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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Monster Girl Island

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Monster Girl Island

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Monster Girl Island Ferries You Away to a World Full of Kinky Monster Sluts

What would you bring with you on a deserted island? The smart answer is a boat or some useful survival shit. I bet that most of you weebs would bring your crusty fleshlight or yellowed, stained body pillow. You’d tote that shit around and rescue boats would turn the other way around instead of dealing with your cringey ass. But what if you landed on an island you didn’t want to leave? What if that island was full of the sexiest monster girls that you had ever seen? Imagine being the only dude on the island. Those bitches would be forming a line outside your door just to ride your cock.

Download this 3D-style, Open-World Visual Novel for Free!

Well, that’s almost exactly the premise of Monster Girl Island. It’s a kinky 3D-style porn game all about romancing and fucking cute monster girl waifus. The original alpha version came out way back in mid-2016, but the developer Redamz has been hard at work on this shit since then. I just wish he was working faster. The game is still only in version 0.41.3 as of June 2020. Sure, it’s leaps and bounds from where it started. But, man, there should be a fucking time limit on porn games. Once you hit the 4-year mark then you should start reconsidering your approach. Thankfully, you don’t have to pay for an unfinished product. You can name your price over at, which means you can download that shit for free. There you can keep up with the project and get some more information about the development cycle. You can also pick up a free copy of the game or dish out some dosh for a few extra perks over at It doesn’t say how much this dude makes, but he has over 11 thousand patrons. Fucking hell. I think that’s the most I’ve seen on a porn game project before.

Play as the Lone Human on a Strange Island Full of Cute Monster Girls

You play this game as some random dude who went to sleep and woke up on a strange beach where an android and dragon babe were going at it. Reasonably, your character thinks that this is all a weird fucking dream. But, eventually, the battle ends, and you get knocked out in the ensuing blast. You wake up to find a busty elf slut and a petite neko girl looking over you and trying to decide if they should toss you in shark-infested waters or not. You see, no humans are supposed to be able to reach this island. It’s shrouded in a magical mist that prevents entry. So, they’re pretty skeptical of how you got there. Though the little neko babe vouches for you and says that you seem to be pretty harmless. From there, you’re given free access to the village and surrounding island to do as you will.

Explore the Island and Mingle With Girls at Your own Pace

At its core, Monster Girl Island is a visual novel. You have a bit more control when it comes to movement and all of that shit, but the game is all about furthering your relationships with the hot monster girls scattered across the island. It’s got some very light RPG elements. And by that I mean there are a few fetch quests where you earn items of affection by completing them. Though you won’t have to deal with any combat scenarios in this game. It’s one of the few monster girl games out there where you’re not getting brutally raped by them. It’s very much a game that you can take at your own pace. You can ignore the story and try to explore the many locations of the island. You can focus on completing the romance path for a hot babe that you really like. I liked that you could just go off and do anything at any time. The story will also be there waiting for you to come back to it. It’s kind of like an open-world RPG on a much smaller scale.

Excellent Story With Dynamic Characters and an Interesting Mystery to Uncover

I really liked how they handled dialog. You don’t get huge text dumps full of exposition or any of that usual boring bullshit. Each character has a blue box that will pop-up above their head as they speak. And the lines felt pretty natural. They have that anime girl style that some of you may find cringey, but the writing itself was great. Each monster babe that you meet has a unique personality with goals, desires, and kinks all of their own. While I loved the characters, writing, and visuals, I felt that the gameplay was a bit boring. It was like something was missing. The quests can get pretty tedious, especially with how empty most of the world is. Having to trek out to some random abandoned house just to find a crab to bring back was annoying. And that’s just the first quest. I wish they had done more to spice things up and make me more invested in these quests. Most of them feel like arbitrary time fillers more than actual quests that further the story or relationship.

Fully Interactive, Uncensored, Animate H-Scenes Full of Hot Fetish Content

But at least the h-scenes were fucking spectacular. It does take a bit to unlock them naturally. You need to make the right decisions and do a whole bunch of quests. In the current version, you can say “fuck it” and unlock them on in the main gallery pages. That’s what I like to see. I liked that each h-scene took a different approach. Some sluts have spots you need to touch to work up their affection. Other babes want you to sit back and watch as they fist their loose asshole. Regardless of the scene, you’ll get choices that influence how they go. Some of these babes will want to punish you. Some are super submissive. And there are a slew of different fetishes. Feet, humiliation, ass-eating, face-sitting, and so much more. Hell, there’s a scene where you fuck a spider girl and creampie her web hole. That’s a sentence I never thought I’d fucking write. And, of course, each scene is fully animated with hot sound effects, and you even get multiple camera angles to control.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

This is one ambitious game. Making a 3D, open-world, monster girl game from the ground up is no small task. No wonder this cuck has been plugging away at this game for almost half of a damn decade now. But, man, this game looks amazing. The 3D models are beautifully rendered. The world is pretty fucking big and full of color. I hate how most 3D-style porn games end up having lifeless looking models and drab worlds. This game is quite the opposite. And, damn, the h-scenes are so fucking fapworthy. I just hope that some quality voice acting gets added into the game down the line. That would be the cherry on top. The animation is some of the best that I’ve seen in this genre. The fetish scenes are fucking hot. There’s kinky fetish content in this game that I have never even seen before.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

Hurry up and finish the damn game already! At this rate, the full title won’t be finished until 2025. Hire some more people. You bring in at least 11k a month from this project. Get some talented fucks on payroll and knock this thing out. Oh, and throw in some more gameplay elements aside from fetch quests. This shit gets so boring as it is. Breathe some life into the game with some fun mini-games or something.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Monster Girl Island is well on its way to becoming a must-play fetish game. I just hope that it gets finished before it starts looking dated compared to the faster studios out there. It’s a beautiful game with a ton of unique elements and features that will have you sinking hours and hours into it. The characters are well written. The story is interesting. And you get fully interactive, uncensored, animated h-scenes full of kinky fetish content that you won’t find anywhere else. If that doesn’t have you interested, then I don’t know what the fuck will. It’s free to download, so go give this game a shot and get fapping!

BestPornGames Likes Monster Girl Island
  • Fully interactive, uncensored, animated h-scenes
  • Beautifully done 3D art style
  • Well written, dynamic characters & an engaging story
  • Loads of crazy fetish scenes
  • It’s free to download and play!
BestPornGames Hates Monster Girl Island
  • It won’t be finished for a long time
  • The quests are boring