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Updated on 15 January 2020
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My Sister Mia

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My Sister Mia

User Rating: 4/5
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My Sister Mia, a porn game that features no incest in it what-so-ever. I’m just kidding, you fuck your sister in this game. I’ll never really understand the appeal of all of these incest themed games. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’d fuck the babe in this game six ways to Sunday. She’s definitely my type. This Mia chick knows how to take the cock. I just doubt that the game is hotter because you know she’s related to the main character. I don’t particularly get the appeal. But then again, maybe I’m not exactly the target audience for this game. Who knows? What I do know, is that it’s 99% RPG Maker and 1$ high quality 3D pre-rendered smut. And, don’t take that high quality there too seriously. This game’s sex scenes are subpar compared to other 3D render games I’ve recently played. If you’re looking for something like Lust Epidemic or Being a DIK, look further. This game’s more reminiscent of the old-school 3D games, when indie developers were just figuring out their way around a titty for the first time. So, it’s good, but not that good. Still, you can jack your dick clean off Mia’s fantastic 3D body, so as a porn game, My Sister Mia is just fine.

RPG Maker Gameplay

If you’ve seen the screenshots you should know already that My Sister Mia teases you with a cover that portrays the sexy titular character and then dumps you into a top-down 2D world. This is where you’ll be spending most of your time. You’ll be staring at recycled 2D assets of furniture and cute anime characters for so long that at times you’ll forget you’re playing an actual porn game. On the surface, this looks like a kid’s game and no, it doesn’t exactly hold up. It looks retro and the low level of quality can be really upsetting at times. This is exactly why I wasn’t sure whether to review this game at first. You do get to see a lot of Mia in this game, though, in visual novel scene cutaways that have you staring at her body across the whole screen. She’s sort of overlaid every time you talk to her. But, the core gameplay never truly goes away. You have to navigate the world, manually. Meaning, you have to actually walk around your home, in this 2D environment, with the top down camera and the ugly assets, in order to get anything done. The game has a somewhat long story that you have to play out yourself. Except, you don’t do anything other than walk from point to point to watch the story progress. There’s no real puzzle solving. There’s certainly no combat and as far as I can tell there are no branching story paths. So, in other words, you’re playing a Final Fantasy knock-off, with no combat, so that you can hop from one sex scene to another. I genuinely don’t understand the point to this gameplay. It would have been better if you only had the visual novel bits and you had to choose the right dialogue to see the story progress. It would have worked a lot better.

Tricking your Sister

I have to at the very least give props to the writing for starting the story out normally. Your sister’s hot as hell, but she’s not crazy. She thinks of you as some sort of brat who just happens to live in the same house as her. She is definitely not down with the idea of fucking you. Plus, you don’t just ask for the pussy. You know that wouldn’t go over well. On top of that, she’s got a boyfriend, which just complicates things even further. But, she’s a real whore, so you know it’s only a matter of time before you get in her pants, if you’re dedicated enough. And, get in her pants you shall. You start off slowly, peaking at her in the bathroom, listening in on her conversations, running favors and generally just being patient. She doesn’t seem to be warming up to you at first, but you’re very fucking dedicated. Seriously, you have nothing better to do in this game. You seemingly spend all of your time getting your sister to fuck you. Say what you will about the protagonist, he might be an incestuous freak, but he’s a persistent little scamp. My hat goes off to him. So, there are tons of opportunities for you to trick your sister into slowly giving in. By far the most interesting is when her boyfriend ties her to her bed, naked and blindfolded, in order to bang her. But, you fool everyone at the party to leave by pretending the cops got called on them. They all fuck right off and you’re left alone with her. That way, she has to let you into the room to have a peek at the goods and maybe cop a feel or two. She makes you promise to close your eyes, but come on, of course you’re gonna stare at her. She’s blindfolded, she’ll never know.

The Sex Scenes

Suffice it to say, the sex in My Sister Mia ramps up slower than a geriatric props up a boner. They really wanted to milk Mia’s assets for all they’re worth. You do get to see her naked, a lot, but your character doesn’t really get to do much to her for a very long time. You get a peek, a touch, a lick, a suck and hours into the story, you eventually get to dick her. But, it’s going to take stoic patience to get that far. And throughout it all you’re going to be staring at the boring ass 2D assets. But it’s worth it, I guess, since Mia’s hot as shit. She’s this drop dead gorgeous bombshell with a ton of cock-sucking potential. Plus, she’s a whore long before you get your hands on her, so she’s very much ready to go. And, you happen to have a giant cock, so she also has to be a bit humble when she’s taking it up the snatch. The sex scenes are worth it, there, I said it. They’re very hot, and it’s super easy to jack off to them. Every single scene makes sure to expose a bit of her so you always have something to turn you on during these parts of the game. Mia does have a bad case of resting bitch face, but that just makes it all the more satisfying when you finally get to stick your cock in her ass. Plus, she has a tendency of wearing really slutty outfits that show off like 90% of her body at a time. Even when she’s fully clothed, you can pretty much see all of her tits. She hides her nipples, but those double G cups aren’t hiding from anyone. She also wears really skimpy panties, like G-strings and thongs, so her ass is always on display. I can’t pick a favorite among her body parts, because she’s basically crafted for procreation. Her tits are huge, but not saggy. Her ass is perfectly round and it sticks out so much you could basically fuck her around the corner, provided your dick is long enough. Then there’s the tiny waist giving her a nice hourglass figure. She’s every man’s fantasy, that is, if you’re into blondes.

Worth Playing?

Eh, I’m kind of lukewarm on My Sister Mia. On the one hand, the models are hot. They’re not in my top 10, but I’d throw my cock at this bitch if she passed me by in the street, easily. As for the rest of the game, it’s a mishmash of disappointment. The RPG Maker assets are shit, the gameplay is long and tedious and the story is just barely believable. I guess if you’re desperate for incest games and you’ve gone through all the great ones, you can drop your standards while you wait for new games and play this in the meantime. By the way, the game is also known as Living with Mia, in case you can’t find an updated version with this title. I don’t know why they changed it, but I’m guessing it has something to do with Patreon blocking incest content on their platform. One way or another, this incest game made it through the censorship board, probably because it’s pretty old at this point. At the very least I can say that My Sister Mia is a famous porn game. I’ve checked through all the porn gaming forums and while it’s not anyone’s favorite, everyone has at the very least heard of it and a lot of people have gotten through it. At the end of the day, it’s a free porn game. If you mind the sister thing, just remind yourself it’s not your sister – it’s someone else’s sister. That should keep you hard for long enough to get through it.

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