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Updated on 15 January 2020
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My Strip Poker

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My Strip Poker

User Rating: 4/5
Thank you for voting, we value your feedback! is a Premium Strip Poker Browser Game

What’s better than poker night with the boys? Well, a lot of things. But the one I’m getting at is strip poker with slutty babes. Sorry, sometimes hoes do come before bros. You don’t turn down a night of strip poker if you ever get invited. I don’t care how ugly you think you are. You’ll at least get to see some tits if you don’t mind a little bit of shame. Which, be real, most of you sex-starved incels are used to at this point. But here in September 2020, it’s not always a good idea to go out and mingle with other people. Especially not with strangers. But don’t you fucks worry! I’ve got a solution. is that solution. It’s a kinky site all about playing strip poker with AI, friends, or random people from across the world. You sign up for an account and bid some real-life currency to try and make others strip. Well, at least, that’s what it’s supposed to be on paper. There are some issues with execution that I’ll dive into shortly. First, let me lay some site facts down on you fucks.

A Simple Site With Confusing Options & Poorly Written Menus

This site has been kicking since 2013. That’s a long-ass time! Though my sources show me that they haven’t bothered to update the site since 2014. That must mean that the current version of the site is the absolute best that it can fucking be. I wish that I could drum up some traffic numbers, but all of my regular tools are giving me nothing. I suspect that their numbers aren’t that great. I know, I shouldn’t be knocking this site already. But I think you fucks will see what I mean.

You get a very plain site design. It’s bright white with a simple header up in the top-right corner of the screen. It’s not very impressive. And, man, this site is in dire need of a dark mode. You’d have to turn your brightness down to fucking 0 to play this shit at night. It’s like a floodlight with how bright the background is. At least gray that out a bit to make it more pleasing on the eyes.

Play Strip Poker against Friends, AI, or Random Strangers

Anyway, you get a landing page that shows you some options for strip poker opponents. You’ll get hot image previews of babes that are apparently eager to strip down to their panties and let you fap to them. At the bottom will be a short intro description to the site that sounds like it was written by someone in the middle of a stroke. There are syntax and grammar arrows all over the place. And that sort of writing only gets worse as you get further into the game. I could find a teenager and pay them five bucks and they would come out with a better-written site than this.

You have to make an account to do anything. All you have to do is create a password and use a randomly generated username to get started. I wouldn’t fuck around with putting your email in or anything. It’s not required to get started. You’ll probably be pretty confused about what to do next. If you go right to the play option you’ll find that you don’t have a champion to use or coins to buy games with.

Pick a Champion & Dish out Real-Life Dosh to Play Matches

You’ll need to go to the champions screen and find a free champion to use. These “champions” are just pictures of hot babes. I don’t get why some are premium while others aren’t. Each one will be a rather low-resolution image of some now ancient porn star that nobody gives a shit about. But that will only be half of your struggle. The next thing you need to do is find an opponent.

If you want nudity then you’ll need to buy coins. There are no free games with erotic content. Fucking bummer. But this site has a very strange premise. You’re not facing off against people on camera or anything like that. They pick their own champion that strips for you when they lose a hand. Fucking why?

Very Slow Matchmaking Process Hints at a Small Player Base

I could look up images of hot babes without having to fuck with a matchmaking multiplayer system that takes over 10 minutes just to pair you with a person for a single match. There’s even a 4v4 online mode, but I doubt there are even enough players on here to make that happen. It took me multiple attempts to get paired with a single free player. Unless the paid pool of premium users is massive, I don’t think dishing out any dosh to this site is worth it.

You can also play with AI bots, but even some of those cost real-money per match. Once you do get into a game, it will be a fairly basic poker match. The scale is kind of wonky. If you go long enough then your cards will pan away off-screen and you’ll need to scroll over to see them, which doesn’t make sense with all of the unused space below. It seems like they made some simple design errors. With something this ambitious, they should have hired a professional nerd to get the job done right.

Fap to Semi-Erotic Images of Slutty Babes Stripping for You

Each hand you win causes the slut you’re facing off against to strip. For the non-erotic games, you win when she’s down to her underwear. I hate to complain more, but the images aren’t even consistent. You’ll get varying images of completely different babes every time you win a hand.

They do have a mobile Android app version of the game that, well, works about the same as the desktop version. But that’s not a big compliment. The scaling is still kind of off, though the actual games seemed to play better. You can log in and sync your accounts up, which is always a good thing. It’s just that I’d be wary of letting this app have all of the permissions that it asks for. I took the shot to let you fucks know what was up. I wouldn’t go downloading it yourself.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

They were on the right track with the initial idea. A game where you play strip poker against other horny fucks online is a damn good premise. I just wish that it ended up being in the hands of someone more skilled and more passionate about the project. All of the flaws come down to execution. Even the idea of playing against fappers controlling avatars is great. What’s not so great is having to pay to see lackluster and stolen porn images. I could get a better fap out of a google search for “tits.”

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

Along those lines, it’s a damn shame that you don’t get any nudity unless you pay some absurd amount for a bunch of coins. These guys do know that free porn sites exist? Instead of continuing to talk shit, I do have a real suggestion that I think could save the site. Make it all free. All of it. Then throw a bunch of ads on there. Hey, it’s not a great solution. But at least the game would have a player base and be somewhat enjoyable. Put that money towards making the site sleek and sexy. Do all of that and this site could be a fucking powerhouse since there aren’t many other sites like it.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, is a hard site to recommend. I hate to say that. I know this fuck probably spent a lot of time tweaking with and working to make shit functional. But it’s simply the opposite of user friendly. The monetization system is sketchy and expensive given that the player base is so limited. The champion system doesn’t make sense. The site design is all wonky. Like I mentioned above, they need to change up how the entire site works to make this an enjoyable experience for players. But, hey, go give it a look anyway. You horny cucks might be able to look past the flaws and have a good time.

BestPornGames Likes My Strip Poker
  • Play hot strip poker against real-life babes
  • Pick and choose a sexy avatar
  • You can download it on Android
BestPornGames Hates My Strip Poker
  • Janky site
  • Sketchy monetization system
  • No nudity for free
  • Old, low-resolution porn images