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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Man Of The House

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Man Of The House

User Rating: 4/5
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Man of the House is a perverted what-if visual novel RPG about fucking around with your hot sisters, your caring mom, and your family’s bangable friends. You’re a twenty year old dude who has nothing better to do than to scope out these girls around you. Know what that means? You’re the man of the house! So you get to pick and choose which girls to go after. Sure, you could go for all of them. But because of all the RPG mechanics with leveling up stats like a chick’s love and arousal toward you, it might be best to stick to one at a time. Otherwise you’re going to take forever to level up those stats. Everything works on a schedule with a day/night cycle, and there’s only so much you can do from day to day. But hey, you can play how you want. That’s the fun of this game. Or the frustration. It just depends. The game starts off slow as fuck. You have no money, no stats, and you’re limited on time. There’s a cheat console to help you level up those stats for your main character like charisma and strength. It’ll give you more money, too, so you don’t have to waste time earning money by working. So you could go around talking to your younger, sweet sister to get to know her better. Help her with her homework, watch movies with her, or spy on her in the bathroom. You’ll quickly find out that if you want to do more shit with her, you have to level up those love and arousal stats. That basically means repeating the same things with this chick over and over again, only getting a few changes in dialog here and there. Keep complimenting her in the morning and helping her with that homework of hers, and maybe something more will happen. Or maybe you’re like me and you’re more into hot bitchy girls. In that case, go after the bombshell, bossy older sister who insults you all the time. Did I mention this game’s art is easy on the eyes? Because it is. These chicks are all stunning and you’re going to have a hard time picking between them, that’s for sure. Anyway, the bitchy sister has a hilarious storyline where you basically blackmail her into being more submissive to you. She stops bullying you, and you get to make her your bitch instead. BDSM, you’re thinking? That’s exactly right. It’s nothing too hardcore. Just spanking your sister’s ass, making her wear a maid uniform while she does your house chores, and blindfold sex. The thing is, Man of the House wants you to take your time with these chicks. There’s a ton of repetition, like I mentioned. Those stats are the end-all-be-all. You can’t unlock new story progress with a girl until you earn enough love and arousal. In the hot older sister’s case, submission points count, too. Scheduled events make it tough to go after multiple girls at once, since you might miss out on earning points with someone. Either pick one girl and stick with it, or pick a bunch and fuck around as much as you want. Whatever you choose, you’re a slave to the RPG mechanics gatekeeping you. You have to love (or tolerate) the grind in this game.

Special Storylines

I don’t think I loved the grind. I was able to tolerate it. I didn’t mind spending time with the bitchy older sister because I liked her character and storyline. Spending time with her in the beginning was funny. Find her around the house? She calls you names and threatens to humiliate you on Facebook. You know, typical older sister bullying. Then you find out she’s sneaking out in the middle of the night to go somewhere. Think she’s fucking other guys? You’re not too far off. She has a job at a nightclub as a hostess, wearing a slutty dress and heels for the guys to gawk at. When she gets arrested for “indecent exposure”, and you have to go pick her up, that’s when the tables turn. To get back at her for all of her bitching, you make her call you Master and do all your chores. Of course she hates it at first and pretty much wants to kill you. But then she gradually starts enjoying it. It’s kind of special how she starts to open up more over time. She starts caring about pleasing you and wanting rewards, or even punishments. I wasn’t expecting that at all. Maybe that’s what made it special. Pretty much, these characters can and will surprise you.

Grinding to a Relationship

The character I picked won’t let you fuck her until she’s in love with you. When she starts talking about wanting you to be her boyfriend instead of just her brother, things start progressing. But until that point, you have to level up those stats. Keep making her do your chores in that maid outfit, keep spying on her in her room, and keep meeting up with her at that nightclub she works at. Yeah, you can do other things like fingering her, or making her blow you. Perving on her while she sleeps is a nice little holdover, too. You know you’re almost there once she gives you a blowjob at the beach while you’re supposed to be spending time with the rest of the family. Sneaking around is all part of the fun.

What I Like

There are a bunch of different girls to choose from. You can stick to your sisters and your mom, or you can branch out to their friends. If the whole incest thing bothers you, don’t worry. You don’t have to fuck anyone in your family if you don’t want to. So go after your sister’s cute friend from school instead. Or the older sister’s friend who works with her at that club. The game’s art style is pretty nice, so you should have no problems finding that one girl you want. Or two. Or three. Maybe go for all of them if you want. Just remember what I said about that grind.

Also, the cheat console is a godsend. I used it to max out those personal stats like intelligence and charisma. I shamelessly gave myself free money to avoid having to waste more time grinding out cash at a part-time job. You don’t have to use it. It’s a nice thing that’s there for people like me who aren’t too crazy about the grind.

What I Hate

The slow start almost put me off. Without that cheat console, I probably would’ve lost my mind. Aside from leveling up the relationship stats with the girls, there’s also those other RPG stats like hunger and fatigue. I hate having to manage shit like that, so I was glad I got the option to turn those off. You can’t do anything in this game without some kind of stats keeping you from progressing. Maybe you’re not smart enough to help your younger sister with her biology homework, so you have to waste time studying on your computer. The cheat console takes care of that, but you have to manually level up a girl’s love and arousal stats over time. It’s the whole point of the game, yeah, okay. Sometimes it just takes too fucking long. And good luck trying to chase after more than one girl at a time. Seriously, I couldn’t imagine doing that. If you want to spend time with one, you might miss out on certain events with someone else. That day/night cycle runs on a schedule, and those certain events are only available at specific times of the day. It’s rough and I don’t recommend it.

Happily Ever After

By the time you get to ask your girl out on a real date, not caring who sees, that’s the endgame. Pick all the best dialog options and earn enough points, and then you really get to score. You can keep playing the game as-is, going after other chicks or sticking with your main one. Or you can end the game for a nice little epilogue that shows what happens with you and the girl after some time passes. Everything wraps up pretty nicely in the end. Feels like an actual story.

BestPornGames Likes Man Of The House
  • Variety of girls to choose from
  • Cheat console to skip some of the grind
  • Hot art style
  • Good characters and storylines
  • Nice epilogues
BestPornGames Hates Man Of The House
  • Repetitive grind for stats
  • Not easy to go after more than one girl at a time