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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Hey, Bitches! It’s good to see that you are back here again, looking for a great website where you can have lots of fun with. Well, you came to the right place to find that because when it comes to giving badass reviews about games and sites, this is the best place to be, and there’s no denying that. Today, you motherfuckers are in for a treat as what I’m about to tell you is something that you will really enjoy for a long time. And for those people who are crazy about hentai, this site will surely slap your face and dick with lots of content. Wait, did that actually get you excited? Good, because that is exactly what you should be feeling right now.

I present you, MyHentai! Boy, I tell you, this site has lots of crazy good shit that will take all of your time, and I am fucking sure of it. I have spent a lot of time going through tons of sites, and this one right here is just so hard not to notice. Why? Because I fucking love hentai. I know we all have different tastes when it comes to the porn we prefer, but since you are here, I am fucking sure that you love hentai. So, let’s not delay this shit any further and get on with this fucking amazing review!

First Impressions

The impression that I usually have is usually the same for all the sites that I visit for the first time. Most of the time, I don’t get my hopes just to make sure that when I reach the site, I don’t get disappointed or any of that. That’s exactly what I did on this site. I wasn’t looking forward to anything just in case my hopes for seeing some good hentai gets destroyed. The second I arrived on this site, boom, I got greeted with images and animations that got me thinking, oh, this site might actually be pretty good. At this point, I am getting mixed feelings about how good this site actually is, and as I move further down, things became pretty clear when I saw all the hentai goodness.

I have to say, just by looking at the welcome page of the site, I am pleased with what the devs did with this site, and I mean keeping the site basic. It might not be as impressive as the big sites that you see now, but I think it’s the content that really matters, right? I mean, what the heck are you doing on a site that has fancy layouts and animations when they have shit content, right? It’s the content that really matters because our sole purpose on these kinds of sites is to have fun, and other shit doesn’t really matter.

Website Design is Basic But Impressive

Like I mentioned above, the website design isn’t really something that will impress you. I guess the devs behind the site didn’t really put that much time and effort into making this site as grand as those established sites that you see now. If you are someone who is looking for a site with jaw-dropping design, that is something that you will not find here. I don’t even know why they decided to make it like this, but I couldn’t care less. I actually like this kind of concept since there is really nothing that will distract you apart from all the content.

The website design is pleasing for the eyes since there’s not much going around the site like random images that are entirely unrelated. There are some animations but that don’t worry about it since they won’t give you any trouble. Navigating around the site is so fucking easy as well. You can choose from their hentai series lists, genres, and hentai manga at the top right of the page. Lower than that, you will see real-time stats of the sites for how many series and episodes they have, and right now, they have 831 hentai series and 1861 hentai episodes. Quite impressive, right?

That doesn’t even end there. If you scroll down, you will see all of the most recent hentai videos that they posted so that you get to enjoy all of the latest goods. The videos they posted have thumbnails to give you some idea of how the video will look like, and it is also indicated that the video is already subbed. Unfortunately, not all videos have thumbnails, so you actually have to go to it to find what it’s about, and some videos are still raw. If you don’t care about what they’re talking about in the video, subbed or not, that shouldn’t be a problem at all.

On the right side of the latest videos, you will also see the recommended hentai series that are worth checking out, and yes, there are a lot of recommendations. Most of the shit that you will see there are pretty amazing and entertaining, and it shows that their spot on the recommendations is worth it. Below the recommendations, you will see a chat feature where you can converse with other perverted assholes that are on the site. You can pretty much talk about anything since there isn’t really any filtering that is on the chat feature.

A Worthy Hentai Site?

If you’re wondering whether this site should belong to your go-to list, well, I highly suggest that it should. Yes, it doesn’t have a top of the class web design, but who really cares about that? Just like any other perverted incel that you will come across, most of them don’t really care about the web design because all they fucking care about is watching great hentai and satisfying their small dicks. I usually do the same as well. I usually go straight to the content and watch all of the hentai videos that the site has to offer. In this site, the hentai videos are more than enough for the site to be worthy.

Different Categories To Enjoy!

What really makes hentai sites one of the most enjoyable sites is their wide categories that are all packed with contents that are just so fucking satisfying to watch. There are just so many possibilities when it comes to hentai because there are so many things that you can do with it. Considering how far porn games have reached today, hentai is not far behind anymore. In fact, the graphics of the most hentai videos that you will see today have some of the best graphics that I have ever seen in my entire life.

To make your life easier, the site categorized all of the hentai videos according to their genre. What’s left for you to do is find the video of your choice and fap to it all day. When you’re done, you can go back to the site and choose another video. All seems easy, right? That is one feature that makes this site good. If you navigate to their genres option, you will find a lot, and I really mean a lot. What’s even better is the devs listed all of the genres alphabetically. You can choose whatever you want, it all depends on what fetish you would like to have at that very moment. If you already know what you’re looking for, you can manually search for the videos you want and use the search box.

What I Like About The Site

One of the things that I really like about the site is that they really have good quality hentai videos. I enjoyed most of them, and I really can’t get enough of them. I could just stay on the site until I get to watch all of the videos they have because they are just so fucking great. I also like how the overall design of the website. It’s easy to navigate without going through a lot of clicking and shit to get to the videos. It’s straight to the point. It’s like the site is helping me have fun a lot quicker than usual. Not to mention, the site doesn’t have fucked up ads like other sites. I can freely go anywhere without some ads popping out of nowhere, ruining my mood. So, I have to give props to the devs for that one.

My Recommendations for Improving The Site

There’s really not much to recommend to the devs on this since the site is already good enough for me, but I’ll say it anyway. What I would like to recommend is to keep adding more videos! If you stay on the site long enough, you would eventually reach the end, right? So, what if there’s no end to the videos? What if there’s an endless amount of hentai you can watch? Just like a paradise, that would be fucking awesome, right? Other than that, I don’t have anything else to say as the site gave me a lot of fun.


Overall, I think the site is excellent. The overall design is simple enough that I could navigate around easily. The way that they added genres and listed them down alphabetically is really useful as I immediately found the ones that I was looking for. The site also has good hentai videos, which I really enjoyed watching. So, if you’re looking to get the same experience as I did, I will recommend this site to you. What the hell are you waiting for then? Head over to the website now!

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