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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Men Bang

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Men Bang

User Rating: 4/5
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The story isn’t particularly strong; I would even go so far to say that it’s at the level of a cheesy ‘70s fap flick.

For once, this case it’s not an issue for me. You play as a taxi driver who works in some tropical, Los Angeles-inspired town who happens to run into famous, male pornstars.

As you pick them up, you turn your backseat into a casting couch and go through a series of tasks to get them to perform for you. What’s the end goal? Why start your own porn studio, of course.

Most of the First Part of the Game Is a Series of Integrated Minigames

The first part about this game is all about seducing porn stars you and your taxi run into. This is a multistage process, but there are several aspects to it, so you’ll never get bored.

Idle income – The first thing you’re going to want to do is to get a stream of passive income set up. The first one you get access to is the Bazaar, which is really a popup porn outlet. As you invest some of your energy points into it and it’ll generate cash forever on a regular basis.

As you level up and have more free energy, you can buy more stores to make you even more money. Further, you’ll have to diversify to romance some models.

Intimate encounters – The two ways to seduce your mark at every level is through this mechanism. There are two ways to do it 1.) Sweet Talk, and 2.) Touch Him.

The first is a minigame where you have to left-click and slash expletive language bubbles before they hit the performer. To get as many rewards as possible, you also have to avoid cutting compliments represented by speech bubbles with hearts in them.

You can also use the Touch Him feature, which is just clicking the screen over and over again. At first, it doesn’t take too many clicks to get there, but the higher your guy’s level, the longer you have to tap the mouse. It’s easier than the Sweet Talk minigame, but good luck not getting a cramp in your fingers.

Up your skills – One of the most crucial parts of leveling your guys up and climbing their seduction meters is to up your Skills. This allows you to seduce models, but you will get access to buying other establishments that will generate more money for you, too.

Gifts – Who doesn’t love some sugar? The characters in this game sure do, so be ready to dole some out in the form of designer underwear, cock rings, and sex toys to win their affection and build a better relationship. The upside is when you advance far enough that you have to start buying these items, you should have more than enough money saved up to buy these things.

Fake It – I’m not sure because the description isn’t, but it seems like what the devs were going for here was shooting your performer on a green screen. Whatever the case, performing these prerequisites will run you at least ten minutes and, depending on the background, will cost a lot of coin.

Recording movies – Once they are properly wooed with all of the level-up criteria, you just need to click on the Record button, which will take a few seconds early on and then later several minutes as the game goes on. You can speed things up by spending diamond points, but since it’s a simple matter of waiting, I wouldn’t waste your loot.

After the scene is finished, publish your film and collect rewards. Kind of like with filming, you can improve the rewards you get from publishing by spending diamonds, which will increase output by 100%. I wouldn’t say to do it all the time, but it is something to be considered every once and a while if you can afford it.

Time travel – costs diamonds, but accelerates the pace of the game by jumping you forward in time. That way, you can collect on more rewards, cash, etc. and build your porn empire even faster.

As you level up your performers, you are rewarded in terms of points and visuals. When it comes to points, the higher your guys get, the more collective energy you have. This means that you can split your energy meter between doing more Skills research and investing in your Idle income generators.

As far as visuals go, the higher your seduction meter with any performer is, the more naked they get. Get it high enough, and their poses become pretty damn sexy.

This Is Only the First Set of Stages of the Game

With this structure, the game does start out a little slow, but if you give it enough time, you’ll have loads of fun juggling between managing income, skills increases, and leveling your models.

With over twenty guys to win over, getting the hang of these mechanics early on is critical. But don’t worry, while it may seem like a lot at first, everything is easy to get the hang of. Even if you find yourself getting stuck, there are helpful tips that popup all the time to speed things up.

Seducing a guy, however, is just the beginning of your ongoing adventure. Once you’ve got a guy fully into making porn with you, the next part is to get your guy out of the cab and start filming inside your studio. Unlike other porn simulators, you don’t have to spend too much time or money buying a set or getting furniture and hiring a crew.

Once you’ve secured a set, you can assign one or several performers to them set a line up for what kind of sex they are going to perform and wait for filming to finish. Remember, this is a serious investment as even a solo scene will take about five hours to film – longer than most fap films take to put together.

The nice part is, once you get a collection of studio-produced films, you can make even more money and expand your erotic business.

The Characters Will Look Familiar to Those Who Regular Fap to Gay Porn

If you paid attention to my promo pics or have seen Men Bang art, you might guess that some of the guys look familiar. If you watch a lot of gay porn, especially the scenes coming out of, then this is no surprise.

In what may be a first, this video game features licensed renditions of some of the most famous male fap stars out there. The first one you encounter is the legendary dirty-blond stud William Seed, followed by twink (or twunk?) extraordinaire, Johnny Rapid, and then the olive-skinned dreamboat Francois Sagat.

And that’s just within the first half-hour of gameplay. There are about a couple dozen more guys to get into your cab and whisk to your studio like Pierre Fitch, Diego Sans, Baeux Banks, Alex Mecum, and Armond Rizzo, among many others.

The renderings of all of them look amazing, as do the backgrounds, animated bits, and various items you interact with. While I’m sure most of you won’t consider this a complaint, the performers’ genitals do look a bit larger than they are in life. XD

The Sound Design Works Well Given the Themes and Gameplay

The musical loop is a combination of synthesized music with a little bit of jazz thrown in, which gels well with the action. There is a fine suite of sound effects, though there is a lack of variety when it comes to the score, and everything sounds boring after a bit.

The biggest gripe I have with the sound design is that the designers could not have hired the models to voice their characters. That would have been awesome to hear and would nearly perfect the immersion.

Score Some Awesome Bonuses to Advance the Fun

As with other idle games, diamonds are not required to play but an excellent mechanism to speed things up. Usually, you’ll have to spend some serious money to get more once you burn through the set you start with.

However, there are deals going on a regular basis so you can save some money. Further, once you complete tasks like fully romancing a stud, you get rewarded with some game-enhancing gems.

Finally, if you verify your email account assigned to Nutaku, you can trade your start 100 gold for ten diamonds.

Even With the Level of Quality Put In I’d Like to See and Hear More

Besides the lack of voice acting, I think it would be nice to see some additional features added. The biggest thing which would be awesome would be to include more animations. There is some fun sex toy play when you fully seduce a model.

However, the rest is few and far between. If I could change one thing, it would be to add animated sequences for porno shots when you’ve assigned a character to star in a scene.

Here’s the Quick Summary of This Seminal Title

Besides all of the many things I’ve talked about already, there are even more bonuses to enjoy. You can look back at your archive of stills from seduction and movie’s scenes. There are a few spin the wheel games which might score you some additional items. And you can improve your performers’ models base stats, plus doll them up with some sexy outfits.

There are some issues I had at certain points, but it doesn’t ruin the gameplay too much. I say this is a strong four and a half hand game and think that anyone who likes gay porn stars will enjoy this idle smut studio management game.

So, give Steam or Nutaku a visit and give it a playthrough to find out what you think.

BestPornGames Likes Men Bang
  • Play as a taxi driver turned pornographer who seduces porn stars
  • Build a reputation with the models until they are properly seduced and create a smut empire
  • As you progress, there is more and more nudity available to see throughout the game
BestPornGames Hates Men Bang
  • There aren’t as many animations as I would like
  • I wish that there was voice acting by the performers
  • At first, getting the hang of the game can be slow