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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Meltys Quest

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Meltys Quest

User Rating: 4/5
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High-grade Eroge RPG Featuring Extreme Hentai scenes is what you’re going to get with Melty’s Quest. Anyone else sick of playing some cookie-cutter eroge RPGs with the only porn hentai is in combat. The crappy dialog that sounds like a beta crybaby that a lady has never seen before? I know I am. And, of course, it may be a little severe. Those games can be awesome. Nevertheless, I do need a break from the tiny weapon windows and the same sluggish buttons you see in all those RPG builder eroge titles. I want something that looks luxurious and sounds like that. I want a nice plot, solid gameplay, hentai scenes that are worth a stay.

And I found a game with every single one of those features and then some. Melty’s quest is an erogenous RPG, which lets you enjoy (or want) again for erogenous RPGs. It has been created with an RPG Developer by Sachinama. Not that you could tell by looking at this game. It’s like all RPG Developer games could be. It was released in 2017 and, over the years, has attracted a significant number of horny players. This Pc game costs a whopping 20 dollars. I don’t say this very often, but this game is worth every penny. So, without further ado, let’ start this motherfucking review, bitches!

A Personalized Experience of The Game

You go out of the house to chase creatures out of place. You run to find the bastards that surrounded your dad and sisters. Rudolf battles well but is finally overcome by big boobs by some loli’s beast whore. She tries to kill your dad, but Rudolf fucked her up too bad to finish the job. Your sisters are pulled through a dark vortex, and, though she is fairly injured, you flee from the king and Rudolf.

You hide up the castle in a small town, and the game continues from there. The castle is demolished. You have to help save Rudolf, explore the world, and build up the strength to defeat the monster army. It seems like a couple of hundred years back, humans and monsters duked it out, but none of them still lived. In comparison, hot creatures have been thriving and revolt for hundreds of years. You may claim that the developer has done a lot to bring this game out of the crowd. And, fuck, it was worth it. This game attracts your attention from the beginning.

Is The 20 Dollar Price Tag Worth It?

That being said, all on its own, it’s a fantastic game. The protagonists are formed, and they all have a personal shit. The gameplay is fun to delve into. And the plot is very beautiful and compelling. And this isn’t just a “hentai” game or anything. Overall, this is a good game. You will get hundreds of hours of entertainment and incredible HD artwork scenes for a reasonable price of $19,99. At this price point, with all the shit you’re going to get, it’s a fucking steal.

A Fuck-Ton of Hentai Scenes

This right here is the true fucking light of this game. Part of the game’s many Hentai scenes, you still receive Melty’s pleasant image at the right-hand side of the screen, which changes according to the clothes. And even the combat has fantastic artwork. If you battle the general beast first, in its full majesty, you get this enormous image of her. It’s all uncensored, and the game isn’t shy for some hardcore shit. When you lose to the goblins, you will be tortured and forced to suck their cocks with 5 or six separate illustrations of Melty.

Moreover, The voice, the sounds, and pornographic details literally connect certain scenes. When you’re not cumming in your underwear in the first sex sequence, I’ll be shocked. This shit is so good. Yet you’re not punished hard for losing this game so severely. You just have to walk back and resume every dungeon you’ve been in. The game also comes with the “Giving Up” option should you decide to miss anything to the kinky hentai scene.

Glorious Game Modes

There are three types of modes in Meltys Quest; the Kogal mode, Princess mode, and the True Princess mode. The three of them have different plots and endings. When you choose Kogal mode, you’ll be experiencing the game’s plot itself. The Princess mode, on the other hand, is recommended for players who badly want a little extra gameplay challenge. For the True Princess mode, it’s a special difficulty mode only available on New Game Plus.

The Combat System

The combat system is quite basic but extremely fun. Once you play the game, you’ll be given a chance to choose different outfits for Meltys; these dresses offer you several stats and buffs. In fact, the dress is a sophisticated device, and every dress she carries contributes to different ends. When all styles of apparel are perfected, you will be able to learn different skills and abilities that will help you with the game.

On the screen, conversations will be provided to direct you. You would have to go on a journey for the name of the game itself. Moreover, you will enter several caves, and of course, you will have horrific monsters such as goblins, slimes, lizards, and dogs, succumbed, and orcs that you will have to face. Be careful when you face those sons of bitches as you’ll be fucked in the ass before you even fucking know it.

What I Like About the Game

Okay, let’s start with the motherfucking basics of why I actually loved this fucking game. Firstly, I loved the fact that this game had some pretty neat storyline overall, it really got me hooked for a couple of hours. As a matter of fact, I started playing in an afternoon and calling it a day 6 fucking hours later. Moreover, this game offers some high-quality gameplay that will keep users interested for many fucking days!

Furthermore, I really loved the fact that the creatures found in this game are hideously beautiful. I’m trying to say that the developers managed to make one thing in this game right, and it’s the fucking monsters. Not to mention that the motherfucking sex scenes are goodman fabulous. It’s guaranteed to make you fucking cum within seconds of watching it. Don’t you believe me? Fucking try it fo yourself. You’ll see that you’re fucking wrong for not trusting me, you son of a bitch!

Recommendations for Improvements

You know what I always fucking say, when there’s a lot of good shit going on in something, there’s always bound to have flaws. Oh boy, this game has a fucking lot of it. Anyway, I want to start my rant by saying that this game is fucking expensive for what you fucking get in return. I mean, this game has a lot to offer, but it’s not that many to actually put a 20 dollar price tag on it. What the fuck are the devs thinking? I bet this game would gain a fuck-ton of followers if they managed to lower the price or fucking remove it.

Furthermore, I would like to point out that the game has fucking background music that’s really annoying to the ears. I mean, it’s not a big deal once you get to the fucking sex scenes, but from the majority of it, it’s really bad. Not to mention that this game has a fuck-ton of dialogue that’s either unnecessary or simply annoying. Moreover, the game has a lot of content to offer; therefore, it’s time-consuming to actually finish the game. However, it’s not good the good kind because you’re actually wasting a lot of time for fucking nothing. Not to mention that the overall graphics quality of this shit needs some extensive polishing.


In the overall review, the game is worth playing, particularly if you’re involved in combat or fucking hideous creatures if you have some fetish regarding royalties and Princesses. It’s not complicated to play as it fucking feeds you with a spoon. You have to pick and pursue what you want from the choices in the game. The game is good, and it’s simple to grasp. You can just quickly turn off the music if your little airy mind can’t take the clamor.

If this game sounds astonishing and enjoyable for your dingy brain, then what the fuck are you waiting for, little boy? Play the Meltys Quest now, and bring your fantasy into reality. You only need a few minutes to find this fucking game, so what keeps on holding you, bitch?

BestPornGames Likes Meltys Quest
  • Great storyline overall
  • High-quality gameplay
  • Creatures are wonderfully hideous
  • The sex scenes are awesome
  • Premium quality artwork
BestPornGames Hates Meltys Quest
  • The game costs around 20 dollars!
  • The background music is annoying
  • The storyline has a fuck-ton of dialogue
  • Time-consuming, not in the best way
  • The overall graphics need a bit of polishing