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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Monster Girl Quest

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Monster Girl Quest

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Monster Girl Quest is the first among the series(?). I don’t know if that’s really the proper term to describe it, but let’s just say it’s the first of many. It goes by many different names, but the most prominent are just shortened versions since it is easier to say; either going by MonMusu(which is the abbreviated version of Monster Musume, which means Monster Girl in Japanese) Quest or MGQ. That shouldn’t be too hard to decipher. Shall we get to it then?

So from the title, you probably already have an inkling of an idea as to what the game includes content-wise. Of course, this review being on this site definitely means that this is a pornographic game – that’s to be expected. What else? There are monster girls(duh), and they probably just want to rape the shit out of our young little main character. Since the word ‘quest’ is on there, you can definitely tell that this is going to be an RPG of sorts.

It’s not out of the question when I say that there are a lot of ingrates that love nothing more than being savagely raped by some anthropomorphic creatures, inhuman species, and just monsters overall. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be raped by admittedly seductive-looking demonic beings or maybe even a cow-girl in her lactation prime? That’s admittedly, quite hot. Now let’s get down into one of the best sex games – when it comes to monsters.

Prepare To Wait A While For The Download

Monster Girl Quest or MonMusu Quest was developed by a team called Toro Toro Resistance, and it’s actually an erotic visual novel. You can either play the whole visual novel as a whole or choose the initially intended route by playing the trilogy – because it was released as such. Going to their site to check out everything is a great idea, but downloading the full game from them will be quite tricky since the site they chose doesn’t support downloads over 200MB.

So I recommend you to look for the game elsewhere since the name itself is pretty unique when it comes to pornographic games, so there’s no doubt that you’ll definitely find it. There’s this one great site that I know that has pretty much every eroge that you can find online called You’ll have better luck downloading the full game over there since there aren’t many restrictions there. A small price to pay for one of the best sex games.

No Need For Long-winded Intros, Get Right Into The Erotic Content!

You get to play your typical hentai game main character called Luca, who was put on a quest by a goddess(that is obviously really damn sexy) called Ilias. This so-called quest was meant for you to do her bidding for her because she created monsters in the world and is actually too lazy to do any of the cleansings on her own. Hence, she chose you to do it for her. Now you have to go kill the Monster Lord since you have finally come of age. A pretty standard plot, right?

A standard plotline like this basically begs you to skip through everything else(except the tutorial, of course, unless you want to wing everything) to get to the very good parts that everyone wants. Though there’s really no need to do that since you’re already going to be pinned down and raped by some monster girl all to get your delicious, young cock milk. A few minutes of gameplay will definitely already give you some meat-beating material.

Oh, if you’re here to play Monster Girl Quest to its fullest potential with all of the difficult shit and whatnot, then you’re free to go ahead. However, I know a lot of you fuckers are only playing this game for the nudity, asses, titties, pussies, and sex, so don’t even pay attention to any of the other difficulties and go ahead and play the game on normal. Turning the vore setting off is entirely up to you, too, since there are way more fetishes for you to fulfill.

Explore The Game To Fulfill Your Weird Fetishes

It probably goes without saying that I would lose the game all for a quick little meat-beating season because I was already lured in by the voluptuous monster slime girls. She’d just keep riding you until you are sucked dry of your semen because the monsters in this game world require human semen to keep living. I know there’s so much more to explore when it comes to monsters and sex positions, but damn, was that slime girl so damn good.

At least your losses are made a little easier to accept because of the great animation and top-tier art quality. You get mini hentai scenes that are a sight to behold all because of the important elements combined together; amazing animation sequences, great art style, and the sweet, sweet sound of a girl’s hips slapping against yours mixed with the sloppy sounds of their wet pussies. Are you really losing? Because with those causing you to lose, it’s a win-win!

You have to make your way to this snake lady(she’s pretty hot too), and she’ll make you question your motives as to why you even set out on this little adventure of yours. Are the monsters you fight really evil? Why did the goddess Ilias want you to kill them along with the Monster Lord? You know those types of questions to really turn the whole plot around. Your choices actually matter, by the way. They will influence how your gameplay will go.

Suppose you aren’t one with strong willpower to kill that extremely attractive snake lady. In that case, Ilias will disregard you for not being strong enough for her task, and she won’t deem you a hero. Again, you have to keep your choices in check because if you’re only there for the fucking then you won’t get any good endings. So either get good with sword-swinging, dungeon-exploring, and decision making because that’ll be the majority of your gameplay.

What I Like About Monster Girl Quest

After you fucked up somewhere and aren’t deemed worthy of receiving the title of ‘hero,’ the game does become quite open-ended, meaning you now have no goal to pursue and are free to explore the world as you like. You can go around the villages or towns and talk to whoever you want, buy whatever merchandise or equipment the stores have, and just travel wherever. You have the freedom to just beat your meat or go on your own adventure.

I really had a great time playing Monster Girl Quest because I didn’t experience a single dull moment. Literally, almost everywhere you go, there’s some form of pussy to look out for, experience, or maybe even slay. Oh, also, every hentai sequence you go through gives you some interesting dialogue and maybe a different look into the lore. You know, something to keep you interested in the game with little snippets here and there.

Though the whole story and lore are great, with all of the twists, teases, and whatever else.. My focus still has to drift off to the visuals and aesthetics of the game. You get fantastic character illustrations, scenery, sex scenes, erotic sequences. You can see why the game was originally intended to be released as a trilogy; to not bombard the users with too much great content. Appearances alone, this game deserves to be deemed one of the best sex games.

You get this whole gist of the RPG but still have some other game elements mixed in there, making it feel like more than just a simple visual novel. The way the combat system was introduced into the game was quite likable. Each combat sequence has its own unique pattern, and you have to treat it like a puzzle in order to not get drained of your semen. None of the shit is softcore either, you get full-on monster girl porn with vore, and that’s just great!


I know, I know, it’s unfair for me to talk about what I enjoyed in the game without giving it some negatives. That just feels like a bias toward the game, right? There’s a good reason for that; I don’t necessarily find anything wrong with the game. You get great visuals, amazing audio, fantastic writing, and none of the softcore, vanilla bullshit. The game runs perfectly fine, and it provides great fapping material, nothing wrong there! One of my best sex games!

BestPornGames Likes Monster Girl Quest
  • A pornographic visual novel that’s more than just a visual novel.
  • Hell of a lot of weird fetishes satisfied.
  • Top-notch visuals, audio, and story writing.
  • A long-ass playtime with great replayability.
BestPornGames Hates Monster Girl Quest
  • Nothing in particular.