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Updated on 15 January 2020
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My Very Own Lith

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My Very Own Lith

User Rating: 4/5
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It’s not often that I play a porn game that leaves me equal parts aroused and confused. My Very Own Lith is one big ball of random, with a dash of crazy and a decent amount of pussy. On the surface, this is a tiny and exciting flash game with five minutes’ worth of fun and a few faps to be had. But, once you get into it you realize that it’s … well, it’s actually more like an hour of playtime and a few faps worth of fun. My point is, the game is indeed very tiny. But, there’s some sort of kinky originality behind it that I honestly haven’t seen in other games. It partly reminds me of Corruption of Champions 2, with all the furry themes, but the game also has strong Alice in Wonderland vibes with some fucked up fantasy shit that is too weird for words. As for what you actually get to do in the game, well, you get to talk to your lith. What’s a lith you might be asking? I have absolutely no idea, but it looks like a cat with tits. Make of that what you will. In this game, the lith is sort of like your pet. It has to do what you say and it has to listen when you speak. It has a mind of its own and it can protest to your demands, but you are locked out from certain naughty activities until you get it to trust or fear you enough.

Like Tamagotchi, with Tits

You remember those pocket pets we used to have in the 90s? That’s kind of what you get with My Very Own Lith. You have a bunch of buttons that let you interact with it, plus an image of the thing’s face and a slider that shows you some points. Namely, they look like angel and devil points. I guess this is a sort of love or fear situation. You can push the slider in either direction with your actions and this usually leads to some interesting unique scenarios. On the right, for the most of the screen, you’ve got a text dump, like a fucking book, describing what’s happening. If you get into a more detailed scene, like a sex scene, you get a ton of description with specific details. There are also images, but they’re not animated, you only get one per scene. Luckily, you’re free to rewatch these from a gallery that lists all of the unlockable pics. Some are pretty straightforward and easy to unlock, others are weird as all hell, but I’ll get into that. So, there you have it. A very simple little interface to let you interact with your pet and get to know it. This game is nothing if not straightforward. So, how do you get to the weird shit? Well…

Tons of Backstory

This tiny ass pet game somehow comes with a ton of backstory that you have to dive into and work hard to earn. At first, you might think that the lith is just some sort of cat creature that serves to service you sexually and keep you company. You don’t really think of it as having a backstory or a past. But, it would appear that this here cat creature lives in a world that’s very eccentric and kind of magical. You never really get straightforward answers with this game, but there’s a lot of exposition to keep you interested. So, let’s say that you spend a ton of time petting your lith and saying nice, soothing things while encouraging it to warm up to you. You might cuddle, kiss, maybe even have some soft consensual sex. This will all lead to the lith trusting you more and opening up about its history. Here, you get a ton of sordid details about what the damn thing’s been through before becoming your sex slave. At a certain point of the story, if you can call it that, you also have the opportunity to step through some magical doors into other dimensions and take the lith with you. The two of you explore these magical dimensions together and get caught up in some very weird ass scenarios. These are the parts that remind me of Alice in Wonderland. You get a few art pieces to illustrate the characters you meet there, but they’re not fap-worthy. They’re just thrown in for the exposition.

The Sex Scenes

I wanted to get the weird shit out of the way first, so we can focus on the hot stuff. First up, I gotta tell you, you get to choose both your gender and the lith’s gender in this game. Granted, you can’t make the damn thing not be a fucking furry, but I’ll take what I can get. Tits and a vagina pretty much ticks all my boxes. I’m not a particularly demanding man. In my playthrough I made the damn thing female and it led to some really neat sex scenes that I personally enjoyed quite a lot. I’m not a big fan of reading, but the art was pretty dank and the way that the lith warms up to you is kind of wholesome, if you’re into sex slave fantasies that is. Remember that bar I mentioned? The difference between love and fear. Well, it leads to some interesting scenarios if you max it out. If you’re sweet and respectful towards the lith, she’ll open up to you and you’ll get some nice and wholesome sex scenes that are kind of romantic, honestly. However, if you go the other route, you can straight up rape the shit out of her and just sort of watch her cry and slowly lose her mind as she wonders what she did to deserve this fate. The game’s fucked up, ok? Rather, it lets you get fucked up if you’re that kind of person. Personally, I am not a huge fan of these kinds of games, since they get old really fast, but the whole mysterious subtext kept me going.

A Really Original Smut Game

I guess that’s sort of the point with My Very Own Lith. Sure, you can jack off to the sex scenes and hold onto the hope of seeing more sex scenes, but that’s not really what gets you clicking through to the next scene. I’m willing to bet that anyone who plays this game for more than 10 minutes will become extremely curious about that whole mysterious subplot with the wizards and the dimensions and the falling through the sky bit. It’s all very weird and it gets you clicking along. You never really know what you’re going to see next. Hell, I managed to unlock a scene where the lith got raped by a bunch of otherworldly creatures. I didn’t ask for it, it just sort of happened, but it was damn entertaining. At least, within the context of a porn game it works pretty well. Games like My Very Own Lith really bring out the worst in me, what can I say? You also don’t have to be a furry to enjoy this game, though it definitely helps. The sex scenes are fap-worthy regardless, but the non-sexual situations are kind of a drag if you’re not into furry-speak. There are a lot of pats and cuddles that don’t really make sense in generic porn games. Human beings don’t purr. There’s a lot of animal behavior here that was a serious turn off for me and I am guessing you wouldn’t like it either unless you like jacking off to furry porn.

It’s Short and Sweet

I’m still going to recommend that you try My Very Own Lith, simply because it’s a tiny browser game that loads instantly. You can open it through an incognito window and no-one will even know you ever played it. It’s the kind of quick romp through original fun that you don’t have to overthink. You can just sort of plow through it during your coffee break and it’ll get you thinking. There are also a bunch of existential themes thrown into the mix of My Very Own Lith, though they’re kind of overshadowed by all the hairy pussy exposition. It’s not a game for everyone, but it is a game that anyone can try. Plus, if you’re a chick, you might enjoy the more romantic side of things, furry or otherwise. The game has ample violence and wholesome romance, depending on how you play it. Plus, that kind of split means that you can replay the game to get different endings and unlock different scenes. I don’t know if this bad boy is going to be getting any updates soon, but it is a free game that’s currently available on a ton of gaming websites so by all means, jack off to some weird furry shit.

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  • Tons of weird shit
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  • It’s kind of short
  • Furry shit