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Updated on 15 January 2020
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My Neighbor Is A Yandere!?

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My Neighbor Is A Yandere!?

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The title to this game has an exclamation point and a question mark, but fuck, I am not spelling that out every single time. It’s tough enough I have to actually write My Neighbor Is a Yandere over and over again. Dumb name aside, this is a great game, although it’s a bit on the weirder side. I haven’t seen too many games in this format, but I know it’s very much a popular genre. It’s basically a dating simulator, but with the interface of Tamagotchi. You remember those, right? The pocket pets from the 90s? I say it’s similar, because in this game you don’t get to move around or perform quests or whatever. All you really get is a window into this girl’s world, where you get to interact with her and her alone. Nothing else exists in this game. It’s just the Yandere.

By the way, for the non-virgins in my audience, Yandere is a Japanese term used in porn to describe a woman who is bat-shit insane, but doesn’t always show it. You can think of her as a closeted psychopath. Around other people she seems nice and in front of you she can be sweet… sometimes. But, most of the time she’s boiling under the surface, contemplating stabbing you with a kitchen knife. This is apparently super-hot to some people. I personally prefer my sex without the stab wounds. But, if you’re into crazy chicks, this is the game for you and it’s damn satisfying.

Trapped by Titties

Remember the Pink music video in which she begs the guy not to leave her and then she breaks his legs when he tries to leave anyway. Well, that’s this game, except the girl is a bit hotter and the dude is smart enough not to try escaping. Besides, it seems sex is on the table, so you have reason to stick around. Make no mistake, though, you are definitely a hostage. This girl really doesn’t want you going anywhere. Hell, I don’t even think you can try to leave. She’s really got a hold on you. I’ll admit though, if a girl this hot wanted to keep me hostage, she wouldn’t need a weapon or threats. Just the promise of pussy is enough to keep me immobile.

So, you’re trapped and she’s hot. Also, even though you two are barely acquainted, she’s convinced that you’re her true love and you’ll be together forever. This part had me a bit peeved, but again, I got to fuck her so I rolled with the punches. She’s basically going to have you on a schedule doing boyfriend things, whatever that might mean. This also means that if you need a bath, she’ll bathe you and if you’re hungry she’ll cook for you. It’s kind of like being forced to live the best life imaginable. But, at the same time she’s also kind of terrifying. I should probably explain why.

This Bitch is Crazy

Staying true to the Yandere formula, this bitch is absolutely bananas. She constantly flips between her kind and her insane personalities and this is reflected by her face and her speech. She’ll start off saying something nice about how she’s dying to suck your cock or make you food or whatever and then she’ll sort of swivel 180 and threaten to chop your dick off. For some people, this will be a boner killer. For others, it’ll be a boner enhancer. If you like being threatened by hot women and you’re into the threat of violence, this game will leave you speechless and hard. She’s constantly finding new ways to freak you the fuck out. Plus, she casually plays with knives and other dangerous objects, because why the fuck not? Anything to keep you on edge.

It’s important to note that she’s not actually trying to scare you. That’s just how she is. Her idea of being in love is acting like a fucking lunatic half of the time and being submissive the other. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that she has split personality disorder. She flips her moods way too randomly. It doesn’t seem healthy. It seems like she’s forgotten to take her meds a few too many days in a row. She’s clearly got issues. But, I’m not here to give her therapy, I’m here to fill her full of cum and boy do you get a lot of opportunities to do just that.

Sexy Stockholm Syndrome

I don’t know if this technically counts as Stockholm Syndrome, but that’s what I’m gonna call it. A sexy babe keeps you hostage and you get to dick her over and over again? Sounds like a horror movie and a dream come true at the same time. She constantly has weird ideas about what the two of you should be doing. She sets up dates, basically. That’s what the dinners and the chores are all about. She’s playing The Sims and you’re her Sim. She orders you around like the perfect husband slash boyfriend and you just sort of have to play along.

Now, the game does actually work your affection both ways. You warm up to her commands and she warms up to, well, your dick. I don’t know how this works in her mind, but then again she’s a fictional character and I probably shouldn’t read into it too hard. The bottom line is, she’s a barrel full of crazy and she doesn’t really hurt you, even though she’s constantly teasing about how she might just full on kill you. She likes to tote the line. It really wouldn’t be sexy if you woke up covered in stab wounds. Though, you probably wouldn’t sleep through the stabbing process. That kind of shit tends to wake a brother up.

It’s Famous and Successful

It’s very rare for a porn game to break through to the mainstream and My Neighbor is a Yandere managed just that. Normally, when I look up a porn game I’m covering there will be the odd article here and there and maybe a video of all the smut on a tube site. Not with My Neighbor is a Yandere. No, this game is all-over YouTube with countless videos of people playing this shit for their fans. Naturally, they edit out all the sex scenes and censure the best parts of the woman during the gameplay, but for some reason, people love it. I think they find it funny. I mean, I get where they’re coming from, sort of. The game doesn’t make a lot of sense. This chick is clearly demented and yet you keep trying to bed her.

I’d like to think that this is the internet’s idea of a love story. They see a dangerous chick keeping a man hostage and they think: female empowerment. I think they also like the general style of the game. I mean, it’s so simple, an idiot could enjoy it. Not that porn games are usually extremely hard or whatever, but they come with challenges, sometimes. This game’s more of a light breeze. Anyone can play and enjoy it and watching someone else play it is pretty satisfying too.

It’s a Smash Hit

Look, this is a free porn game that took the internet by storm. The sex scenes are absolutely fantastic and completely uncensored, plus there’s a censored version in case you want to stream yourself playing the darn thing. My Neighbor is a Yandere is the complete package, plus it comes with a ton of really well written dialogue. It’ll make you feel like you’re trapped under the thumb of a scary blond succubus. Plus, it’s a game you can play casually. You can skip the sexy bits for when there are no people around.

Plus, the story evolves and the girl becomes more and more depraved as time goes on. At first she gets a little kinky, maybe she’ll take an item of clothing off, but by the end of it, you’ll be balls deep inside her like half of the time. It’s pretty dank.

Right now there are two episodes out. Yes, My Neighbor is a Yandere is episodic, but trust me, that’s a good thing. These episodes aren’t partial. They don’t have weird cliffhangers. They’re complete experiences. The developer just needed a way to release more updates without it being an entirely new game. As of right now, we’re waiting for episode three, but the dude is super active and puts out a lot of updates for his pledges as well as casual fans on Itch.Io, so you can head on over there to see what’s new in the world of My Neighbor is a Yandere.

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  • Very sexy graphics
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  • It’s completely free to play
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  • Nothing at all