t be waiting very long between scenes at all. It’s hard to beat fully animated, uncensored, voiced, monster rape fetish scenes.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

I think you cucks know what I’m going to say here, but I’ll say it anyway. Finish the damn game! It’s been nearly five years and the game doesn’t seem like it’s anywhere close to the finish line. Bummer. At least this dude seems to be steadily plugging away at it. If I were him, I’d consider hiring some fucking help. There are plenty of horny bastards out there who would practically do it for free if it meant adding jiggle physics to a slime girl. But, yeah, wrap this shit up. I want to play the full game before I’m 70 years old.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Sorceress’ Tale is a very promising-looking title. This is a game that I’ll be keeping tabs on for sure. I can’t wait to see what sort of story and characters that our boy Mithos56 adds to the game. It’s bound to be fucking great. Hell, I’d already consider it a must-play for 3D platformer fans. It’s got a solid foundation in terms of controls and fappable sex scenes. Those are the most important bits of any porn game. It’ll only cost you a few bucks to get instant access to the full game, and I highly recommend that each and every one of you horny betas go and give this one a shot!

BestPornGames Likes Magical Investigation Of Meridiana
  • An ambitious 3D platformer with promising features
  • Smooth movement mechanics & a vibrant, well-designed world
  • Fun puzzles, engaging combat, and loads of lewd scenes
  • Uncensored, fully animated sex scenes
BestPornGames Hates Magical Investigation Of Meridiana
  • It won’t be finished for awhile
  • Buggy
  • It costs money