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Updated on 15 January 2020
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MNF Club Game

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MNF Club Game

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Today is a great day to get out of your smelly-ass man cave and do something better once in your life. You should try it since you’re doing nothing but masturbating your balls dry. Why don’t you try something different and out of the ordinary? I bet it’ll change how you approach things and gain more experience on how to handle life better. But, if you find it challenging to do all those real-life shit, I can’t blame you. And, since you’re here, I have a game for you that’ll allow you to socialize with numbers of people from around the world.

I present to you, MNF Club Game! MNF Club Game is a massively multiplayer online game where you can meet, chat, and have cybersex to your heart’s desire. By the way, MNF stands for “Meet N Fuck”, and if you’re familiar with other Meet N Fuck games, you’ll have an idea of the graphics and artwork of the game. The game is unique and stands out from the rest of the games that Meet N Fuck created since you can freely roam around different places of the mat and meet new people. With all online sex games, our goal is to meet horny bitches who crave good dick.

Wait. MNF Club game is free-to-play? I know you losers stay in your piece of shit of a man cave all day because you can’t afford to buy expensive things, so yes. The game is free, and you only have to head to their site, and they’ll have you choose to either download the game or play in the browser. Sadly, the game’s browser version requires you to run the Adobe Flash Player, and websites such as Chrome or Firefox don’t support such plug-in any more. So, without any further delay, let’s get on with this highly entertaining review.

Easy! Sexy! Social!

MNF Club game is a point-click game where you only have to click on a spot where you’d like your avatar to go to and click other avatars for their profiles to pop up. With that in mind, you can click your avatar to find your level, amount of cash you have, and active status. You can also edit your bio and be as creative as you want to attract those horny sluts. I found that most of the women in MNF Club have links of an image in their bio as to whose appearance they’re trying to portray in their avatar or they’re own images.

My only advice as you play this game is that most of the links of images they have in their bio are make-believe or that they want to make you believe that it’s them. Remember, MNF Club Game is a virtual space where you can pretend to be someone you’re not, so don’t take things seriously and allow yourself to get baited. You might not know that the girl you meet named “butterflyJenny” is a fat bearded sadistic old man in real life. Although, in terms of socializing, you’re free to chat in the location you’re in to get people’s attention.

If you want to take it to the next level, click on people’s avatar and send them a private message even if you aren’t in-game friends yet. One problem I saw when I was roaming around the world of MNF Club was that several people sent me a private message that had paid link shorteners. I don’t blame them if they want to earn money in a messed-up way, but those shortened paid links shouldn’t be in the game. The reason being is that it ruins the overall gaming experience as well as the essence of socializing.

When it comes to the sexy part of the game, there are plenty of people running around with naked avatars. However, the only way for you to run around naked is to purchase the game’s premium membership. With premium membership, you have access to more features, such as creating up to six avatars and new poses, having a pet, and fully interacting with any characters. Moreover, you can also collect homes, cars, clothing, BDSM tools, and more fun shit that you can use for interactive sex.

The Gameplay

As I mentioned in the previous paragraphs, the MNF Club Game is point-click gameplay. But, before you get to the gameplay, you have to create a character. And, before you create your avatar, you have to choose your avatar’s sex and name. Since there are thousands of people currently playing the game, you might have a hard time picking a name since the game doesn’t allow you to use names taken by others. So, I suggest you choose a unique name, a catchy name that’ll attract most horny sluts.

After the sex and name section, you’ll have to customize your avatar’s body features. For the male body, you can choose the skin color, hair color, torso type, with or without chest hair, and with or without pubic hair. On the other hand, for the female body, you can choose the skin color, hair color, breast size, areola size, and with or without pubic hair. After the body section, you’ll have to customize your facial features, and this includes hairstyle, ears, nose, eyes shape, eyebrows, eyes color, lips shape, and chin shape.

After the body and face features, you’ll proceed with the outfit. Every starting player only has two choices of costumes to choose from namely the casual set and beach set. Moreover, you can select the color for the top wear and bottom wear. Don’t worry if your character looks generic and tedious since you get to earn money and buy the outfits you want to make your avatar unique. Once you’re through with all the editing shit, you will now enter the world of MNF Club.

One thing that you have to keep in mind when playing MNF is that there is a level system, which means you cannot access specific locations if you don’t meet the level requirement. The only way for you to level up is to up your game and have sex with other players. What makes the sex interesting in MNF Club is that it’s interactive, which means you and another player will take turns by choosing a particular pose of fucking and controlling them. By controlling, you can either go auto and wait for the gauge to fill or go manual by using your mouse and moving it back and forth.

Interactive Sex

The sex in MNF Club is interactive, where you have to invite the person you’d like to fuck and choose between various sex positions. Moreover, you have the choice to fuck the person automatically or manually. Keep in mind that you can either fuck for several rounds or do a threesome. What makes interactive sex entertaining is that you have to keep things smoother and pleasurable because you’ll earn more experience point that way.

I mentioned that the game has a level system, and the only way for you to level up is to fuck. You can only choose up to three sex positions for free players, so I advise you to buy the premium membership to have access to all the sex positions. What makes the sex interesting is that you’ll see all the features you chose for your avatar. The sex animations are also impressive because the bounce physics and the characters’ facial expressions seem to match the speed and intensity of the sex.

What I Like About the Game

What’s not to like in a free role-playing massive multiplayer online game where you can meet, chat and fuck horny girls from around the world? I like this game because it doesn’t force you to purchase their premium membership, and you’ll have access to several features while having the fuck of your life. The artwork and animation are also excellent for a 2D game. It certainly doesn’t stray away from the original style of Meet N Fuck Games.

My Recommendations for Improvement

Since the MNF Club Game is a free MMO game, there are many things people can do in-game to have fun. One thing I didn’t find fun was the shortened paid links that people put in their bio. I understand that it’s one way of earning money, but having those external links where people get scammed ruins the essence of a game where people socialize and fuck. Another feature they should improve in the game is the interface because even if the artwork is superb, you could feel that the game doesn’t have any proper optimization.


Overall, the MNF Club Game is an entertain MMO sex game where you could meet, chat, fuck, and masturbate at the same time. Although it doesn’t come close to the latest 3D online virtual sex games that people play nowadays, you could still find a lot of people online and roaming around the map. With that in mind, even if the game didn’t reach my spirited recommendation, you should give the game a shot and see if 2D fuck games are your style.

BestPornGames Likes MNF Club Game
  • Free-to-play
  • Easy gameplay
  • Lots of fucking for leveling
  • You can find players of different gender, age, and fetish
BestPornGames Hates MNF Club Game
  • No proper optimization
  • Some movements are unsmooth and laggy
  • You need a premium account to access all the features