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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Melody is a Lewd, Story-Driven Visual Novel by MrDots Games

I like chill games. Sometimes it’s nice to just kick back and play through some lewd visual novel without having to fuck with intense battles, crazy plots, or tedious mechanics. Those games can be really fucking great, but I wanted something low-key today. I didn’t want to save the world or become some sort of harem-building hero. I wanted to play a little slice-of-life style game that had some quality sex scenes to fap to. I stumbled across quite a few titles that looked interesting, but I settled on a 3D game that looked like it ticked all of my boxes. Melody is a visual novel that has you playing as an out of work musician who is getting used to living in a new city. But, of course, I’ll give you all more of a scoop on the story here in a little bit. This is a finished game. Yeah, I know, that’s fucking crazy. The game wrapped up development in December of 2019. It only took a little over a year or so of development from start to finish. That’s a pretty damn good timeline for a porn game.

Download the Full Game for $5 or Try a Demo for Free!

MrDots Games is the team behind this lewd game. You can get your hands on a copy of it by popping over to Though it won’t be free. You’ll need to steal your mom’s credit card and dish out at least five bucks for the base game. If that’s somehow too expensive for you poor fucks, then you can dish out $1 for version 0.0.5 of the game, which is fucking ancient at this point. Though you can try an even older version as a demo, so they’ve got options. I recommend peeking at the demo and then going in for the base game if you like what you see. You play as a bit of a washed-up musician. You’ve had a busy life of traveling around playing gigs and fucking groupies, but you came back to your wife to chill for a bit. Well, that’s what you thought was going to happen. Instead, she throws a fit about some shit or another and kicks you out. You have your clothes and a pink guitar to your name. That’s fucking it. Not having any money or a place to stay, you call up your bro Tim and see if you can stay with him and his hot girlfriend Isabelle.

Rebuild Your Life in a New City & Tutor a Hot Babe in Guitar

He lets you crash there as long as you can pay a bit of rent. To get started, you decide to sell your guitar. Luckily, this leads to a job. The girl you sell it to has a hot college-aged niece who could use some guitar lessons. You agree to be a tutor for her while you earn up enough savings to kickstart your career again. And, well, that’s essentially the story of the game. There are some major twists and turns that crop up down the line, but I won’t spoil those for you. You’ll have to dive into this kinky game and see what happens for yourself. The game is broken up into weeks. Each week you can do a set number of activities. You have some leeway in what you do, but the game as a whole is fairly linear. You’ll tutor melody, make some money, fuck a few babes, and keep that shit rolling week after week. I will say that most decisions come down to who you fuck. For example, you can bang Tim’s babe Isabelle the first night you’re there if you feel like it. Damn, talk about being a shitty guest. But, hey, you’re here to pound pussy not make friends. There will be plenty of babes to fuck, but make sure you pay attention to your actions. Some of the shit you do could come back to bite you in the ass if you’re not careful.

Make the Occasional Story Decision in this Light-Hearted Game

The writing is decent enough. I wasn’t wowed by the character’s personalities or motives. You don’t get any dynamic characters or anything like that. The main focus is on how Melody changes and grows as you tutor her. She’ll give you the cold shoulder at first, but once she starts seeing results she’ll open up to you a bit more. It’s a very slow burn of a game where you slowly earn her trust and get her on the path to success. The story is light-hearted and was actually pretty good. It’s not anything crazy, but it’s a decent enough story that will keep you invested. It’s a damn sexy looking game. The visuals are next level, especially if you go for the HD download version of the title. Every 3D model you see will be so fucking hot. The level of detail is simply something else. I can’t think of more than three or four other games that even come close to rivaling this level of quality. The backgrounds are well let. Each slut will have a unique design, so even you picky fucks will be able to find a hottie to bone. Since it’s just a visual novel, there’s no extra shit to deal with in terms of menus or anything like that except for your relationship page.

Fap to Dozens of Uncensored, Fully-Animated Sex Scenes

The sex scenes are fappable as fuck. You get your standard 3D panels and images to jerk off to, but you also get fully animated sex scenes to really drive that shit to the next level. Each scene will be fully uncensored and packed with loads of images, animations, and erotic dialog. They only thing that’s missing is hot audio. You get some music, but I would have loved to hear some breathy moans or wet slapping to accompany these scenes. I guess I can’t always have everything. Even without the audio you cucks should have no issue jerking your dicks to these quality scenes.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

The visuals are on point. You won’t find many other 3D-style games that look this good. You know the ones that I’m talking about. They look like they are full of mannequins that have come to life. Fucking terrifying. Thankfully, this game is full of life-like characters that don’t look like they will try and devour your soul. The whole game is vibrant and simply pleasant to look at. There aren’t any janky movements or strange-looking backdrops. It all looks great! All of that applies to the glorious sex scenes as well. You get some damn good fap material in this visual novel. And it just keeps on coming. You can’t go more than 10-15 minutes without getting hit by a lewd scene. Fuck yeah. I wish more games put this much focus on the sex scenes. Like I said earlier, you’re getting the good shit. Each one will be completely uncensored and have fully animated moments. You can’t get much better than that.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

I do wish that there was some more audio all throughout this game. You get music, but that’s really it. I wanted to hear these babes moan as I bent them over and fucked them raw. You’d think that a game all about music would have more attention to detail when it came to the audio design. But that’s my only main complaint. Other than that and maybe the slow pacing in the beginning, the game kicks ass. I think the vast majority of you horny betas will love it.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Melody is a must-play for those of you looking to kick back and relax with a low-key porn game. This shit is all about ambling through a chill story while you jack off to some damn good sex scenes. That’s enough for me to want to sit down and download it. It’s got hours of content to sink into. And, hell, you can even try out a demo of the game for free! I highly recommend it to each and every single one of you horny cucks looking to enjoy some uncensored, fully-animated sex scenes.

BestPornGames Likes Melody
  • You can try a dated version of the game for free
  • Dozens of uncensored, fully-animated sex scenes
  • An easy-going story with likable characters
  • Stunning, lifelike 3D models
BestPornGames Hates Melody
  • No hot voice acting or sexy sound effects
  • The full game costs money!