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Updated on 15 January 2020
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My Cute Roommate

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My Cute Roommate

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My Cute Roommate is a Stunning 3D-Style Sex Game by Astaros3D

I was about to ask if you fucks had bullies as a kid/teenager. I think it’s safe to assume that you did. No, don’t protest. I’m sure you poor betas were getting stuffed in lockers, given swirlies, and had your fair share of wedgies during your time. Maybe that’s why you so many of you are actual submissive cucks. Getting bullied like the little submissive bitch you are must have had something to do with it. You don’t get off on some hung dude blowing your wife’s pussy while you drool in the corner without some past trauma. Shit, I’m getting off track. Let’s bring this back around to the topic at hand: sex games. I’ve got a kinky sex game for you horny fappers called My Cute Roommate (formerly titled “My Cute Cousin.”) It’s all about playing as a freshly graduated high-school senior who moves to live with his old ugly bully of a cousin. I know that doesn’t sound sexy, but I’ll unravel that shit for you soon. The game wrapped up development in March of 2020. The developer Astaros3D is still slinging the occasional update out there. He started this project back in 2017, so the finished version has been a long time coming.

Download this Completed Sex Game for Free!

You can play a slightly dated version of the full game for free! You can find that download link over at If you just can’t get enough of this game, then you can dish out 10 bucks a month for the latest copy. That contribution will also give you access to the latest version of the current project that Astaros is working on called Girl House. That’s a title worth checking out if you like what this game has to offer. Without anymore stalling, let’s dive into this shit. As I said, you play as this beta cuck who is moving to college. To be near campus, he has to stay with his old “friend.” It’s really your cousin. They cut the blatant incest content partway through development to get around those finicky sex laws. But, hey, that hasn’t stopped a fan-made patch from circulating that brings that taboo content back. I’m sure you incest-addicts will be fucking thrilled.

Move to a New City Full of Opportunities…and Horny Sluts

The game doesn’t really explain why it has to be your old bully of a cousin that you have to live with, but I’m not going to dig too deep into that. You show up at her door only to discover that she’s gone from an ugly butterface to a rockin’ 10/10 piece of ass. She’s got tits that would rival Hitomi Tanaka’s and an ass that can barely fit through a fucking door. I’m not huge on these super exaggerated sluts, but I know tons of you porn-addicts can’t seem to get enough of it. She shows you around and lets you have a room to yourself. The house is yours to use as you see fit. Eventually, you’ll have a full city and university to explore. Now, this is where shit gets fucking weird. A guy named Dick opens the door and thinks that you’re banging your cousin, who just so happens to be his girlfriend. Without even waiting for you to respond, he kicks your ass. The resulting headache gets so bad that you decide to go and see a doctor about it.

Fuck Nine Bitches Quickly or a Doctor Will Amputate Your Massive Cock

You show up and get told that too much of your blood is going to your massive cock. The only way to stop the flow is to have hot sex with nine different sluts so that the combination of their pussy juices saves your member. What are the consequences of not doing so? I’m so glad you asked. The doctor says that they’ll have to cut your dick off if you can’t fuck enough bitches in time. I can’t fucking take this game seriously. That plot is so goddamn wild. I love it. With this interesting diagnosis, you set out to get laid. My Cute Roommate has a sandbox feel to it. You can explore the city as you see fit. Studying, going to the gym, and getting laid will increase your stats. The better your stats are the easier it will be for you fuck more bitches. Easy enough. Oh, and you’ll also need to spend some time working so that you have enough dosh to pay your bills. The game revolves around how you spend time each day. You have room for a handful of actions each day cycle, so it just comes down to managing time.

Enjoy a Sandbox-Style Game With Many Locations to Explore

You can talk with a slew of different babes, though you’ll have to do your best not to come off as a perv too quickly. If you go saying shit like “let me fuck your tits” as your opener, then you might get punched in the nuts. Oh, and make sure to tread extra carefully around your “roommate.” If you act too pervy to her, then she’ll kick you out and it’ll be game over for you. Each girl you meet will have specific items or tasks she needs to be completed before you can bend her over and fuck her ass. No matter what you do, you won’t be far from any hot fuck scenes. This game is packed full of lewd content at every turn. You can peep on your cousin while she sleeps, spy on her in the shower, and you can end up fucking her raw if you play your cards right. But the hot fuck scenes only start with her. There are tons of hot babes in the city just waiting for you to dick them down. Fully Animated, Voiced, & Uncensored Sex Scenes to Fap to Each scene will be fully uncensored and rendered in a life-like 3D art style. But that’s just the tip of this iceberg. Every scene will be fully animated and include hot moans, voiced lines, and fappable sound effects. That’s what I’m fucking talking about! I wish more games went the extra mile like this. There are dozens of these hot fetish-filled scenes for you to unlock. Not too bad for a game that you can download for free. Most paid games don’t even come close to the quantity or quality of the porn laid out in this free game.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

I know I just fucking mentioned them, but the sex scenes are so fucking good. I really didn’t expect this level of quality from this game. I was pleasantly surprised. But one thing I couldn’t fit in above was that this game has a damn good Android version. You can download it straight from the developer and take this lewd incest action with you no matter where you are. Being a point and click adventure, the game controls practically the same as it does on desktop. It’s definitely worth the download if you can make room for the 2GB file size.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

The main weak point of the game is the writing. It sounds like it was written by a horny high-schooler. The dialog lines are simple. The characters feel pretty two dimensional. But I doubt most of you horny bastards are diving into this game for the stellar storytelling. I mean, hell, you have to fuck bitches to avoid having your dick chopped off. There’s not a lot of room there for artful character progression and expansive plots full of mystery. I suggest that you cucks go into this with that in mind. It’s still a damn good game for blowing a few loads to.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, My Cute Roommate is a damn good 3D-style porn game. It may not wow you in terms of writing or storytelling, but it more than makes up for that with incredible visuals. This is one of the better looking 3D-style sex games out there. The fully-animated, voiced, uncensored sex scenes really make this game worth playing for, well, everyone. You don’t have to pay for it! What do you have to lose? We all know you weren’t planning on doing anything productive tonight. Go spend that time wisely by jerking off to this quality game.

BestPornGames Likes My Cute Roommate
  • High-quality, fully-animated, uncensored sex scenes
  • HD 3D art-style and character design
  • Dozens of lewd scenes to unlock!
  • It’s completely free to play!
BestPornGames Hates My Cute Roommate
  • Writing could use some work