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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Momcest Trainer

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Momcest Trainer

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If you’ve ever played Princess Trainer or Witch Trainer and found that those games just didn’t have enough mommy-son incest themes, then boy, do I have the game for you. Momcest Trainer is basically just an incestuous Akabur tribute. The game straight up uses assets from Witch Trainer. The developer is lucky that Akabur isn’t the type to complain about these things, because this dude clearly stepped over into lawsuit territory. But, at least he doesn’t hide it. Hell, certain sites even attribute this game to Akabur himself. But, the official blog clearly states that this is a tribute. So here we are. A game that’s all about training your own mother to be a perfect cock sleeve, except she has the body and face of Hermione Granger. The internet is a wild place. You don’t technically have to be an incest lover or a motherfucker to enjoy Momcest Trainer. The appeal to these kinds of Akabur-themed games is the challenge. You get a woman who is definitely not into cock, least of all your cock and you turn her into the perfect slut. It’s about the journey. You go from complete disgust to nothing but slutty cum-love. But, it feels like you have to earn it. Plus, you also earn a title in these games. That’ right, the babe in question will slowly warm up to you and call you increasingly naughty names. You can have her call you master, if you want. But again, you have to earn it. It’ all about the time, sweat and cum you invest into these games. Then, comes the payoff.

How to Play

It’s a very simple game. If you’ve ever tried Princess Trainer, you know how to navigate the menus. Though, the dude that made Momcest Trainer didn’t find those games simple enough, so he simplified shit even further. Instead of faffing about trying to find the next thing you need to do in this game, your time is divvied up into school, evening and night. School and night are mostly used for random events that happen as you play the game. So, you’re mostly just playing once a day, during the evening hours when your mother is home. When the game starts out your mother is a bit of a prude – considering that she doesn’t want to suck you off or even French kiss you. What can I say? Some mothers make for terrible cock sleeves. It’s just the way of the world. From one day to another, you will progressively win her love and unlock slutty sex scenes, mostly by doing chores. You see, your mother keeps track of how good a boy you’ve been, with good boy points. That’s what she calls them. The more of these points you gather, the more she’ll like you. Then, you can cash in these points for favors. For example, 15 good boy points will net you one French kiss. You can dead ass ask your mother to teach you how to kiss, because you’re a beta virgin and no-one else will let you put your lips on them. Oh well, it’s a simple system and it works well. There’s also the cards. The cards are sort of all-over the place and can be discovered slowly as you play the game. Once you unlock an entire set of the same type of card, you get a specific effect that changes the gameplay and unlock new scenes. For instance, unlocking all of the cum-themed cards lets you make the mom character a cum-slut who needs to drink cum on the daily, else she goes crazy. This works in your favor, as you can imagine. I wish I could make the babes in my life addicted to cum by throwing cards at them. Usually, though, I have to buy them dinner instead. The card system seems more fun and straightforward.

The Graphics

I’m kind of torn. On the one hand, the graphics are top notch. On the other hand, they’re literally the graphics from Witch Trainer. It’s Hermione Granger, for fuck’s sake. So what if you changed her hair color? It’s still the same fucking face. Hell, you even left the tits in. She might have a few more curves, I’m not sure, but she looks damn near identical. Anyways, the graphics in this game are excellent. Momcest Trainer works great as an Akabur clone and the 2D style that that guy pioneered is amazing, no matter what game you’re playing. One thing that Momcest Trainer did better than Witch Trainer, though, is that you stare at the titular babe almost the entire time you’re playing the game. And no, titular doesn’t mean busty, but the babe is busty as well so… go with it. Anyways, you have her on screen, she’s gorgeous and you try to put your dick in her. It’s a great way to keep an erection going. The 2D graphics are unique and they have very nice shading in all the right places. Plus, all the naughty bits are very fun to stare at. They look juicy. You can dead-ass see this bitch’s nipples at all times, no matter what kind of bra or dress she’s got on. I guess that she’s so hot for you that they’re at a permanent perk-up. She can’t help it. She’s secretly a slut. Anyways, she’s really hot to stare at and when she starts taking her clothes off things only get better. Now, the actual sex scenes are a bit of a wash, again, because they’re ripped straight from Witch Trainer. But, the dude that made Momcest Trainer did add a few details here and there to distinguish the scenes. For example, in the final orgy fuck scene. You get the same scene from the Witch Trainer epilogue, but with added cocks. I guess this mom is a lot harder to please than Hermione Granger. She was happy enough just having one cock at a time.

Tons of Fun

The main gameplay is obviously all about breaking the mother’s psyche down enough that she actually lets you put stuff inside of her. First it’s a tongue, then a finger and finally you’ve got your cock in her ass. It’s the natural progression of things. It’s what man’s been doing for thousands of years and we’re not about to change as a species any time soon. Anyways, seeing this woman slowly descend into cock worship is fun enough on its own, but there are tons of goodies along the way to make the game that much more appealing. Remember the cards I mentioned? Well, they’re not crucial to beating the game. But, they add flavor. They also add cum to her diet. On top of that you’ve got choices of outfits for your mom, which make the game a joy to play. It’d be kind of boring if she just faffed about looking like a housewife all the time. Now, with the option to put her in skimpy lingerie, suddenly the game goes from a 9 to a 10.

Remake in the Works

As with most of these types of trainer games, Momcest Trainer is free and crowdfunded. Luckily, the developer is actually active on his blog and he’s constantly got new updates in the works. Right now, I’m looking at a bunch of new concept artwork for the mom and a teacher character. They’re moving away from all the Akabur assets, I guess. This is technically a good thing, though it kind of means that there will be two entirely different Momcest Trainers down the line. One of them will be an Akabur tribute, the other will be a standalone game built from the ground up. Still, it’s nice to see that they’re hard at work on original assets. It’s always best to draw your own babes. That way the world has entirely new sets of pussies and tits to stare at. Plus, I like the idea of introducing a school teacher character with original artwork. You can see the screenshots for yourselves on the blog, but suffice it to say, they’re 2D, they’re original and they’re hot. Hell, if you prefer more detailed titties, they might actually beat Akabur’s style. There are also a bunch of graphics here that suggest that they’re working on expanding the game’s functionality with some stat tracking and more open gameplay. I’m personally looking forward to the schoolteacher more than anything. The mommy play has never really been my thing, but schoolteachers are fair game. I banged all of my schoolteachers, and I’ll do it again in porn games. I can’t wait to see what Momcest Trainer will look like when it’s finished, but the version we’re got right now is perfectly playable. Feel free to grab the complete demo over on the developer’s blog. It’s a 2D visual novel styled game, so chances are it will definitely run on your computer.

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