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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Midnight Paradise

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Midnight Paradise

User Rating: 4/5
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Midnight Paradise is a UHD 3D-Style Visual Novel by Lewdlab

Don’t you wish that you could live a care-free life without any consequences? Hell, even I have to face the music sometimes. I can’t tell you how many dude’s girlfriends that I’ve plowed behind their back. It always sucks in dealing with the aftermath of all of that. I’d say it wasn’t worth it, but pussy is always worth it. Trust me on that shit. I know some of you incels might not believe me. But I bet you betas wish that you could live a life where you had loads of cash, power, and bitches. It’s the goddamn dream. I can’t magically make you fucks attractive, wealthy, or powerful. What I can do is show you a kinky game where you play as an alpha who has it all. Midnight Paradise is a 3D-style visual novel by the legendary fucks over at Lewdlab. These talented developers have been responsible for a solid number of quality sex games and mods. You should check out some of their other games if you somehow haven’t heard of them yet. Anyway, this game has you playing as an alpha fuck who could very well fall from grace if he isn’t careful.

The Full Game Will Cost You at least $10 a Month

Development for the game began back in February of 2019. It’s currently on version 0.9, so it’s well on its way to becoming yet another completed title that will be added to Lewdlab’s catalog. The “elite” version of the game will run you a staggering $40 a month on their Patreon page at Patreon.com/lewdlab. Holy fuck, that’s a lot of cash. Though you do a lot of exclusive content for that price. The “general” version of the game will only run you 10 bucks a month. That version is still complete. It will just be one or two updates behind the elite version of the game. You play as a cocky dude named Connor. This game throws you right into the action. You’re in a bathroom stalling plowing the pussy of this whore who is this dude Chad’s girlfriend. That’s the kind of start I like to fucking see. I’m tired of boring-ass games where you’re stuck waiting hours just to see the slightest nip slip. Here you’re getting a glorious sex scene right off the bat. But I’ll go deeper into just how fucking good these scenes are in a little bit. Strap in and keep reading to get some more deets.

Enjoy a Visual Novel With Choices that Actually Matter

Chad finds you fucking his bitch. I don’t know why he decided to barge into the ladies’ room, but he finds you guys there and stops you mid-thrust. He knocks you out. This starts you off on a bit of downward spiral. You start running out of cash and end up flunking out of college since you spent all of your time getting laid. I’d say that’s worth the trade-off, but that’s just me. You have to go back home and live with your “landlord” and “landlady.” Yeah, they’re actually your character’s parents. The game is just getting around some of those shitty incest laws by naming the characters. You’re also living with your two hot sisters. Again, the game doesn’t call them your sisters. But I can read enough context clues to get what the fuck is going on here. So, yeah, there’s some good news for you incest fetish freaks out there. Of course, there’s a full fan-made incest patch out there if you really need to drive that shit home.

An Open Sandbox Style Game with lots of Player Agency

Essentially, you need to get your shit together before it all goes south for good. Thankfully, you won’t have to fuck around with any complex systems or time-management aspects to play this game. It’s a rather straightforward visual novel about talking with characters and making choices that will influence the rest of the game. It’s not a brutal experience or one that will challenge you. You can take a deep breath and play this game without worrying about any of that bullshit. You’re simply along for the ride. You will get to decide who you want to pursue in terms of fuck buddies or relationships. Nobody is off the table. You can plow your mom, sister, and any other babe you meet along the way. It’s a visual novel that takes a bit of a sandbox approach. You can go wherever you want whenever you want and try to fuck whoever you want. There’s no real pressing plot that you have to follow immediately. As long as you do the bare minimum to keep your finances up and your life on track you’ll be good to go.

Dozens of Fully Animated, 4K UHD, Uncensored Sex Scenes to Fap to

The writing is pretty decent. The game isn’t going to hit you with many major twists and turns, but it’s well-written. The characters sound as natural as the can for an incest porn game. The audio design is solid as well. It’s not a voiced title, but you do get loads of music tracks and sound effects all throughout the title. But all of that comes second when compared to the glorious 3D art and design. Holy shit. This is easily one of the best looking 3D-style titles out there right now. You’d be hard-pressed to find more than five titles that even come close to being as stunning and expertly crafted as Midnight Paradise. That same visual design is carried over to the fully animated, beautifully uncensored sex scenes. The animation is so fluid. It’s like you’re fucking there. These whores look more real than the slut laying on my lap as I write this shit. You really do get to see every little detail. And most scenes will have multiple angles to fap to. And, man, this game keeps the sexy content coming. You can’t go more than 10 minutes in this game without having some babe suck your cock or take it in the ass.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

The visuals are by far the best part of Midnight Paradise. It’s one of those games that’s simply nice to look at during every scene. The characters are lifelike. The backgrounds are fleshed out. The whole world is vibrant and bursting with colorful places and dynamic locations. And the animation style is top-tier quality. I haven’t seen many, if any, animations in a 3D-style game that even come close to beating the quality content displayed in this game. If you’re looking for a game that looks and feels like a premium experience, then you definitely should dish out the dosh for this shit. The sex scenes just take all of that and bring it to a whole new level. You won’t be able to jerk off to shittier 3D games after witnessing these scenes. Each scene will be beautifully rendered and animated. Tits bounce. Holes spread. Tongues loll. It’s fucking insane. And you get to experience all of these uncensored scenes in HD. You even get quality moans, sound effects, and music to turn the immersion up another notch.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

Man, just keep this shit rolling and finish the game. I have no doubt that Lewdlab will get it done. They’ve got nearly 4 thousand patrons supporting them. It’s hard not to keep working when you’re rolling in that much fucking cash. I don’t have any major or minor suggestions this time around. The game is full of amazing content and accomplishes every goal that it set out to meet. I suggest that you cucks keep track of this game and buy it while you can still get it at development prices.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Midnight Paradise is a must-play title for incest and 3D-style porn lovers alike. It is bursting with quality every step of the way. It’s one of the few titles that has blown me away in terms of art, animation, and visual design. You beta cucks are in for a treat for this one. I highly recommend you all at least dish out the dosh for the $10 general version of the game. It’s rare that I say this, but it’s worth the price. You get some incredibly animated sex scenes that will show you just how good 3D-style porn games can be. Go check it out now!

BestPornGames Likes Midnight Paradise
  • Incredibly lifelike 3D models
  • Fluid, 4K UHD, uncensored sex scenes
  • A simple, straightforward visual novel with choices that matter
  • Solid writing and audio design
BestPornGames Hates Midnight Paradise
  • It’s expensive!
  • It isn’t finished yet