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Updated on 15 January 2020
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As you already fucking know, there’s a lot of shit to do to fight boredom nowadays. I mean, due to the vast content that the internet has, software developers and programmers have been going overtime to provide the average users something to do. Not to mention that one of the platforms that work tirelessly is pornography, especially in games. Okay, enough talk now, let’s get down to fucking business. To know more about the site, keep on reading down below so that you’ll know what you’re getting your sloppy little dick into. So, without further ado, let’s get on with this motherfucking review.

What MySexGames Has to Offer

The site has various gaming platforms, including 3D, RPG, sex simulator, interactive, adventure, and strategy. Some games require a flash player, and you need to allow it to enjoy the game. Moreover, they have a wide variety of options but made picking a game that they like simpler for the site’s visitors. At the top of the page, you can see their categories, such as New Games, top rankings, action, fun, puzzles, dress-ups, and cartoons.

The Overall Layout Design and Features

After it was released in 2005, My Sex Games left its first-ever digital footprint. This was only 15 years back. That also demonstrates that I have used this website’s old-school style, paint palette, and branding for the first time. I’m not going to linger at this section of the internet with a couple of games with loads of fuck in them. The website has a common thumbnail grid that I still see on the websites of most websites. The thumbnails show different artwork styles, with a realistic touch. When you click on these thumbnails with sexy images, they will take you to the sex games, and then you play them for shit.

You may also click over a thumbnail with your cursor and read the game’s overview. The stars and the number of views in thumbnails offer you an indication of whether a certain game is fucking lit or thrash. I’m a huge fan of Hentai, and so my attention is actually paid to the well-presented wide-eyed, large-tittied female aesthetic. I have found ridículous sex parodies of the Family Guy and Tarzan and common cartoon characters created with MS Paint while I was looking through the thumbnails.

There were also scantly dressed real women who were striptease ads, which really were ads for a live chat platform in the lower-left corner of my fucking ad-blocker. This modern form of advertising impressed me greatly with a website that has an old-school layout. Those are pretty fucking sexy ladies in the pop-ups, bro. So, it stopped me somewhat from navigating, so that I could see busty girls do their thing and dance and strip away before my computer screen. I had a tough time watching this ad alone. Then, I recall that I went to the web to download hundreds of sex games online. I just closed the ad and returned to my usual scrolling.

The Huge Numbers Speak for Itself

I’m a big believer who wants impressive content for gamers, and what better way to do that than to use a website where users can select more than 1,000 titles? That’s right, MySexGames comprises more than a thousand unique games, with new games added every fucking week. The homepage shows the new releases, and I am happy that the users get outstanding feedback. I will also like to know whether the offer is right for me, so I started playing some games to experience what the site offers. Oh boy, you won’t even believe how fucking shocked I am from the results. All I can say is that there are thousands of games in here, and you will find it hard to get disappointed by all of it.

The Lack of A Search Bar

On this page, there is no fucking search bar. So, to find the games I needed to play, I had to move up and down extensively. Now, there are six categories at the top of the fucking page; the New games, top-rated games, action, adventure, puzzle, dress up, and cartoons. All of it is essential to reduce the amount of time I needed to try to find the game. However, there is, again, no goddamn search bar! This site doesn’t have a basic search feature.

In fact, when you select a tag, there is no way to organize the titles. I feel that the people behind can give their users a great favor if they just make the games easy to locate by filtering the games. Moreover, When you’re searching for a great game on this page, you must bookmark it instantly, so that you don’t have to find it again.

What I Like About the Site

Up to this point, I’m not even going to fucking care as to what you’re going to say about the site. Why? Because to me, everything about this goddamn site is so fucking good to me. Anyway, to know more about it, let me first start off with the site’s list of games. Yes, I have to specially mention the list of games because it’s… a lot. I really mean a whole fucking lot. Anyway, to add to their already massive list of games, MySexGames also boasts its capability to release new game titles regularly. You know what that means, right? It means you’ll have more reasons to fucking come back to the site and enjoy your fucking dick with it.

Furthermore, I really loved the fact that there’s a goddamn walkthrough for every game I’ve opened. Of course, this goes to show how much attention that the developers have put to those fucking idiots. The latter can’t even finish a simple game and kept complaining about it. Anyway, the overall layout of the site is very user-friendly. I mean, you have to be a complete fucking idiot to not know your way around the interface at first glance. Oh, and I almost forgot. Everything that you see on the site is all for fucking free. Yes, all for fucking FREE!

Recommendations for Improvements

Okay, let’s get this shit started. However, I don’t want the developers to have a fucking grudge on me, you little shits should be thankful because I’m trying to save what you have spent years building. Anyway, let’s start with the first one, the motherfucking graphics. I mean, is it too much to ask when I say I want the games to have better graphics? Well, I’m speaking on behalf of the general fucking public, and believe men when I say that the graphics are shit in most of the games. Not to mention that it lacks the basic element for an immersive experience that games provide, which is the fucking full-screen mode.

Furthermore, I can’t help but fucking notice the number of fucking advertisements that pop up out of nowhere, especially when I needed to look at the fucking portion as I need it to blow off some fucking steam. Find a way to fucking minimize the fucking ads or something, it’s really fucking annoying. Anyway, I want the developers to improve the site’s very essential sorting options, especially the ability to search for some games with the fetish that you’re yearning for. I mean, there’s a lot of games in this site, it doesn’t fucking help if I can’t sort, categorize, or even search for a particular porn game.

Conclusion is a website with more than a thousand free porn games. The games on this Website have different sexual themes, which is a huge bonus for people who want to experience fun gaming and storylines simultaneously. But I think that the layout and overall appearance of the website still have a lot to improve. New features such as a search bar and filtering options should also be included to make this website easier to use.

Furthermore, the platform is really interactive and fucking enjoyable to use. I really mean it, at first, I didn’t expect that much, but I was fucking surprised in the end. Moreover, there are many press-to-play games on the platform and left with little fucking less gameplay overall. Anyway, what I truly fucking wanted in the fucking games is for the developers to fucking work hard to accomplish the goals, not just by doing what you want to do and clicking on it. Overall, I would gladly rate this site a solid 3 out of 5 fucking stars.

BestPornGames Likes MySexGames
  • More than a thousand game titles
  • The site releases new games regularly
  • Free walkthroughs for every game
  • The whole layout is user-friendly
  • Everything is free to play
BestPornGames Hates MySexGames
  • The lack of full-screen mode
  • The graphics in some games are mediocre
  • Annoying advertisements here and there
  • No search and filtering options
  • The overall layout is poor