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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Negligee: Love Stories

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Negligee: Love Stories

User Rating: 4/5
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Negligee: Love Stories is a Classic Eroge Visual Novel Dharker Studio

I’m keeping things simple today. I wanted to play a lengthy visual novel with a chill premise and fuckable babes. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. I’ve been going heavy with all of the degenerate slave-play games lately, so I needed to take a step back and get back to my roots. So, don’t come in here expecting a game with fucked up fetish porn or crazy gimmicks. Stick with me if you want to fap to some busty anime sluts being cute and ditsy. The game I’ve got in store for you weebs is full of romance, humor, and sexy lesbian fucking.

Negligee: Love Stories is an eroge visual novel that follows the story of a hot lingerie shop worker named Hannah. Though she’s about to have a fuck ton of responsibilities thrust upon her, but I’ll get into the premise shortly. This game has been out for a while. It launched back in October of 2016 to a lot of fanfare. It’s one of the go-to visual novels from what I could gather. It’s got all of the classic tropes and plots that you come to expect from these games.

Download this Lengthy Visual Novel from Steam for Just $14.99!

Being a completed game, you’ll need to dish out some fat stacks to pay it. Okay, not that fat of a stack. This game is going to run you $14.99 on Steam for the basic version or $24.99 if you want all of the DLC babes and such. The team behind this title is called Dharker Studio, and they’ve made quite a few other hot hentai games worth checking out if you like what you see here. But you are getting well over 10-20 hours worth of gameplay for that price, so let’s dive in and see if that content is worth it.

First things first, this game is gorgeous. Yeah, I know I say that about a lot of games, but they really nailed the flash hentai art style here. I see this a lot with lewd games from 2016. It’s like it was the fucking golden age of hentai visual novels or something. Games after that date just don’t seem to have the same charm or attention to detail when it comes to the visual design. It’s a damn shame. But, yeah, the colors pop. The characters are all unique and very detailed. The scenes come to life with brilliantly done lighting and shadows. It’s fucking great to look at is what I’m trying to get across here.

Run a Lewd Lingerie Shop & Try to Seduce Your Lesbian Coworkers

The story is simple but fun. You play as an employee at a local lingerie shop. You’re woken up by a call from your busty babe of a boss who tells you that the store manager quit. So, congratulations on the promotion. You’re the new manager and are tasked with hiring three new employees to help you out while the store owner goes around on a trip with her new fuck toy of a boyfriend. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it may be a bit harder than it sounds to get your bearings.

Your help wanted sign draws some immediate attention. You get a busty dancer, a freshly 18-year-old shy girl, and a tough-as-nails tsundere babe who won’t take anybody’s shit. You decide to have all three of them help you out around the shop. You get some light choices to make. You can spend time with one of them and get some lewd moments. The first one that you get is when your nice suit tears.

Make Choices that Shape the Story!

There’s this sexy scene where your busty babe throws on some lingerie from the shop, and that’s when the other girls come up with an idea. What if you all wore lingerie on the clock to bring in new customers? Fucking brilliant! You can run with the idea if you want, or disagree if you’re fucking lame. I went with the former. I wanted to see these cute anime sluts get as lewd as fucking possible.

This brings in a boom in business, and you can slowly but surely start romancing each one of these waifus. Though this is the kind of game where you should really pick one if you want to avoid a romantic fallout of epic proportions. But maybe, just maybe you can play your cards right and get a kinky three-way without upsetting any of them. I won’t be the one to spoil if that’s true or not for you. Give it a shot and find out for yourself. But the paths for each girl are apparent enough, though there are plenty of fan-made walkthroughs out there if you want to be sure that you’re not fucking up.

Stunning Visuals & Uncensored, Multi-Paneled Hentai Illustrations

There aren’t any complex gameplay elements to contend with. This is a classic visual novel through and through. You make romantic decisions and that’s about it. There aren’t any mini-games or wild twists that I came across. The writing is great. It wasn’t anything too incredible, but each character felt unique. The story was told well enough to have me invested. And the quality stays consistent hour after hour. That’s fucking impressive. Sometimes these translated games can sound janky as fuck. Not this time! I was surprised to see that the hentai illustrations were uncensored. Usually these pussies look like something out of an 8-bit arcade game. You get to see these babes spread their legs and lips in full HD. As with most visual novels, the scenes take quite a while to unlock. This isn’t the kind of game that you go into looking for a fast and furious fap. You need to settle down and play this game for a few hours before you get the full-on sex scenes. But they were pretty good. You get a few different panels to jerk your dick to. Plus, there’s something so satisfying about finally getting with the hot babe you’ve been trying to plow for the entire game.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

I enjoyed the story and the pacing of the game. I knew what I was getting into. I didn’t expect sex scenes to pop up every five minutes. I swear, you impatient cucks don’t understand that these games take time to bubble up and get exciting. And this game actually does hit you with lewd moments pretty frequently. There are loads of topless scenes, makeout sessions, nude spying moments, and all of that good shit. It’s just the full-on fuck scenes that you don’t get to fap to until later on in the game.

And the sex scenes are dope. You get uncensored, HD illustrations of slutty lesbian waifus going at it. There won’t be any crazy fetish scenes, but you do get some toy usage, scissoring, and romantic fingering to help set the mood. Like I said up top, this is a game for you more patient and romantic cucks out there. It’s the kind of game where you revel in your romantic choices instead of just furiously jerking your cock to some hentai porn.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

You get some decisions, but I wanted more. Let me pick the outfits that my coworkers wear. Give me power over some small details that crop up later in the game. But that’s a frequent complaint of mine when it comes to visual novels. I always end up wanting a little bit more player agency. Also, I think a few mini-games would be fun. Sure, I get the classic approach. I just like having something to break up the dialog and plot once in a while. Other than that, this game is a damn good eroge visual novel.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Negligee: Love Stories is a must-play visual novel if you’re willing to dish out the dosh for it. I know it sounds like a lot, but $14.99 isn’t bad at all for the amount of quality content that has been jam-packed into this game. The visuals are second-to-none. The writing is superb. But, best of all, you get to romance and fuck your favorite lesbian waifu in this lewd game! What more could you possibly want? Oh, yeah, uncensored hentai porn. Well, it’s got that too! Go and check it out today.

BestPornGames Likes Negligee: Love Stories
  • Solid storytelling & dynamic characters
  • Stunning visual design
  • Make choices that determine who you romance
  • Over 20 hours of lewd content to dive into!
  • Uncensored hentai illustrations
BestPornGames Hates Negligee: Love Stories
  • It costs money!