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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Milf’s Control

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Milf’s Control

User Rating: 2/5
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Milf’s Control is a Lewd RPG Maker Game Where You Mind-Control Horny Babes

I love MILFs. You know it. I know it. Hell, I don’t know a goddamn soul who doesn’t love a busty MILF. I know some of you cucks lust after fresh 18-year-olds and babes in their 20s. But, man, that’s just because you haven’t taken a MILF to pound town. Those bitches know how to work a cock better than any other slut out there. And they are horny as all hell. These thick sluts will have you fucking them in the back of a goddamn Pottery Barn for a first date. They don’t mess around. If they want a dicking, then they will take that shit by force, and there won’t be a damn thing you can say or do to stop them. But, really, I’d give anything to turn the tables. I want to dominate and fuck every hot mom that I stumble across. While that might not be possible for most of you pathetic betas in real life, you can live out that fantasy by playing Milf’s Control. This kinky game gives you a strange artifact that lets you hypnotize any hot babe that you come across. It just so happens that your town is full of middle-aged dime pieces just waiting for you to fuck all of their holes.

Grab the Full, Completed Game for Free From!

The game was finished way back in November of 2016 by a developer called ICSTOR. That’s fucking right, I’ve got a full game for you fucks today. You won’t have to sit there twiddling your thumbs waiting for some update to come out years down the line. You can read more about ICSTOR’s current projects by hopping over to But you won’t find this title there. For this game, you’ll need to head over to and download it for free! It’s that fucking easy. You play as some high schooler who has been having dreams about a long lost treasure that was hidden away hundreds of years ago. You piddle around with a card game before getting enough money to go on a field trip to a nearby museum where—you guessed it—you find some secret entrance that leads to the item in question. It’s a ring of control. You can use it to bend the will of horny babes to your desires. Now, just like any good mind-control game, you can’t just go willy nilly with it. It has its limits.

Use Your Newly-Found Mind-Control Powers to Seduce Hot MILFs

It’s not so powerful that you can just make some slut bend over and let you thrust your cock in her pussy. You have to work your way up to that. Each time you try to make some babe do what you want, you’ll have to do a quick time event where you hit a bunch of different keys before the timer runs out. It’s not too hard, but the low-resolution of some of the symbols can make it frustrating. Thankfully, there’s a toggle in your room to make those automatic if you don’t want to fuck around with it. Aside from the quick-time events, the gameplay is centered around a card game. You can earn money, sex scenes, items, and unlock events by beating people in this kinky game. You use playing five cards. Each card has a number on each of its four sides that correspond to its strength. You play on a grid where you or your opponent can place up to nine cards in total between you. If your card has a higher number than the card next to it, then it flips to your color. It’s like a slightly more complex and lewd version of Othello. It’s actually pretty fucking fun. I prefer it over your standard turn-based combat or whatever.

Wandering Around the City can get Frustrating & Confusing

Those elements of the game were fun. What wasn’t fun was the endless wandering I had to fucking do to find anything. Nothing is labeled. There’s no quest tracker. At one point the game tells you to go home. Well, it took me nearly 15 minutes of going up to random goddamn buildings trying to find my way back. It was ridiculously tedious. I feel like this could have been avoided by having a map to look at or even a mini-map to track where you are in the city. Visually, the base game is pretty bare-bones. It makes use of basic RPG Maker assets without really adding anything unique to the mix. But I’ll give them a bit of a pass this time around since the game came out nearly four years ago at this point. It still looks pretty damn good for having base assets. Despite some navigational issues, the world is full of life. There are loads of people to talk to and objects to interact with. It doesn’t feel lifeless like some cities in other lewd games where there’s like five people to talk to tops.

Jerk off to Loads of 3D-Style, Uncensored Illustrations

You do get some hot sex scenes to jerk your dick to. They won’t be animated or anything like that, but each one will have quite a few uncensored, 3D-style panels for you cucks to get off to. And, man, this game is fucking packed full of them. You can’t go more than 10 minutes without seeing some hot MILF spread her legs for you. That’s the kind of shit that I want to see. It’s always good when a lewd game puts the good shit first. There’s not a whole lot of wild fetish content, but you can expect loads of vanilla fuck scenes to fuel your fap sesh.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

I liked all of the unique features that they packed into this game. You get a dope card game, quick-time events, and some hot fucking mind control scenes. Sure, it’s nothing revolutionary in the lewd game sphere, but it’s still a step above and beyond what loads of other cookie-cutter games give you. It was a fun take on the usual RPG Maker formula where you have to grind out combat for hours on end for the slightest reward. The card games didn’t feel like a chore to play through at all. I’d actually fuck with a game that was just that mini-game. It was that good. Of course, I also liked the kinky sex scenes. You get loads of them! There are dozens of scenes with each one having tons of different illustrated 3D-style panels for you to jerk off to. I won’t lie. I do wish they were animated or voiced, but I can’t have it all. If you don’t mind the still images, then you betas will be in for a treat. Expect loads of domination, incest, and mind-control fetish scenes. And each one will be fully uncensored! No dealing with pixelated pussies in this title.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

An objective tracker is an absolute must. Or, hell, give me a static map. It was hard to get a lay of the land. I didn’t know where jack shit was for the longest time. That sort of tedium can turn players away quickly. It sure made me frustrated, to say the least. It’d be a simple fix. This may just be me, but the card game had a fairly steep learning curve. It’s not that it was hard to grasp, but your opponents will be pretty tough. The game could have warmed you up with some easy ones to start with. As is, the opponents are fairly difficult across the board. You’re tossed right into the deep end. But that’s not a huge issue. It becomes pretty manageable once you get the hang of the game.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Milf’s Control is a damn good game for you hypno-fetish lovers out there. I hesitate to call it a must-play since it has so many tedious moments when you’re trying to complete objectives. But, man, they do some fun shit with this one. The card game is engaging and was a genuine blast. Finding a new card was rewarding, especially if you found something rare. Not only that, but the sex scenes were fucking fire. Each one I saw had nearly a dozen different panels for you to jerk off to. You get jazzy music, erotic dialog, and all of that good shit. Plus, you can get the entire game for fucking free. What the hell are you even waiting for?

BestPornGames Likes Milf’s Control
  • Hot hypno-fetish sex scenes!
  • Fun card-based mini-game
  • Uncensored, fetish-filled, 3D-style illustrations
  • It’s free to download and play!
BestPornGames Hates Milf’s Control
  • No objective tracker or map