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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Midnight Fireworks

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Midnight Fireworks

User Rating: 3/5
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At this point, there are adult online games of all kinds for people of just about every kink. Since they don’t require human actors – and are limited only to artistic skill and programming techniques – the sort of games that can be made are more imaginative than what the best-funded porn studio can make.

Those factors, combined with modern software and crowdsourcing, means that the number of explicit video games have erupted all over the internet. On this site, I’ve tracked down most of the more mainstream ones you can find on Nutaku and Steam, but have now transitioned toward more obscure titles.

In the interest of being thorough, and to help out my gay bros, this includes some of the more homoerotic games – even those that might be considered a little odd. Don’t quit reading yet; no matter where you stand on the genre, this furry fap game makes for an exciting read.

Some Freaky Geeks Are Both Horny and Talented

In case someone is clutching their figurative pearls at that header, I’m not being a dick when I use the term ‘freaky’ or ‘geek.’ After all, geeks are the people who make the games I review, and I’m glad for that. Plus, on a personal level, I’ve got my own range of crazy kinks. If you don’t get that, go get yourself a milky pearl necklace and calm down. Moving on, the freaky geek in question, who operates under the handle fek, has been pumping out games as an indie developer for several years now. Some of his new or lesser-known titles include Bedplay and Pawstitution, and maybe his most popular games are Rack, and its sequel. Although to me, it seems like a side project, one of his first uploads was Midnight Fireworks circa 2015. Some of fek’s fans and other furry gamers may not have heard of it, but I have noticed that this experimental interactive experience has picked up some positive notoriety since its original release. From what I can see, it may have helped fek’s online career take off and helped make him become completely independent.

The Premise Is Simple and Unpretentious

To be upfront, this is an explicit furry game, so if that weirds you out, you have been warned. Anyway, there is not much of a plot at all. Instead, you start out from the menu with a series of audio and visual options and a selection of characters to pick from. Once you’ve got your chosen pairing, you jump straight into the erotic action.

My rating: 5/5

The Game Mechanics Are Easy or Can Be Enjoyed Handsfree

As the game starts, you see the sex from the tops point-of-view as s/he fucks the bottom missionary style. There are two meters to be considered with: the bottom’s cum meter and the top’s. When it comes to charging both, you can set the humping to auto or manual. If you put the game on autopilot, you can just sit back and wait for the money shot(s). The manual version is super easy as all you need to do is stroke the mouse up and down. If you adjust how fast or slow you go, you should be able to match up the target speed arrow on the bottom’s cum meter. Once you match that up, the bottom cums, and when the top’s is fully charged, simply lick to cum. There are a few more details to mention. For one, you can switch between a broad view, which shows the bottom’s full-body, or focus in on what’s going on between-me-down-there. You can also set the top’s cum settings to either internal, pull out, or randomized. Lastly, even after both characters have climaxed, you can go again for another round. Further, between sessions and even in the middle of them, you can switch top, bottom, or both. How great would that be in a real sexual encounter?

My rating: 4/5

The Highlight of This Game Is Easily the Visuals

When it comes to putting the work into this simulator’s look, fek pulled a John Hammond and spared no fucking expense. Each human-shaped creature is rendered remarkably well with exquisite detail put into everything. All of the characters are unique, even down to the look of their genitalia. The background isn’t much to speak on, but keeping with the title, you can turn on or off the fireworks effect. It may not seem like it adds too much, but the campy impact and the shifting color change somehow gives this game a little bit extra punch. It certainly gives this game a unique ‘it’ thing.

My rating: 5/5

You Get Access to Several Furry Fuckmates

The characters you can interact with are inspired by creatures real and fictitious, and there are dozens to pick from. Divided into strict tops and bottoms each character’s role is exclusive, which I think might disappoint some people. However, with so much variety, I think most of you will be okay with that. I should also add that while it seems like the target players are gay dudes, there are a series of characters, both tops, and bottoms, who are trans and even female. There aren’t quite as many, but the level of quality put into those characters’ design is the same. And yeah, they cum just as hard, too.

My rating: 5/5

While Not Extensive, The Music and Audio FX Are Awesome

There is only one complete track that plays on a loop, but it’s well orchestrated (pun intended) and gels well with the game’s theme. It’s soft yet engaging and sounds original, almost professionally created. Furthermore, the audio effects include ambient noise of crickets singing, fireworks popping off in the background, and subtle ‘squishy’ sounds during the humping and pumping. If it gets a little old for you, you can always turn the sound on or off. Like some of the visuals, through the menu, it’s possible to toggle the limited audio, the music, breathing sounds, and the music, specifically.

My rating: 4/5

When It Comes to Places to Play, Your Options Are (Not) Limited

When I looked around for places to find Midnight Fireworks, I was surprised to see that there were several platforms that host this game even compared to other adult games. Besides the usual sites like Newgrounds and GamCore, smaller regular and niche adult gaming sites host this example of fek’s work. MySexyGamer, Lust Games, and GamesofDesired.com (yes, that’s the correct spelling) are mainstream examples. I suppose, unshockingly, the FurryNetwork.com and FurAffinity.net also host this game. It kind of sucks, though, considering that these platforms aren’t mobile-friendly, or rather games don’t always load on certain mobile devices. I believe some tablets and Android devices should be able to load them, but depending on the other sort of browser you are using, you might be shit outta luck.

My rating: 3/5

There Are Still Things I Think Could Be Added

While this game has solid fundamentals in most categories, I do think that fek could add even more to improve the experience. Obviously, there is no reason to slap on a story or anything since it would detract from the core premise. But I think adding to the sexual content would do wonders, especially given the quality of the graphics. So, if I could add to this interactive bit of erotica, I would like to see more potential sex positions and sex acts like maybe some blow and hand job action. I would like to hear some species-appropriate animal grunts during the fucking and cumming parts to keep with the furry theme.

Here Is the Kind of Person I Think Will Like Midnight Fireworks

As this is a guy-on-guy (at least sort of) game, this one is a bit more niche than some of the other games I’ve reviewed by quite a bit. Of course, this game clearly has a following what with hundreds of positive comments and player reviews spread across several websites. That fact, combined with the financial supporter Midnight Fireworks’ creator fek is significant. Plus, I have to consider the fact that there are plenty of furry enthusiasts out there, so it makes sense there would be games to cater to this niche. Given the high quality and extreme detail, I think that a lot of furry fanatics should give this game a look. Then I have to take into account the fact that some horny gamers just want to get online and get off quickly. So, even if you aren’t into seeing anthropomorphic animals bang, if you’re a speed wanker this might be right up your alley. Of course, if you’re both, then this game will be a special treat.

Adding the Points and Coming to a Final Point

So, I’ve covered every significant aspect of this game and rated everything in detail. In case you skimmed through the article, I’ll repeat that this game isn’t for everyone. But if you think furries are fabulous and looking for a quick nut, this sex simulator is perfect for you. With a total of 2 out of 30 points on my adjusted scale, I give this game, however simple, a positive score of 86%. But to make things simple, like I always do, I’ll rank this game on my simpler five hands scale, I’ll assign this one a good four and a half hands.

BestPornGames Likes Midnight Fireworks
  • Once you log in, you get to select the settings and jump into the action
  • You get a fantastic selection of furry buddies to have fun with
  • The visuals are some of the best of any gay game I’ve seen
  • It’s possible to get this free game on several websites
BestPornGames Hates Midnight Fireworks
  • If you like more in-depth games, this one is bound to disappoint
  • Other than the missionary style fornicating, there is not much else
  • You are limited to enjoying this game on a single platform
  • So far, there is no mobile-friendly version