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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Milfy City

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Milfy City

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Milfy City is the type of slow-burn game for people who want a tease. This visual novel-style, choose your own adventure story makes you care more about the characters than the actual sex itself. These smoking hot, realistic character models make the wait even worse. So if you need to jerk off right now, manage your expectations. This game doesn’t just let you bang whoever you want, whenever you want. Nope, you have to fucking work for it. If you hate that, this just isn’t the game for you, dude. If you’re like me and you don’t mind some heavy teasing to get the blood pumping first, then sit your ass down and stay a while. You don’t always have to rush, do you? Because this game sure as hell expects you to not to. You play as some bland high school twink who’s too insecure to get laid. At the start of the game, you’re talking with the school’s psychiatrist, who’s psychoanalyzing how fucking pathetic you are. See, you’re so hopeless that you tried to ask out one of your teachers in the hallway, and she laughed in your face. Everyone overheard and started laughing at you. Instead of getting expelled for being a dumbass lusting after your teacher, you have to sit for this lame session. The psychiatrist is pretty fucking hot, and she likes jerking you around and getting in your head. It’s all a tease, though. You can’t fuck her, but I already know you’re going to want to. Well, that’s the whole point. It’s the game getting you in that state of mind, ready to tease you even more with a few other chicks. Then you get to choose your own adventure, spending some nice, quality time with one of three different chicks. There’s the classic married MILF who’s supposed to be your “landlord,” your shy gamer friend who lives with you, and your older bangable friend. They’re all supposed to be your friend, but you know how this shit works by now. Depending on which girl you pick, you play through their storyline and end up fucking around with them. Each story is pretty different and shines on its own. No matter which girl you choose though, get ready for some serious blue balls. And it’s not just because of the teasing. Milfy City isn’t finished. Right when the storyline’s about to get to some real fucking, it ends there. You have the option of picking another girl’s story to play through instead. But once you play through all three of them, that’s it. No more. Slow-burn or not, it’s really jarring. I wouldn’t blame you for getting pissed off or annoyed over just how incomplete this fucking game is. The story and the characters are supposed to be more important, sure. As long as you know what you’re getting into, it shouldn’t be too bad. Just don’t be like me and expect a bunch of hardcore railing with these chicks. You’re going to be disappointed.

Everyone Wants You

The good thing about being an insecure twink is that these girls secretly want you because you’re an insecure twink. Like yeah, you’re supposed to be their friends. Whatever. They’re all going to experiment with you at some point. How it happens depends on the story. These chicks aren’t looking for some big strong dude to take them away. They like you because you’re nice and weak. Or they feel sorry for you. Or they get off to you making them feel ten years younger again. You know, that typical sensitive shit. If that’s your thing, this game is perfect for you. Because Milfy City isn’t too hardcore, everything the main character goes through in his relationships is actually realistic. Those borderline-innocent things you fantasize about with your friends who are girls? They’re probably here. Finding her panties in her room and picking them up yourself. Spying on her while she’s getting dressed. Rubbing her tits while she’s asleep. You know, the usual. The game gets you started with shit like that, while the main character acts guilty about it, holding himself back from doing more. Then the girls either find out how much of a little pervert you are, or they’re the ones moving the relationship forward.

Different “MILFs” to Fuck Around With

Milfy City’s a pretty misleading title. At least for the stage that the game is in now. Seriously, there’s only one actual MILF in this game. It’s your landlord who’s married to some other dude. Your other two friends are around your age—one’s younger than you and the other one’s older than you. Unless you’re a diehard for MILFs, you’re going to have to put up with it. But it’s not so bad since the girls have their own unique personalities. I bet you know by now that the sex isn’t really the point, right? It’s about the relationships with those little fantasies and some teasing. For now anyway, until the game gets an actual update. Take what you can get. Like I said, you’re supposed to care more about creating a real bond with these chicks. They do kind of feel like your friends. Even though Milfy City is about lust and (getting to) sex, it’s not that hard to start caring about these chicks. The actual MILF is bored with her lame ass husband, and you get her all excited again. She gets nervous around you. She’ll roam her hands over your leg until she reaches your dick, and then she might “accidentally” start stroking you. When she kisses you, you have the choice to say if you like her back or not. Either way, your character’s going to start liking her even if you don’t. It’s annoying, since you basically start messing around with her or the other girls regardless of which choices you pick. Your other, older friend (not a MILF) doesn’t take your crush all that seriously at first. She spends most of her storyline blowing hot and cold, or keeping you in the friend zone. When her finances are running low, she starts selling pictures of herself online. And who does she want to take pictures of her? You, obviously, since you can’t take your fucking eyes off of her. Even when you get hard while you snap these photos of her, she brushes it off or acts like it’s no big deal. She’s a major fucking tease about it. Sure, she’ll rub her ass against your hard-on while she’s wearing one of her sexy costumes, or hook you up with her bitchy friend. But she definitely plays hard to get. Your third friend goes to school with you, and she’s your roommate. If you hate her cute little crush on you, too bad. You can’t tell her to fuck off. The most you can do is just not play through her storyline. Milfy City gives you that option. Then again, because the game isn’t that long, you might as well see what your sweet and innocent friend has to offer you. Or maybe you’re into that kind of thing. Even better. You’ll probably end up smiling at the way she gets jealous when another girl makes out with you while playing spin the bottle. She’s too fucking adorable and I hate it.

What I Like

This is a good-looking game. For a visual novel, the art is pretty detailed and nice to watch. The chicks are gorgeous, and once you finally get to do something with them, it’s great to stare at. You might find yourself pausing on certain scenes because of how amazing they look. The realism is perfect for anyone who wants a visual novel, but without the hentai-style art.

I ended up liking the slower pace to Milfy City, too. I don’t need my games to be hardcore all the time. Sometimes I could do with a break from intense throat-fucking and rough gangbangs. If you need to slow down from all those other types of games, then start this one up. Or if you just want some decent writing that focuses on relationships, this isn’t a bad pick.

What I Hate

The game warns you ahead of time that it’s not finished. Well, guess what? It really isn’t finished. You play through the storylines with each girl, and then that’s all. No more. You’re done. If you hate one of the chicks and only care about one, you’re out of luck. All you can do is play through her same story over and over again. If you need some variety, you can pick different dialog choices next time. But that’s pretty much it.

Slow-Burn, Sexy Teases

Milfy City is a huge tease, but it’s all part of the charm. Those borderline-innocent situations I mentioned make up most of the game. Blowjobs are the furthest you’ll get with these girls. They like to kiss you first and get you all hot and bothered. You’d better be ready to declare your love for these chicks, too. It’s not that cheesy romantic shit like those throwaway $5 novels. These girls want you to like them before taking it to the next level, that’s all.

Your dialog choices only matter when it comes to the teasing. Do you want your girl to give you a blowjob or a footjob? Cum in her mouth or on her face? It’s those types of decisions that reward you with what you want.

BestPornGames Likes Milfy City
  • Hot, realistic character models
  • Lustful teasing
  • Decent writing
  • Easy to care about the girls
BestPornGames Hates Milfy City
  • There’s only one MILF out of the three characters
  • The game isn’t finished
  • Dialog choices don’t always matter