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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Merge Nymphs

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Merge Nymphs

User Rating: 4/5
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Merge Nymphs is a Free-to-Play Casual Hentai Game by

So many of you weebs have hero complexes. You want to be the best, most gentlemanly fuck out there. That will surely get you the babes, right? So you tip your fedoras to the fine maidens you see and make sure to hold the door for them. But god forbid they don’t thank you. The wrath of a nerdy white knight is truly something to behold. That’s how you know that whole nice guy persona is just an act when they turn around and start complaining about “foids.” Plus, how are you supposed to be some sort of conquering hero when you can’t even conquer a flight of stairs? Wheezing on the next landing while you take a hit from your inhaler really isn’t an alpha-male look. But I have a game that will let you feel like a hero for a little bit. It’s called Merge Nymphs. You play as the long lost god of fertility, and it is your job to awaken the slumbering nymphs with the might of your cock. But I’ll get into the nitty-gritty of that story here very shortly.

Play this Game Free in Browser or Download the Complete Nutaku Game Client

What you fucks need to know is that this is yet another quality title by the prolific hentai developer known as Nutaku. These fucks have been pumping out game after game for nearly a goddamn decade at this point, and they show no signs of tiring or slowing down. Fuck, they even have merch. By all means, wear that shit around. More pussy for me. But, yeah, you can find this title for free over at You can play it in your browser or download the Nutaku client to play it at any time. You’ll need to sign-up for a free account on Nutaku to get access to the game, but that same account will give you unfettered access to every single free game on the site. I say that’s worth it for the measly task of putting an email and password in there. Anyway, you’re thrown right into the tutorial of the game, which is nice. I hate it when you don’t get any fucking directions at all. Thankfully, this site is pretty good about including in-depth tutorials for all of its games.

Puzzle-Solving Level System is Clearly Explained with an In-Depth Tutorial

This sexy blonde nymph leads you around and gives you the scoop on what the fuck is going on. Well, kind of. As with many Nutaku titles, this shit is so vague. They always try and zoom past the story as quickly as possible. It’s like getting served at a fucking Denny’s. They throw that shit down and leave you to find meaning out of it. You’re supposed to resurrect all of these sleeping nymphs to combat golems…for whatever reason. The golems are bad. You guys are good. That’s all that you really need to know to figure this shit out. You get walked through the level clearing process first. It’s not a combat system like I was expecting. I was already gearing up to harp on about how much the auto-combat system fucking sucked. Fortunately, this is more of a puzzle-based game. You match up items that are on the map, but you have to tackle each level by releasing items in the correct order. You can have your nymph jerk off dick candles to produce essence that will unlock other items. Once you have everything cleared, you match them up in rows of three to try and get the biggest combination possible. It sounds strange on paper, but it’s a pretty intuitive and easy system to learn.

Expand Your Kingdom and Level-Up Your Horny Nymphs

Each level you complete will earn you some gold, items, and power. You can then take that shit back home and use a combination of all three rewards to expand your nymph territory. The more you expand the more resources and characters you’ll have at your disposal. You can get brothels, shops, and all sorts of places under your control. Eventually, you’ll have a massive empire to manage. Though this game does hit you with the stamina limits. You can only do so much before your tired nymphs have to rest. You can bypass this by opening up your frayed velcro wallet and dishing out some dosh for the premium currency. The audio design and visuals in this game are right up there with the other big-name titles from Nutaku. You get killer artwork that is full of color, fluid animations, and vibrant backgrounds. It’s a great game to look at, and It’s easy to get sucked in by all of the shiny menus and glowing buttons. The music is great. It fits the theme of each location pretty well. You’re not stuck with a single, unending track like in some shittier games out there.

Jerk Your Dicks to Loads of Hot, Uncensored Hentai Illustrations

The hentai sex scenes are so fucking fapworthy. And it doesn’t even take that long to start unlocking them. You get new scenes by combining nymphs together at your base or by unlocking new ones. You get a single-paneled hentai illustration full of erotic dialog. I’d have liked a few more panels or maybe some sound effects, but it’s not too bad for a free Nutaku title. Plus, each scene is uncensored and rendered in HD for your fapping pleasure.

Take this Casual Game on the Go with Nutaku’s Custom Android App

Most of you cucks will be pleased to know that you can take your hentai fap-fest on the go with the Android app version of the game. All you need to do is navigate to the game’s landing page on a mobile browser to get a direct download link for said version. It plays exactly the same as the desktop game and can even sync your progress across versions if you log in to your Nutaku account. That way you never have to leave your cute waifus behind!

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

I liked being able to kick back and relax with this game. It’s not intense. The levels are easy-going even when they get more difficult. You’re not on a timer or any sort of time crunch. You can take the game at your own pace. It’s fucking nice no to have to worry about leaving the game running to auto-battle or some shit either. Those kinds of games are such a commitment. I liked being able to hop into this title whenever I felt like it. And you don’t need to sink tens of hours into it to make decent progress. Plus, you get some damn good fap material for this being a free game. Some Nutaku titles love to string you along for hours before they give you the good shit. This one is hitting you with lewd scenes like they’re going out of style. You’ll be banging new nymphs every 10 or so minutes in this damn game. And each scene will be fully uncensored and rendered in a beautiful, HD hentai art style that you weebs will fucking love.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

There’s always room for improvement when it comes to these free-to-play titles. I’d love to see some sound effects during the sex scenes. I want to hear these whores moan as they get fucked. I was very surprised that there was only a single panel for each scene. I usually expect a bit more from Nutaku’s games. But at least the illustrations are still uncensored and hot as fuck to fap to. Other than that, this was a solid experience all around. Not many titles can offer such a premium-feeling game like this one for free without any required downloads.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Merge Nymphs is a great game if you’re looking for a casual experience that won’t make you think too much. This is a pretty damn fun puzzle-solver title that’s full of kinky sex scenes. That’s a combination made in heaven right there. You can download or play this game in your browser with no required costs. Even the microtransactions aren’t pushed too hard in this one. If you’re looking for an easy-going title that you can sink some hours into while jerking off to hot hentai sluts, then this is the game for you!

BestPornGames Likes Merge Nymphs
  • Relaxing puzzle-solving gameplay with low stakes
  • High-quality artwork and visual design
  • Uncensored hentai illustrations to fap to
  • It’s completely free-to-play in Browser or on Android
BestPornGames Hates Merge Nymphs
  • Only one illustration per sex scene