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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Marchen Nocturne

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Marchen Nocturne

User Rating: 4/5
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Role-playing games have always been my favorite of all games because they have surprise elements, and it challenges morons like me. I may not be that handsome or appealing, but if you’re comparing yourself to me when it comes to playing RPGs, I suggest that you take your time to practice before you can say that you’re better than me when it comes to these types of games.

Anyways, this review is all about a game called Marchen Nocturne, where you get to see hot and steaming bitches that lets you fuck them however you want to. It also has a classic visual-novel theme in it, so you will need to do some reading if you’re going to understand the game’s story. I feel like you, and I will get along just fine because of this awesome game. I will share with you all the amazing things this game has, and you will surely enjoy this one.

Playing sex games has always been my passion. I have tried all the sex games that most people are playing nowadays, and never have I ever seen this particular game. I was a bit unsure at the beginning because I thought that this game is just some low-quality porn game, and I was wrong with that one. That impression of mine automatically changed when I started trying out this one. You should spend some time reading the rest of the game review if you want to have more insights about it.

Combats Can Be Skipped

There are a lot of RPGs out there that have awesome combat scenes, but the only problem with those ones is that they take too long to end. The good thing about Marchen Nocturne is that you can skip the battle scenes if you don’t feel like watching the whole duration of the fight scenes. This is a clever feature because a lot of porn addicts out there prefer seeing tits and pussies rather than watching game characters spill off some blood.

What I Like About The Game

The reason why I’ve been into this game is because I get to interact with more than a dozen busty and sexy bitches. You will have to do a series of missions for you to convince these bitches to get intimate with you. Yes, it’s a bit tiring if you ask me, but trust me when I say that all the effort you’ll be putting on this game will be worth it in the end. You will have to do the hard work if you get your hard cock to work.

This game’s art style is very unique and impressive because the people who created this one managed to make the game look entertaining. The game’s animation is so hot that I always make sure that I masturbate while I’m playing it. You get to see gorgeous bitches with busty breasts being fucked by guys that have enormous cocks. Hentai games such as this one are the best type of games to be played because of the way the characters look like.

The game is compatible with PC, Android devices, and mobile phones. There are many hentai-based porn games on the internet that are only compatible with certain types of gaming devices due to the system requirements they have. I love the fact that this game can be played on mobile devices because you can now mess with beautiful bitches even when you’re outside of your house.

I also love the gameplay of the game because you get to upgrade the characters of your squad. There are various elements in this game, and you need to choose the right want if you’re battling with a specific type of enemy that also uses elemental powers. You can upgrade your warrior’s weapon and skills, and you can also make them look hotter at the same time.

You can hear the characters moan in this game, and they are very seductive to hear because real actresses voiced them out. There are only a few good porn games on the internet that use real actresses’ voices when it comes to the sexual scenes of the game. You get to hear some bitches voice while masturbating to the lewd scenes of the game. I wish that someday another game like this will be created where porn stars are the ones doing the voice over.

What I Don’t Like About The Game

I hate the fact that there is one little thing about this game that questions the free-to-play rule they have. Yes, the game is absolutely free, but you’ll need to spend some real cash if you want to skip the waiting game that you are in. You got my point, bro? They said that this game is for free, but you are required to throw in some cash just so that you get the chance to skip the boring parts of the game.

The game has a few problems, and I think that those issues need to be addressed right away. Some of the characters’ appearance looks a bit unrealistic, especially when it comes to their breast size. I love big breasted bitches, but I think some of the characters need to be redesigned because they don’t look appealing anymore. The girls in this game are very alluring, but there are just some characters in it that still need a little work.

Some people complained about the gameplay of this one. I also noticed that the game is a bit boring and plain when it comes to the gameplay because there is nothing about it that would make you feel challenged. This plain ass porn game is only for those people who want to try something new. The way the game runs, I can say that it is still far from being the best porn game on the internet.

There’s no doubt that this game’s background music is excellent, but the soundtrack they’re using for it is very limited. I prefer playing sex games that have various soundtracks because I enjoy listening to those things. The game developers seemed to have forgotten the essence of soundtracks because they didn’t make any effort to put a lot of soundtrack into this motherfucking game.

My Recommendations for Improving This Game

Game soundtracks are important because they add excitement to the game. It also helps some gamers focus more on the game because they got used to playing games with plenty of soundtracks. The people behind this game should really do something about this one because if this issue isn’t resolved right away, then sooner or later, a lot of people will complain about this, and they will risk losing all those loyal gamers they have.

Upgrading the gameplay for Marchen Nocturne is also needed to help improve the game. It would really be a big help if they consider making some changes regarding the gameplay because there are many porn game addicts out there that are not okay with this kind of gameplay. They don’t want playing sex games that have dull and dry gameplay. That’s why they’re always on the hunt for alternatives.

They should also change some of the characters’ appearances because they tend to look unnatural, especially during the sex scenes. Some of them have weird-looking breasts, while some look very young to the point that you would think you’re doing the wrong thing. I don’t want to mess with some bitch that looks like she’s about to die from an explosion because her breasts look like it has some tumor or whatever in it.

Lastly, all gamers should not have to pay for anything if they want to skip the waiting time when they’re playing this game. This rule should be taken out because not everyone can afford to do this one. I hope the game developers will consider doing this because it’s a problem for some people, especially those people who are not financially stable and just want to have a good time.

BestPornGames Likes Marchen Nocturne
  • Dozen of Gorgeous Bitches
  • Art Style
  • Compatibility
  • Background Music
  • Skippable Combats
BestPornGames Hates Marchen Nocturne
  • Need to Pay for Skipping
  • Unrealistic Looking Bodies
  • Gameplay Tends to Become Boring
  • Limited Soundtrack
  • Limited Sex Scenes